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Rush Township

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This cemetery is located in the southeast quarter of Section 14. It is north of the intersection of East Rush Town Road and East Chelsea Road.

Note: Bonnie Selig was able to make an appointment with the lady who now owns the property that Robinson Cemetery (Rush Twp) is on - she will not allow anyone up there, other than the township to do some mowing, and on occasion, by appointment. Bonnie had contacted her on Labor Day, 2005, and it took almost a month for her to get up there to get some cemetery photos, and she doubts she would be making a return trip. She did get a photo of what is left of the cemetery (many broken and sunken stones) and it has been made available to this website. Please note that Robinson Cemetery is on private property and there is no access. If anybody was thinking of making a special trip from out of state that she would let them up there, but does not want the "general public going thru her property and turning it into a tourist attraction..." If anybody is serious about getting there, please contact Bonnie or Colleen (the webmaster) on the main page, and Bonnie will in turn contact them with her phone number.

Pellett	Rodney A., s/o N.J. & S.M., d Aug 31, 1882, 15y 9m

Bates		William N., d Feb 26, 18--?, 11y 6d
		[female], d June 30, 1851, 12y

Bates		William N., d Feb 16, 1865, Co. K, 96th Ill Vol Inf
		Lucinda, wife, d May 1, 1866

Metcalf	George William, s/o J.L. & Sylvia, May 17, 1905 - June 18, 1906
Metcalf	Infant son of J.S., [no dates]
Metcalf	George, Aug 9, 1897 - 71y 7m 9d

Kraft		Mary, Feb 9, 1830 - May 23, 1904

Harsough	Mary, w/o P.B., d July 14, 1874, 52y 9m

Metcalf	Jane V., d/o George & Mary, d Apr 12, 1866, 3 weeks 5 days

Covington	Augustus, d Apr 4, 1894, 34y 10m 9d

Arnold		Jabez Henry, s/o S & D, d Jan 22, 1886, 38y 9m 22d
Arnold		Simon, July 6, 1817 - Nov 10, 1897, 80y 4m 4d
Arnold		Martin, d Sept 29, 1857, 38y 3m

Rawlins	Harriett, w/o J.A.

Bates		John N., s/o C.A. & P.S., d Aug 26, 1864, 1y 5m 24d

Carlisle	Lizzie, d/o T.J. & H.B., d Mar 5, 1877, 21y 9m 10d

Cox		Charlie L., s/o J.L. & D.C. d Sept 7, 1863, 1y? 8m ?d

Newbury	John Hebmon, d Oct 6, 1847, 39y 3m 29d

Bates		Permelia S., w/o C.A. d Aug 23, 1881, 36y 3m 2d
Bates		George A., d May 22, 1898, 32y 18d
		Effie M., d/o George A. & E., d Apr 29, 1898, 6m

Meedham	Ophelia, d Mar 10, 1857, --4y 2m 11d

Unknown	Unknown, 69y 1m 7d

Bates		Mary OATMAN, w/o Arvin, d Nov 14, 1874, 79y 7m 8d

Holcomb	Asa, Jan 20, 1824 - Aug 8, 1895, 71y 8m 4(1)?d
		Martha A., wife, d June 5, 1848, 20y 1m 10d
		Elenor J., wife, d Mar 30, 1887, 65y 2m 4d

Hutton		Cornelia, d/o T.V. & Margaret, d July 27, 1848, 1y 7d
Hutton		Flavel, s/o T.V. & Margaret, d [unreadable]

Rawlins	Mary S., s/o J.A. & ???, d [unreadable]

Bates		2 unreadable inscriptions
Bates		Almond O., s/o William N. & L. died [unreadable]

Arnold		Delia, d/o S. & D., d July 4, 1855, 1y 1m 4d
Arnold		Dinah, w/o S., d May 29, 1873, 52y 2m 24d

Hutton		Lucinda, d/o T.V. & Margaret, d Sept 20, 1850, 1y 9m

Eaton		James F., s/o W.M., d Mar 4, 1849, 6 weeks

From Illinois Veteran Commission List of 1956 Bates Hiram

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