Vol. 16 . . . . . . . . . . Jan. 15, 1864

Friday morning

Page 3 col #1

"Mr. WATTS and Mr. REYNOLDS, of Weston, in this County placed some strychnine upon the carcass of a dead horse in that neighborhood, for the purpose of poisoning some wolves which had been feeding upon it. The wolves eat thereof, and died before getting ten feet from where they stood. The bounty upon the wolves is ten dollars each."

"The average price of wood in Freeport, at present, is $10 per cord.
"Several cattle and hogs, and numerous chickens were frozen to death in Stephenson county last week. One Mr. BERRY lost fourteen head of cattle. Others lost two or three each.
The FREEPORT JOURNAL says that last Saturday, the 9th inst., was the first day in 1864 that the thermometer showed a temperature above 8 degrees below zero in that section. For ten days it averaged from 8 degrees to 35 degrees below zero."

"We learn that this old Regiment, organized in may 1861, for three months service, re-enlisted and reorganized in July the same year for three years, has again volunteered as veteran soldiers for three years of the war. Co. F, from our own County, forms a part of the Regiment. This company was the first to respond to the first call of the President for troops, and its captain, the first man who volunteered in the county. When the company left Galena, in April 25, 1861, the following were its officers: Captain, Augustus L. CHETLAIN, now Brigadier General; 1st Lieut., Wallace CAMPBELL, now Colonel; 2nd Lieut., J. Bates DICKSON, now Major and A.A.G. on General HOOKER's staff. These gentlemen have, by their bravery in action their efficiency as officers, and their gentlemanly bearing, won lasting honors. They are and honor to Galena, and her citizens are proud to honor them. Co. F. is expected home on a thirty days' furlough in a few days. We understand a project is on foot by some of our citizens to give them a handsome reception and entertainment. This is as it should be. Let those who fight our battles feel that they have a place in warm, loyal patriotic hearts."