Vol. 16
11 Jan. 1864
Monday morning

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Third District Illinois
Dixon, August 24th, A.D. 1863

$10. REWARD $10.

"A reward of ten dollars; together with reasonable expenses incurred; will be paid by the United States, to any person for the arrest for the arrest and delivery of a Deserter, at the Headquarters of the nearest Provost Marshal. The Headquarters for the 3d District Illinois, composed of the Counties of Jo Daviess, Stephenson, Ogle, Carroll, Whiteside, and Lee are at Dixon."

Dixon, August 24th, 1863
Captain & Provost Marshal
3rd District,

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The Dubuque Herald, in speaking of the death of our esteemed citizen, Samuel HUGHLETT, says: "Our older citizens speak in the highest terms of Mr. HUGHLETT and of his residence here over twenty years ago. His loss will be felt by a large circle of business acquaintances in Galena, and by those citizens of Dubuque who knew him, some of whom attend his funeral on Friday last."


"Mr. SMITH, principal of the High School in this city, went down to Egypt on a visit the last of December, and getting show bound, did not arrive home in s__ to commence his school last week. He arrived last Friday, and his department commences today. J.H. WOODRUFF, Principal of the Dunleith Public Schools, also got snow bound down in Egypt, on his wedding tour, and arrived home one week behind time. The Dubuque Herald in noticing this fact, speaks of Mr. W. as being County Superintendent, Friend Woodruff, we knew you were elected but did not know that it was to that office. The Herald doubtless made the mistake from the fact that a man, on marrying as pretty a bride as Woodruff has, usually feels good enough to be a County Superintendent, President of the United States and Governor of all the Territories. The ____Schools commence today, with J.H. WOODRUFF as principal, Miss Lydia ALLEN teacher of the Intermediate department and Miss J_nette B_ow in the primary department."


"J.A. PACKA_(Packard?) and three others associated with him, started last Thursday for Mississippi to plow their ground and make other preparations for raising a crop of cotton the coming season. Mr. P. will not stay there permanently, but will keep hands there at work. His family are still here in the city and he will be here a part of the time. Mr. E. GRAHAM has also gone south on the same business. R.E. ODELL, Esq. our Assistant Assessor, is in the city to receive reports from manufacturers and others whose duty it is to make monthly reports of their business to him BRIGADIER GENERAL J.A. ROLLINS and his bride arrived here on Friday. They are to return, we understand, this morning. The General's numerous friends in this city will regret that he could not make a longer stay. Few have had an opportunity to see and congratulate him upon his last gallant achievement.

JAMES BAYNE, Esq., of Warren, who lost his pocket book a few weeks ago, containing a large amount of money and notes, has found the pocket book and notes, but the $1,700 in cash was gone."

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"They are not only excellent and true draft-horses, but fine showy, saddle horses. Inquire of Mesars. BRADNER, SMITH, or J.C. CALDERWOOD"