Friday morning, April 15, 1864

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"NEGRO LAW IN A NEW LIGHT.---The Secretary of War is responsible for a new legal idea. Such things are not so common as to be passed over without notice.

The slaves, he argues, have the strict technical, legal right to the land of the rebels.

He undertakes to establish it thus:

They have always had one right, which constituted a legal lien upon the property, personal or real, of their masters--the right to subsistence. The masters may be gone, but the property remains--still subject to lien held by the slaves. Under the principles of the Confiscation Law, the right of the master to his estate is gone. No other parties have any claim to it; no others have any interest in it, save the slaves, who still have their lien. In legal language, this is the remainder in interest.

It is a well established legal principle that, where there is no other title, any sort f a lien gives possession and title. Therefore the slaves, holding the only lien, have the legal right to the property."

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"The 54th regiment Illinois volunteers offer a reward of $1,000 for the apprehension of John H. O'HAIR, sheriff of Coles county, J. Elsbury HANKS, John FRAZIER, Henderson O'HAIR, James O'HAIR, Jesse O'HAIR, B. F. TOLAND, and B. F. DUKES, all of whom are alleged to have been engaged in the brutal murder of Major York and four soldiers of the 54th regiment, and the wounding of several others, in Charleston, on Monday, March 28, 1864. The following is the description of these men:
John O'HAIR, height 5-11, age 35, light eyes, hair and complexion; SHERIFF
J. Elsbury HANKS, height 5-8, age 35, dark eyes, light hair and complexion; a farmer
John FRAZIER, 5-10, age 32, dark eyes, hair and complexion; a farmer
James W. FRAZIER, height 6 feet, age 40, dark eyes, hair and complexion; a farmer
Henderson O'HAIR, height 6 feet, age 40, dark eyes, hair and complexion; a farmer
James O'HAIR, height 5-11, age 45, dark eyes, hair and complexion; a farmer
B. F. TOLAND, height 5-10, age 35, black eyes, hair and complexion; a farmer
B. F. DUKES, height 5-8, age 35, light eyes, hair and complexion; a loafer

The citizens of Coles county also offer a reward of three hundred dollars for the apprehension of John O'HAIR, and one hundred dollars for each of the others named, and for Alexander ROGERS. This reward will be given, whether dead or alive. DUKES is said to be badly cut about his face."

OFFICIAL LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES. Passed at the First Session of the Thirty-eight Congress. (Sorry, but the print is way to small for me to read and transcribe.)

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"Sickness in the editor's family accounts for our lack of local matter for the last few days. We intend to make ample amends in future. The Gazette shall take no step backward."


---"A great number of precious stones have been purchased by the French government from that of Portugal. Fifty diamond cutters are now constantly employed at the imperial factory of the Emperor."

---"A New York penny-a-liner writes to a London paper that there is not a negro barber in New York who is not an aspirant for the Presidency."

---"Gov. Curtin, of Pennsylvania, has signed the bill to prohibit the sale of liquors and the employment of females in all places of amusement."

---"A St. Louis paper, speaking of the advance of real estate in that city, says: It is only those who have bought or sold real property within the past weeks who fully realize the advance it is taking. Last week a lot on Chouteau avenue, corner of Seventh street, and only forty by a hundred and twenty-seven feet, sold for $14,250. The improvements upon it being at $2,250--the naked lot represents a value of three hundred dollars per foot front. Despite the high rates of materials, the carpenters, masons, and builders have more in hand than they can well manage. The present general activity offers a striking contrast to the complete insanity of twelve or eighteen months ago. While the scarcity of house room has something to do with it, the desire to invest securely, doubtless, is the operating cause."