Vol 16
Saturday morning, Jan. 15, 1864 (published 15, but handwritten the 16th)

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'To whom it may concern, that Elizabeth Maria RODDA, left her home without provacation, and against the wishes of her parents. Therefore, I hereby give notice to all persons, not to harbor, employ or credit said Elizabeth Maria RODDA. Any person employing or harboring her will be held responsible."

Rockville, Wis., Dec. 17th

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"At Shullsburg, says the Local, wood brings $9 a cord. At Hazel Green it is $6, at Lancaster, $2.50 to $3. In this city it brings any price the sellers have a conscience to ask for it. We paid yesterday at the rate of $10 a cord for green oak.--Mineral Point Tribune"

Col. #6

"The French are greatly exercised about the movements of Banks in Texas, and are aftraid that Mexico will yet slip out of the Gallic grasp."

STATE OF ILLINOIS, Jo Daviess County,
Jo Daviess County Circuit Court, March Term A.D. 1864
William BOWDEN and John BENNETT,
Anna ELLIS, formerly Anna BOWDEN, and Richard ELLIS, her husband;
Elizabeth EADS, formerly Elizabeth BOWDEN and George EADS, her husband,
James BOWDEN, Francis BOWDEN and Nicholas BOWDEN

"Affidavit of the non-residence of George EADS and James BOWDEN.
....... for the partition of certain lands, therein described, and that a summons has issured thereon against said defendants, returnable to the March Term, A.D. 1864, of said Court, to be held at Galena, in said County, on the second Monday, in the month of March, A.D., 1864, and unless you, the said defendants, appear before said Court at said time and place, and answer said petition, the same will be taken according to the prayer of said petition."

W.R. ROWLEY, clerk

By T. R. BIRD, Deputy
W. CAREY, Petitioner's Solicitor
Dated at Galena, Jan'y 13, 1864

STATE OF ILLINOIS, Jo Daviess County,
Jo Daviess County Circuit Court, March Term A.D. 1864

William C. FRIEND

Page 3 col. 1


"L.P. WOODWORTH, J.D. PLATT, and E. SCASE, of Warren, who have been on a visit to the 96th Illinois Regiment, at Chattanooga, returned home last Wednesday. They report that the health of the boys is as good as usual. The late storm extended as far south as Chattanooga, and snow fell on the top of Lookout Mountain to the depth of one inch."


"A little son of Mr. UNDERHILL, of this place, exposed himself to the cold and storm of the 2d inst., and came very near being frozen. He was picked up insensible by a person who was sent to look for him, and it, was with difficulty that he was recusitated.--WARREN INDEPENDENT"