Friday morning, April 22, 1864

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"A VILLAINOUS BUSINESS.--The police in N.Y. have discovered a new scheme of the contemptible scoundrels who keep the dens of prostitution in that place. An agent is sent to Germany, who hires good-looking girls as servants for 'his brother in America,' and pays their passage out. When the unfortunate females arrive here, the brother, who has been duly notified of their departure, takes them in charge, and the girls are taken to vile dens of vice where they are destroyed. Two German girls named Elizabeth Lettsing and Maria OTTO, who had their passage paid out here by the gent or one of these men, were rescued by the police one day last week, and consigned to private families for help."

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"On the premises, on the 10th day of May, 1864, I will sell at auction, 880 acres, farming, timber and mineral lands, situated in one of the most healthy locations in the County, being one 2 1/2 miles from the city of Galena, County of Jo Daviess, Ills. The above lands will be subdivided nearly as follows:

One Tract of 200 acres, 75 or 80 acres of which is under cultivation and the balance fine young Timber, improved with a LARGE BRICK HOUSE, containing 12 rooms, with cellar, cisterns, brick granary, stables, and a well of living water. Also Fruit Trees, viz:-Apples, Pears, Plums, &c.--There is also a church and school house within 200 yards of the residence. Soil first-rate, well watered and is supposed to be Mineral Land, containing Lead Ore.

Another Tract, containing from 80 to 160 acres improved with a frame dwelling house, containing 6 rooms, with stable and other out-houses, a well of living water at the door, Fruit Trees, &c.--This tract is well timbered, well watered, with never-failing springs, and known to contain Lead Ore.

Also, another tract of very desirable Land, containing from 80 to 100 acres, improved with a Frame Dwelling House, containing 3 rooms, stables, &c. This tract of land is well watered and timbered, soil first-rate, also Mineral Land known to contain Lead Ore.

The balance of the lands, from 400 to 500 acres, most of which is densely covered with fine young growing Timber, well watered and good Farming Land, also known to contain Lead Ore, will be sub-divided into 10, 20 and 40 acre tracts.

There is a sub-soil on most of the above Lands, which will make the best of Brick. I have myself manufactured millions of Brick on the premises.

Any person wishing to purchase or look at the above Lands can call on the undersigned who will take pleasure in showing all the tracts above named, a plat of which can be seen at the Auction house of J. DEAN & Co., at Galena, and at the house of the undersigned on the premises, on and after the 22d day of April.

TERMS OF THE SALE--One third cash and the balance in one and two years, with 6 per cent interest, secured by deeds of trust on the premises. Title perfect."

April 20 td. ELIAS BAYLISS



J. G. SCHMOHL, Wholesale & Retail Dealer in Fashionable Millinery, Fancy and Staple DRY GOODS, and NOTIONS. Informs the public generally, that he has now received his FULL STOCK. In the above lines, selected by himself with great care. The stock has been bought for cash, which enables me to sell at a SMALL ADVANCE UPON EASTERN COST, FOR CASH. The Ladies will find a much Larger and Better Assortment than anywhere else. COUNTRY DEALERS, AND MILLINERS will find the Stock always complete at Chicago prices. Show and Wholesale Rooms, up-stairs. The Summer Style of Bonnets, Hats, &c. will be open from May 1st. The spring styles are open now." J. G. SCHMOHL

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"J. H. BARRY, Justice of the Peace, and City Tax Collector's Office, removed from 209 to 190 Main St., over T & J. BIRMINGHAM's Store where he will attend strictly to all business entrusted to him. Office hours from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M."
Office 190 Main Street, over T. & J. BIRMINGHAM."

"A.J. CAULFIELD, Overseer of the Poor, office 109 Main Street, at J. H. BARRY'S."


"John McHUGH, Town Clerk, has removed to J.H. BARRY's Office, 109 Main Street, over T. & J. BIRMINGHAM's."

"John B. FRENCH, Dealer in Iron, Steel, Farming Utensils, American, English, and German Hardware, &c., No. 213, (DOWITING's old Store) Main Street, Galena, Illinois. Prompt attention paid, and every effort exerted to render satisfaction to those who favor him with their orders."

"Wm. W. PINGREE, Dealer in Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, Hats, Caps and Umbrellas, Buck Mitts and Gloves, 112 Main Street, Galena, Ill. A large assortment of Custom made Work constantly on hand."

"Miss L. C. SCHERMERHORN, Fashionable Dress and Clock Maker, at the WHELLER & WILSON Sewing Machine Rooms, No. 116 Main Street, Galena, Ill. Machine Stitching Done to Order. Agent for Mme. Demorest's New York and Paris Fashions."

(At Railroad crossing.)
Darlington, LaFayette County, Wis.
Ed. MINER-----Proprietor
Guests at this House will be as well provided for as at any House of its size in the West.
Charges, Moderate.
A good Stable is in connection with the House." Ed MINER

"GRANT & PERKINS, Manufacturers of and Dealers in Leather, Saddlery Hardware, Shoe Findings, Hubs, Spokes, Fellows and Carriage Trimmings. Also, Carriages and Buggies of the Latest Style. No. 173 Main St., Galena, Ill. Cash paid for Hides, Skins and Pelts."

"J. C. HAWKINS & Co., Dealers in GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS, Cor. Main and Meeker Sts., Galena. Produce Bought and Sold. Goods delivered in any part of the city, free of charge."

"J. Y. WONDERLY, Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Produce, and Commission Merchant. No. 162 Main Street, Galena, Illinois."

"St. Louis Store, J. M. SPRATT, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Dry Goods, Carpeting, Floor Oil, Curtain Goods, &c. No. 167, corner of Main and Hill sts, Galena."

GILBERT & TAYLOR Dubuque, Iowa 'Prodigious!'
ROSARIES, 5c. to $3. CRUCIFIXES, 5 cents to $8. PICTURES, 15c. doz. to $3 each. Water Fonts, 35c. to $3. The clergy supplied at a liberal discount.--Larger stock of prayer books than is kept in Chicago."

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"R. CUNNINGHAM is now ready to have Dresses cut, fitted, or made to order, in a superior style, as he has engaged the services of a lady of large experience in some of the largest eastern cities."


"Mr. E. T. GREEN of this city showed us yesterday a nugget of Idaho Gold in its natural state, weighing $495. It was the finest specimen of gold we ever saw. We doubt not that Mr. GREEN's friends can have an opportunity of seeing it by calling at J. M. SPRATT's store. It was forwarded to Mr. GREEN from East Bannock City, by his father-in-law, Mr. D. HUNKINS, who is proprietor of a quartz mill in that place."


"The believers in Homeopathy in Galena and the surrounding country will be pleased to see in our card column to-day the card of J. D. NEW, M.D., Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon. Doctor NEW has settled here permanently and intends to devote his time exclusively to his profession. Those who know him best speak in high terms of his skill as a Physician. His office is over the Book Store of J. BROOKS. Residence on Prospect street near N. CORWITH's."

"A young vagabond, about fifteen years of age, walked into the Drug Store of S. CRAWFORD & Co. yesterday, while the proprietors were out, and stole from the money drawer $22 in greenbacks. Some one who saw the boy pass in at the door, described him at the depot and charged him with the crime. Being satisfied that his guilt was known, he gave up the money, and promised to leave the place on the evening train. He stated that he came to town yesterday morning, on the eastern train, buy refused to say anything further of his history."

"The Odd Fellows of this city intend to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the founding of the order in the United States, on Tuesday evening, April 26th. The Hon. John G. ROGERS, M. W. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Illinois, will be present, and deliver an address to the Odd Fellows and the public, at the Court House, at half past seven o'clock. All are respectfully and cordially invited to attend. There will be a supper at the DeSOTO House at 9 1/2 o'clock P.M. By order of the Committee on Celebration P.S.--All members of Wildey Lodge No. 5, are requested to attend the meeting of the Lodge on Monday evening."

"We give below an order from Adjutant General FULLER to Captain Wm. K. STAHL of the Galena Union Artillery. The Commissioned Officers of this Company are Wm. K. STAHL, Captain; J. A. BOCKIUS, First Lieutenant, and E. A. SMALL, Second Lieutenant. As the company have not yet been furnished with arms, they have not made much 'proficiency in drill' yet they all appear willing and ready to be 'marching along.'

Captain, Wm. K. STAHL,
Galena Union Artillery, Galena, Ill.

Sir:--You will immediately furnish me with the number of Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers, Musicians, and Privates belonging to your Company.

You will also inform me whether your Company has made any proficiency in drill; whether it has adopted any By laws, if so, transmit a copy thereof to me and what number of your command could be relied upon for service on receiving tweny-four hours notice.

Please state any additional facts that you may think of interest relating to the organization of your company.

I enclose form of return."

Yours respectfully,
Your Obedient Servant,
Adjutant General


"This Institute has been established by a Society of Benevolence for such as the above named classes. Free benevolence does the work. Private interest has no claim whatever, as should be the case in such a work of mercy. The Asylum has two separate departments, one for the education of orphans and forsaken little ones; and the other for the reformation of such as are destitute of morals, spoiled and ruined children. Poor orphans and forsaken little ones find there a free home in health and sickness, until they can support themselves. Orphans in comfortable circumstances, who are brought to the Asylum by their friends, pay a reasonable amount. Neglected children are returned again, if claimed by their families, after their recovery. The latter class, too, will bear their own expenses, if they are able. Poor ones are free. Of what benefit such an institution will be to Jackson county is easily to be comprehended. 'Let Charity have its perfect work.' J. M. SCHUELLER, Agent"

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