Vol. 16
Friday morning, Jan. 22, 1864

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---"It is openly proclaimed by the Copperheads, that the country can never be at peace unless New England is kicked out of the Union, and that if we wish to conciliate our "Southern Brethren," we must first cut loose from the Puritanism of the East. Now the Copperheads assume to be the especial champions of the Constitution. Can they find in that instrument authority for leaving New England "out in the cold?" And id they succeed in getting it so left out, what will become of their boasted love for the old Union?"

---"We commend the practice which the DEMOCRAT has adopted, of filling up it editorial column with extracts from the ADVERTISER. It will afford an agreeable change to its readers from the silly and treasonable productions of that concern."

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New York, Jan. 21

"The World's Chattanooga letter dated the 7th, says when the spring campaign open the battle ground will be in East Tennessee. Maj. Gen. GRANT is believed to be prepared. SHERMAN will concentrate an army at Huntsville. Nearly all our cavalry are with him."

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"The agent of the Bohemian Troupe of Glass Blowers, Mr. E .A. TAFT, is in the city making arrangements to give us a series of they unique entertainment's."


"The total number of burials in the Rockford Cemeteries the past year was 210--much larger than usual. About one-half are of children under five years.

--- that several cases of diptheria have occurred in that city, recently.
--- The scarlet fever has been very fatal in Amboy, by has recently assumed a milder form.
--- An infant child of a Mr. FISHER, living on the prairie, about seven miles south of Dixon, sleeping in a crib by the side of the bed occupied by its parents, was found dead on the morning of the 2d inst.; frozen to death."


"Having heard of the neatness and artistic skill with which Dentist PIERCE gets up new teeth and preserves old and decayed ones, we called the other day to see some of his work. He has several sets of teeth which he made some years ago, one of which has take premiums at several State Fairs. It is the neatest job of the kind we ever saw. His tools for manufacturing and filling teeth are probably not surpassed in the country. He has some fine paintings, shells, and other curiosities which he politely exhibits to those calling to see him."


"The DIXON TELEGRAPH says, a few weeks since a son of J. T. LITTLE, of Dixon was drowned while skating, and his body was lost under the ice. The bereaved father sent to Detroit for Capt. WOLVERTON and Martin QUIGLEY, submarine armor divers, who arrived at Dixon on Sat. the 27 the __. On the afternoon of that day, Mr. QUIGLEY descended to the bottom of the river, along the dam, in his armor and spent an hour and a half traversing the ground, when darkness closed the search for the day. It was continued on Sunday, what at 11 1/2 o'clock Mr. Q. came up with the deceased under his arm. The search was witnessed from day to day, notwithstanding the inclemhney of the weather, by a large concourse of citizens."


KLINE, the mail carrier, who was arrested for stealing grain from the BURNETT House, was required by Justice BAYNE to give bonds for the sum of $100 to appear at the next term of court.

H. E. BLANCHARD has resigned the office of Police Magistrate and an election will be held next Saturday to fill the vacancy.

Mr. B. has purchased the SMITH farm, east of Warren and intends to go to farming."


"At the last regular meeting, Jan. 5, 1864, the following action was had by the Company and ordered to be published; particularly for the benefit of those members having uniforms and continually absenting themselves from the drills and business meetings of said Company:
1st. That the Company will meet for drill and business, at Burton Hall, with full uniforms and arms, on the last Tuesday of each month.
2d. That a fine of fifty cents will be imposed on each member having a uniform absenting himself from meeting.
3rd. That the roll will be called at the commencement of each meeting.
4th. That no member will be allowed to leave the meeting without permission from the commanding officer.The above action, it is hoped, will tend to induce certain members, heretofore negligent in doing so, to attend more regularly, which is absolutely necessary to acquire efficiency."
By Order of the Company, WM. FARRAR, Sec'y


"An old leather pocket book, containing $14.75 in bills; two $5's of which were "Greenbacks." A man was seen to pick up said pocket book yesterday morning, near L.S. FELT's Store. The finder is requested to leave it at this office and he will be liberally rewarded." G. W. BELLKNAP

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Third District, Illinois,
Dixon, January 13, A.D. 1864
"Notice is hereby given that the extraordinary Bounties offered by the government to all recruits will continue to be paid for a few weeks.

In addition to Town and County Bounties.

Those intending to enlist should come at once; as the County Bounties will soon cease. Recruits enlisting at this office are credited to the Town or County whose local bounty they receive. All enlisting at this office are at once mustered into service by me, in any Illinois regiment they may select, and draw pay from the date of their enlistment."
Captain and Provost Marshal
3d District, Illinois