VOL. 16  # 106
Friday morning, January 29, 1864

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--"Old Abe now says his first idea of putting down a rebellion of eight millions of people by calling out 75,000 militia, reminds him of old Squire THOMPSON;s bull out in Illinois, who set himself against a railroad train and got knowcked into the ditch for his pains."

--"The population of New York City has trebeled in twenty-three years; the value of propertyhas more than doubled, while the rate of taxation has increased nearly nine fold   The tax per head of the population was $4.27 in 1840, and $11.66 in 1863."
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"Estate of Christoph KAUFMAN"
John George KAUFMAN administrator 27 Jan. 1864

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A Blacksmith and Wagon Shop, with two pair of bellows, two forges, anvils, &c., situated in a good business part of the villiage Also, a dwelling house and rock stable, adjoining the lot to the shops  Possession will be given in the middle or last of March   Henry NAYLOR Shullsburg, Wis., Jan. 12, 1864

N.B. --One good 10 inch pump for sale by Henry NAYLOR"

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"Batchelor's Celebrated Hair Dye is the Best in the World The only Harmless, True and Reliable Dye Known This splendid Hair Dye is perfect-- changes, Red, Rusty, or Grey hair instantly to a Glossy Black or Natural Brown, without injuring the hair or staining the skin, leaving the hair soft and beautiful; imparts fresvh itality, frequently restoring its pristine color, and rectifies the ill effects of Bad Dyes  The Genunine is signed by WILLIAM A. BATCHELOR, all others are mere imitations, and should be avoided  Sold by all Druggists, &c. Factory--- 81 Barclay St. , New York Batchelor's new toilet cream for dressing the hair."

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'These curious and interesting artists continue to draw good houses To-morrow evening the prize to the handsomest gentleman in the house, will be awarded."


"The person having the large Flag belonging to this office, will confer a favor by returning the same immediately While the red, white and blue were displayed from so many buildings on Main Street last evening, it was a source of mortification to us not to be able to hang out the bunting from our office."


"The undersigned wishes to return her sincere thanks to the several Fire Companies and the citizens of Galena, for their efficient services in saving her property, the Lawrence House, from being destroyed by the fire on last Tuesday night Mrs. Mary A. LAWRENCE"


"Mr. SKINNER, agent of the Illinois Central Road at this place, has for the last few weeks been almost daily missing small packages of freight from the company's freight house   Last Tuesday he discovered that a package of grained leather, had disappeared   He determined to find it if possible and put a stop to that kind of thieving   As suspicion rested upon a shoemaker in that neighborhood by the name of STRICKLAND, Mr SKINNER went to STRICKLAND's shop and asked him to make him a pair of boots from fine grained leather   STRICKLAND brought forward the identical leather that was missing, and asked Mr. SKINNER if that would answer   Of course that was "good enough" for SKINNER and he took it along home   STRICKLAND was arrested and taken before Squire FARRAR, who required him to give bonds for his appearance at the next term of the Circuit Court   In default of bail he was committed to jail."


"A returned soldier by the name of BURNS, while walking along the street at Elizabeth, last Saturday evening, was met by a gang of rebel sympatherisers when one of them named SCOTT, sung out to him in an insulting manner, "Well Burns I see that Uncle Sam has given a suit of clothes."  BURNS asid that he didn't know as that was any of his business, as the clothes were paid for   SCOTT said he would let him know whether it was any of his business or not, and at the same time struck at him   Both parties clinched and fell to the ground   When SCOTT's friends saw that BURNS was getting the better of him one of their number named BOWDEN, having on a heavy pair of boots, gave BURNS two severe kicks in the face, inflicting two dreadful wounds and knocking him senseless   On Monday SCOTT and BOWDEN were arrested and tried for breaking the peace   SCOTT was fined $30 and BOWDEN $35   They will be brought before a grand jury at the next session of the Circuit Court for inflicting bodily injury   We give the facts as they were given to us   If soldiers cannot walk the streets in the State of Illinois without being attacked by a gang of rebels, it is time the people should know it."


"The facts show that Sheriff HOPKIN's stone boarding house is getting to be quite popular   He had an acquisition of one new boarder last Monday and another Wednesday, entirely unsolicited on his part   This is one of the best regulated boarding houses in the city   The cooking is all done in a seperate building, so that guests shall not be annoyed with the savors of the kitchen   The interest of their health is carefully looked to, and they are not even required to step out upon the damp ground   The sun is not allowed to dart his direct rays upon their delicate eyes with imputity, but is made to shed his mellow and subdued lite into their apartments through elaborate screens or grates made expressly for their benefit   These grates also serve to protect them from thieves and robbers, so that they can "lie down to pleasant dreams" at night with feelings of the most perfect security, knowing that the morning light will find them there unharmed by the wickedness of the outside world   Here untroubled with the anxious cares of life, and secluded from the bustle of the busy world, they can while away the passing hours of life's eventful day without ever taking thought of the morrow  

Superintendent HOPKINS, while looking after the comforts of the boarders the other day, found in one of the apartments a saw, several files and some keys, which some kind friend had handed them through the windows   Mr. HOPKINS politely informed them that, as he did not wish them to soil their hands with menial labor, they would have no use for such tools   We can recommend this house to the attention of parents as being a fit place to send their unruly boys who stay out late, at night, spreeing about town and getting into fights, as here they will be kept in evenings, and their habits will thereby be improved."


"We learn that one day last week, a young man by the name of TEAL, living some three miles south of Warren met with an accident under the following circumstances   He had lately enlisted into the army, and had procured a pistol, which he had loaded and was carrying about with him   In the act of stooping, to pick up something, the pistol fell out of his pocket, and upon striking the ground discharged, the ball entering his breast   The wound is not thought dangerous, but will disable him for some time.-----WARREN INDEPENDENT"

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"It has been rumored about Dubuque that Captain WORDEN of the steamer Key City, haddied in St. Louis, but his family in Galena have heard no such thing."

"Smelters are paying for Mineral $55.00 per 1,000 lbs. in greenbacks, or $37.50 in gold."


'In Small Pox Township, Jan. 9, of Diptheria, Albert LUCY, only son of Dennis and Emeline LUCY, aged 6 years and 5 months   Farewell, sisters, I must leave thee, Here on earth no more to dwell."