Thursday morning, March 24, 1864

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caused blank certificates to be printed by a resolution of the Board of
Supervisors, which will have to be strictly complied with by those
wishing to receive said bounties.  These blanks can be had free of cost
at my office, in Galena, or by addressing P.O. Box 500.
 Henry MARFIELD, Chairman, Auditing Committee for Soldier's Bounties.
Galena, March 9,1864"

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 --"A Washington letter-writer says one of the officers from Libby
Prison presented Gen. Spinner, United States Treasurer, with a five
dollar note, manufactured by the officers, in imitation of greenbacks,
so well executed that even Spinner was at first deceived.  It was done
with a pen.--Its manufacture was resorted to by the officers to obtain
the necessaries of life.  One hundred and seventy dollars were exchanged
for rebel currency, at the rate of fifteen hundred per cent."

 --"As might have been expected, Horace Greeley has expressed himself
decidedly against the nomination of Mr. Lincoln.  Personally, he
supports Fremont;  though we believe his paper, the Tribune, has not yet
declared its choice."

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  "The following nobel sentiments were uttered by Daniel Webster.  They
are, indeed, pearls of the rarest value.  We place them here in order
that mothers may see them and read them to their children:
  'It is only shallow-minded pretenders who make either distinguished
origin a matter of personal merit, or obscure origin a matter of
personal reproach.  A man who is not ashamed of himself need not be
ashamed of his early condition.  It did happen to me to be born in a log
cabin, raised among the snow-drifts of New Hampshire, at a period so
early that when the smoke first rose from its rude chimney and curled
over the frozen hill, there was no similar evidence of a white man's
habitation between it and the rivers of Canada.  Its remains still
exist.  I make it an annual visit.  I carry my children to it, to teach
them the hardships endured by the generation before me.  I love to dwell
on the tender recollections, the kindred ties, the early affections, and
the narration of incidents which mingle with all I know of this
primitive family abode.  I weep to think that none of those who
inhabited it are now among the living; and if ever I fail in
affectionate veneration for him who raised it, and defended it against
savage violence and destruction, cherished all domestic comforts beneath
its roof, and through the fire and blood of seven years revolutionary
war, shrunk from no toil, no sacrifice to serve his country, and to
raise his children to a condition better than his own, may my name and
my posterity be blotted from the memory of mankind.'"


--"Judge McLean and Messrs. Caleb Cushing, Crittenden and Bates, have
given opinions to the effect that the title to Rock Island, Illinois,
still remains vested in the United States."

--"Seventy-thousand trees and plants were set out in the New York
Central Park last year.  The Park has eight miles of carriage drives,
five miles of bridle-road and twenty miles of foot walks."

--"With St. Patrick's day festivities ended the Army of the Potomac and
all the (la)dies were ordered to return northward."

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 (Little Lizzie S----died in August, of Diphtheria.  She looked like the
impersonation of health until within three days of her death.)

 "Bright-eyed little Lizzie,
  Precious, rosy child,
 Pet of all the household,
  Free as song-bird wild;
 Beautiful as may-flow'r
  Blooming in the wood;
 Witching, lovely darling,
  Sweet in any mood!

 Palled little Lizzie!
  Slumb'ring silent child
 What has blanched thy roses
  Hushed thy wood notes wild?
 In thy soft breast frozen
  Up thy bounding heart,
 Sealed thy ear from hearing?
  Ah! 'twas Death's cold dark!

 Lizzie darling Lizzie
  Art an angel then?
 Wearest wings and flee'st
  Far beyond our ken?
 In the Savior's bosom
  Hast thou nestled while
 Dim are grown our sad eyes--
  Know our lips no smile?

 For our slow feed waiting,
  (We are wingless yet,)
 Lizzie, precious lambie
  Tarry till we're met.
 Then with tears forever
  From our dim eyes dried
 In that same True Bosom
  Thou and we will hide."    E.


 "This celebrated band of colored individuals, 'black as the ace of
spades,' will perform this evening at the DeSoto Hall.  Our exchanges
from cities in which they have exhibited, speak in the highest terms of
their singing, dancing and other performances.  A hearty laugh now and
then is not bad to take.  It can be had this evening for the low price
of 25 cents."


 "The Warren Independent learns that on Monday week a little daughter of
Mr. BEECH of that place, was badly burned under the following
circumstances:  The little child had wandered up stairs, and while there
commenced playing with some matches that were lying on the floor, which
took fire and set her clothes in flames, and before they could be
extinguished one of her arms and side was burned in a terrible manner.
Her mother, hearing her cries, at once rushed to her relief, and was
badly burned herself before the fire was put out.  The little sufferer
still remains insensible, and is under the care of Dr. STANGLAND, and it
is hoped that it may yet recover."

--"Mrs. Henry Ward BEECHER says, 'I have Wheeler & Wilson's Grover &
Baker's, and Willcox & Gibbs' Sewing Machine.  I use the Willcox and
Gibbs more frequently, thinking it far superior to any 'I have yet
tried.'  The Willcox and Gibbs noiseless Sewing machine with the magic
Hemmers & Feller, will be on exhibition during this week, at J.B.
DICKSON & Co.'s Crockery Store, 132 Main street, together with Barnum's
Self Sewer, for all Sewing machines, for which the well known firm of L.
Cornell & Co., 133 Lake Street, Chicago, are the general agents for the
North-west, and Jos. S. Short is the traveling agent.  All are advised
whether they wish to purchase or not, to call and examine the operation
of this complete triumph of practical Mechanical genius, and
testimonials.  They are in want of a live agent for this city."


 "In Warren, on the 19th inst., Mr. James HENDRICKS, aged 76 years."

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   On Saturday, March 26, at 12 o'cl'k, we will sell, in front of our
auction rooms, without reserve, for cash, Lot No. 16 in block No. 20,
north-west corner of Dodge and Washington sts.  Said lot fronts 100 feet
on Dodge street, and is improved with a substantial frame dwelling,
containing seven rooms and two cellars.  There is also a good cistern,
stable, &c., on the lot.  Warrantee Deed given.  Go up and see the house
before the day of sale."
   ----J. DEAN & Co., Auctioneers