Monday morning, April 4, 1864

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--"The publishers of a low and scurrilous sheet, in New York, recently sent the following advertisement to the Baltimore Sun: (we omit the name of the paper and its date, as we do not care to advertise it gratis.)


Everybody wants to see Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, the Queen of the White House, and the consort of old Abe. Everybody knows what an 'ungainly lookin cuss' the husband is, and all are curious to know what the wife looks like. The ----for ----(now ready everywhere) contains a most truthful and life like photograph of the lady who was won by Old Abe through a sword combat, and who was transmogrified by the agency of Horace Greeley, of Oregon, from the obscure position of tending babies in Springfield, Illinois, to that of presiding deity at the White House.
Your obedient servants,

The publishers of the Sun returned the following answer:

Baltimore, March 28

GENTLEMEN:--The proprietors of the Baltimore Sun, decline publishing the enclosed advertisement. They are not so much afraid of hurting Old Abe's feelings as of Gen. Wallace, our master, suppressing their paper. You see this is a loyal town and State, but then we must show that we are so, or your folks in that rebel city of yours would not know it. ---A. L. S.

This was immediately communicated to the N.Y. WORLD, and that paper thereupon proceeds, in the usual lugubrious style of copperhead journals, to abuse without stint the brave and brilliant Gen. Wallace, now in command at Baltimore; and to reiterate its diurnal raving in regard to the President. It mourns the departed freedom of the press, and stoutly maintains that the Government officials have no right to interfere with the press in mere matters of taste. It gravely begs Gen. Wallace to see 'the danger of confounding esthetic with political and moral principles.'

All this might be somewhat amusing, if it were not absolutely disgusting. The fact is, Gen. Wallace knew nothing of this matter, and there is not the slightest probability that he ever would have honored such a low subject with a thought, even if the Sun had published the disgusting advertisement. The Sun declined to publish it because it would be unpopular to do so; and a fear of military interference was assigned as the reason out of pure malice. The shrewd proprietors of the dirty sheet in which the picture appears turn the correspondence over to the World, 'kills tow birds with one stone,' doing a profitable advertising business, and abusing the Government that protects it, in the same article. Yet it claims that under this administration there is no freedom of the press, when in matters of taste. 'Oh Shame, where is they blush?'

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--"Parties engaged in boring for salt near Jackson, Mich., last, struck, at the depth of one thousand one hundred and seventy four feet, oil-bearing rock."

--"Fifty German soldiers arrived at Portland Saturday, in the America, set out by an agent from Boston, who recruited them in the fatherland for the purpose of filling the quota of the ninth ward of Boston. Some difficulty occurred at Portland, as other recruiting officers had discovered the prizes and enlisted several of them. A Boston committee in attendance explained to the mayor of Portland that about one thousand five hundred men had been engaged in Germany to come over and enlist."

--"The Toronto papers denounce the St. Patrick's Day celebration in that city as eminently disloyal. The speakers indulged freely in 'treasonable expressions' against the English government."

--"A New Haven paper publishes a report that, at a place on the line of the Naugatuck Railroad, last Saturday, a lady was buried, against the protest of intelligent physicians, who declared she was not dead. The lady was taken ill last week, and shortly feel into a trance or sleep in which she continued three days. At the end of that time, it is said, a physician pronounced her dead, although her body was still warm, and perspiration visible between the two shoulders, and she was therefore buried."

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"Colonel TOWNSEND of Shullsburgh, has sold his famous trotting mare Pally Townsend to a gentleman in Chicago for $600. She was probably the fastest trotter in the State of Wisconsin."


"Between High and Hill streets, a Grey Fur Cape lined with grey silk, with cords and tassels. A liberal reward will be given by Mr. M. P. SILVERBURGH, No. 158 Main street."


"The safe of the County Treasurer of Buchanan County, Iowa, was robbed last week of $20,000. The Board of Supervisors has offered a reward of $3,000 for the detection of the thief and recovery of the money."


"At Rockford, March 29th, by the Rev. Mr. Namerul, Mr. Giles FITCH to Mrs. Mary FRALEY, both of Chicago. May the future of the excellent bride be such as to repay her for the kind and generous deeds of her past life."


"On Saturday last, a Memorandum Book, containing a draft on Augustus ESTY, of $200,000 and other miscellaneous papers. The finder will receive the thanks of the owner by leaving the same at this office."


"Messers. WRIGHT, TANNAHILL & NEWELL have opened their new Dry Goods store at 154 Main street, and are doing a food trade. With a new stock of goods of the latest styles, selected with care and taste, they cannot fail to receive a liberal patronage. They are gentlemen of cultivation, and their customers will doubtless be treated with uniform courtesy. We are glad to see such men starting business in Galena."


"The public schools of Galena are now having a vacation of two weeks. They closed on Friday, March 25th. The spring term will commence next Monday. The old teachers are retained with the exception of Miss TOBY of the Old town school, who has resigned. Her successor is Miss PRIER. At the close of the last term the pupils of the High School, under Mr. SMITH, held an exhibition which passed off with credit to all concerned."


Some men are born to be lucky. Ed WAINEY is one of them. He had the good fortune to draw the famous horse 'Little Giant' at Walsh's Ball Alley, on Commerce street, last Saturday afternoon. --The ticket holder's selected a committee, consisting of Messrs. JONES, FRAZIER, AND MIT_HELL, to act as judges, and the tickets were drawn in such a manner as to satisfy all concerned that the thing was fairly done. WAINEY being the lucky man, treated all hands to some of WALSH's best cigars, and the party 'retired in good order.' The horse is valued at $300. One hundred and twenty tickets were sold at $2.50 each."


"We made a flying trip to Dunleith the other day and took a few notes for the benefit of our readers. The Ferryboat Gregoire has been refitted and painted and presents a better appearance than when new. As the Peosta has been sold to the Government, the Gregoire is the only boat now owned by the Ferry Company. The steamboat season is now fairly commenced and business along the Levees, on both sides of the river, is quite active.

The tie which occurred between G. J. EDWARDS and N. M. BRATT in election of members to the Dunleith Council, has since been decided by drawing lots, Mr. EDWARDS being the winner. At the last meeting of the Council the following officers were elected: President of the Council, John THOMPSON; Marshall and Street Commissioner, William PITTAM; Clerk, James GARNICK; Treasurer, John OLINGER; Wharf Master, John TULLY; Police officer, Jerry CORBERT.

The Council voted to increase the rate of license to liquor dealers to double its former amount. The license is now $50 per year.

Mr. C. A. BECK, Railroad Agent at Dunleith, has appointed Mr. J. H. WOODRUFF Agent for receiving and forwarding river freight.

We visited the extensive Reaper Factory of C. S. & S. BURT, and found them doing a large business. Their new factory is a substantial building 100 x 45 feet with three floors.

DENSMORE has improved his Fanning Mill and is making preparations to manufacture them highly this season.

Mr. SWITZER owns the exclusive patent right of a new grain separator, which, it is claimed, will separate every grain of oats from wheat. If it will go this, farmers can hereafter sow wheat and oats together which will keep the chintz bug from the wheat.

A half mile race track is being constructed on the flats a short distance from BOOTH's Foundry. The fast horses over that way will soon be 'trotted out.'

S. BROWN, of the United States Hotel has recently confiscated an 'intelligent contraband.' BRATT says that BROWN has turned abolitionist. 'Can't see it.'

R. E. ODELL's house caught fire the other day from soot falling down the chimney and setting the fire-board on firs. Had it been discovered a few minutes later, the house would be been burned to the ground.

Mr. James DOUGLAS shot a monster bald eagle near his house a few days ago. It weighed 19 pounds and measured seven feet from the tips of its extended wings."

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"Mr. E. HOYT of Platteville, will start some time this week, for Idaho. His brother P. HOYT takes charge of the Platteville Hotel.

Trinity Church of Platteville elected the following church officers on Easter Monday:
George LAUGHTON, Sen. Warden
John McARTHUR, Jun. Warden
Wm. H. ELGAR, Sec.
L. McCARN, Treas.
Robert McKEE

The ladies of Hazel Green gave a grand supper a few evenings ago to Company I, 16th Wisconsin Regiment.

A Union convention for Grant County was held at Lancaster on Saturday, March 26th, for the purpose of appointing delegates to the State Convention. Hiram WITHERBEE was elected as Chairman of the Convention, and J. C. COVER Secretary. Hon. Miles K. YOUNG and Ed POLLOCK, were chosen as delegates. The following resolution was unanimously adopted:

RESOLVED, That, in the belief of the delegates acting in this convention on behalf of the masses of Union men of Grant County, President Lincoln is the almost or quite unanimous choice for re-election."


"Mortimer THOMPSON, known as Docsticks, delivered his lecture on 'check' in Dubuque last Friday evening.

A. H. DILLON, Esq., for ten years attorney at law in Dubuque, removed last week form that city to Zanesville, Ohio, which places he proposes to make his future residence.

The city election takes place to-day. The Union candidate for Mayor is C. J. CUMMINGS, and the Democratic candidate, John THOMPSON.

McFARLANDS Theatrical Troup will open to-morrow evening at the Julien Theatre with the Hunchback. They will remain in town several weeks.

Jerry CUMMING sold a fine span of horses last week to Scribe HARRIS, of St. Louis, for $600."