Another Victim of Warren Automobile Accident dies On Sunday Evening


Wilbur Jensen, Aged 28 Years Dies Sunday - Four Others Still At Hospital.

Wilbur Jensen, aged 28 years, one of the seven Warren, Ill. people in the Studebaker automobile which was struck by an Illinois Central passenger train at Warren on Saturday night, November 17th, died at Finley hospital Sunday evening from the injuries sustained in the accident.  The death of Wilbur Jensen brings the toll for the accident up to three, his two nephews, Milo and Robert Jensen, both having died within two days after the accident occurred.  The other four people who were in the accident are still at Finley hospital and undoubtedly will recover.


Wilbur Jensen, a brother of Carl Jensen, who was driving the car, sustained a number of serious injuries in the accident.  His right arm was fractured in several places, his right leg fractured and he sustained other injuries, some of them internal.  His condition, a few days after the accident occurred, was reported to be improving and there were hopes for his recovery.  He suffered a relapse, however, and complicaitons set in, causing his death Sunday evening.  Coroner W.R. Fullerton took charge of the remains, taking them to the Lagen & Fullerton undertaking parlors.  They were shipped to Warren for burial at midnight Saturday.