Biographical Index to Galena Weekly Gazette

December 1, 1882 thru December 28, 1883

Alphabetical by Surnames for letters "A", "B", and "C"

Not all the following people were living in Jo Daviess County. They could be of adjoing counties, former residents or relatives of current residents. Also included in this index are references to the churches and other institutions and organizations in the area. Contact the Alfred Mueller History Room at the Galena Public Library, 601 S. Bench, Galena, IL 60136 about making copies of these articles.


Alderson, Emma Bella died, 7 weeks, dau of Wm & Rosa. 10/5/83 p3 c10

Alderson, John died, b 1811 Yorkshire, Eng. to U.S. 1840, discovered Champion Mine, m Margaret Ashforth, 4 ch. 4/20/83 p3 c4

Allen, Edward A. died. 11/2/83 p3 c7

Almond, George, almost drowned. 6/29/83 p3 c6

Apple, Joseph Lester died, 1y, youngest son of Joseph & Emma, 7/6/83 p1 c7

Avery, Mrs. Dr. A.M., died, sis-in-law to G.S. 5/25/83 p3 c3

Bailey, Frank married to Mary H. Stewart. 2/9/83 p3 c10

Bailey, J. W. Mrs and dau died. 10/19/83 p3 c5

Bain, dau of Robert, died, 12y, 12/15/82 p3 c10

Ball, J. G. married to Lucy Pimperton. 9/7/83 p3 c5

Bancroft, William married to Louisa Welles 12/21/83 p3 c5

Baptist Church built in 1848, moved 3 times with different uses since. 8/17/83 p3 c8

Barber, Marsena Corbin Mrs. died. b 1783 Williamstown, Mass. m(1) --- Sullivan by whom had 2 ch: Mrs. L.S. Felt and Miss Martha C. Came to Galena 1856 from Plattsburg, NY. 8/3/1883 p3 c5 and 8/17/83 p2 c2

Barnes Bros. of Guilford Twp, murder of Col. Davenport. 11/2/83 p2 c4

Barnes, Patrick died, 73y unmarried. 2/23/83 p3 c5

Barningham, James died, 63y, b. Yorkshire, Eng., to USA 1839 & Council Hill. 7/13/83 p3 c10 and 7/20/83 p3 c7

Barrett, Sarah F. (Mrs. T.G.) died, 44y, mother of Mrs. Geo Jeffrey. 5/25/83 p3 c5

Barrett, Thomas T. married to Julia E. Brendel. 10/12/83 p3 c5

Barrows, Maria Miss died 12/1/82 p 3 c8

Bartson, Lillie died, 24y, dau of Rev. S.H. & M.L. Mother was Mary L. Sewell. 4/20/83 p3 c10

Baseball game, Dubuque Oxfords vs. Galena, tied score. 7/13/83 p3 c6

Bates, Phebe died, 85y, wife of Caleb who d. 1869, b. Rutland, Vt., 10 ch. 12/14/83 p2 c3

Baume, Anna C., wins 2nd prize oratorical contest. 10/12/83 p3 c3

Baume, James Rev., father of J.S., left for pastorate of an English Ch. in India. 10/26/83 p3 c7

Baume, James S. married to Lizzie Bergh. 5/4/83 p3 c5&10

Bausman, George married to Rachel Miller. 3/2/83 c3 p10

Bedford, E. L. sues city. 11/9/83 p3 c6

Behan, Delia, dau of Murty, bequeathed $300 for faithful service. 11/30/83 p3 c6

Behenna, Samuel C. teacher of bookkeeping. 7/13/83 p1 c6

Bell's mill (Wm.) at Millbrig article. 4/13/83 p3 c6

Bell, ---- (Rediers), b 1829 in England, leaves husb & 7 ch. 6/29/83 p1 c7

Bell, Richard Mrs. died. 6/15/83 p3 c4

Belt, William E. married to Missouri Holzinger. 2/2/83. p3 c10

Bennett, Charles died, son of Martin, 5y, 12/15/82 p3 c10

Bennett, Oscar S. married to Louisa Spittler. 3/23/83 p3 c3

Berryman, Henry married to Ellen C. Crawford. 11/23/83 p3 c4

Bertsch, Tobias married to Barbara Yoerck. 6/15/83 p3 c3

Beston, M. 15th wedding anniversary. 7/20/83 p3 c7

Bierce, Walter R. married to Ella Parkins, 12/1/82 p3 c1; 12/15/82 p1 c9

Biesmann, George C., amateur taxidermist of 4'8" gar fish. 7/20/83 p3 c4

Birkbeck, William, 50th wedding anniversary, both b Durham Co., Eng., to USA 1829 with Thos. Leekley. She came 1831 to Schuylkill Co., PA where they marr 1833 by late Rev. John Raine, father of Mrs. George Leekley. He was employed in PA mines until 1840 then to Belleville, IL for 3 yrs, to MO & in 1845 to Jo Daviess, first in Council Hill, later to Galena, their home last 18-20 yrs. 7/27/83 p3 c4/83 p3 c4

Birmingham, M. H., grocer, article. 9/28/83 p 3 c4

Black, Robert marred to Allie Spark. 12/28/83 p1 c5

Blackhawk article. 11/2/83 p3 c8

Blewett, Arthur Sheean died, 3y, son of William. 11/23/83 p3 c4

Bonadure, Mary (Mrs. Martin) died, 27y, 1ch,. m. 1870, eldest dau of Joseph Baraline, all resided Black Jack diggings. 10/19/83 p3 c4

Bonson, Richard died, 65y, bro of Mrs. Richard Spensley and late Mrs. Saml Hughlett. 2/9/83 p3 c5

Book, "Struck a Lead" reprinted. First published ca. 1839 in Galena Gazette & Grant Co. Herald. 8/3/83 p3 c8

Boom, F. Irving married to Belle Harris (dau of J. Meeker). 11/30/83 p3 c4 & 10

Bostwick, Walter a first rate marble cutter article. 10/19/83 p3 c6

Bourn, Hannah (Mrs. Nathaniel E.), 77y b Enfield, Conn. Lists ch. 1/5/83 p1 c7

Brand, Margaret Mrs. died, 86y, b Ire. to Galena 1850, dau Mrs. V.M. Farrar, & grandson John W. Evans. 9/21/83 p3 c6

Brant, Barbara died, former Galena teacher, sister Elizabeth, 6/1/83 p3 c3

Bray Brother, article. 6/1/83 p2 c5

Breed, Earl died, 2y, son of Eugene & Emma, 6/29/83 p3 c10

Brendal J. & Son, tailors, employ 35-40 tailors. 9/14/83 p3 c5

Brendel, Christian's 75th birthday. Born Baden, German, to JoD in 1846. 11/9/83 p2 c3

Brendel, Margaret (Mrs. John Sr.), died, b Germany. 6/1/83 p3 c3

Brener, William died, 70y, runaway horses. Huckster on Market Square selling produce from his farm near Burton's Mill. 7/27/83 p3 c5

Brewster, Chas. O. married to Elsie Wallace. 10/12/83 p3 c5

Bright, Joseph, accident at Spensley's Furnace. 5/25/83 p3 c8

Brown, Abbie M. graduated Bradford Mass. Academy, dau of J.B. Brown. 6/29/83 p3 c4

Brown, J. C. married to Sarah Westwick. 8/24/83 p3 c6

Brown, James B. 25th Wedding Anniv. 9/21/83 p3 c5

Brown, Will married to Anna H. Dickinson. 4/20/83 p2 c3

Brunner, Margaret (Mrs. Phillip) died, 57y, b Germany, leaves husband & 2 ch. 4/27/83 p3 c6

Brunner, Philip, soap & candle mfr. 8/17/83 p3 c6

Bryant, William H. married to Mary H. Williams. 2/23/83 p1 c5

Buckley, Priscilla, died, 7y dau of Wm.& Eliza, from fire. 4/13/83 p3 c5 and 4/27/83 p1 c6

Budden, Henry died. 2/2/83 p3 c3

Burke, Lewis married to Minnie Kish. 4/6/83 p3 c10

Burkhard, J. J. died, unmarried 40y, gunsmith. 5/11/83 p3 c5

Burns, Hugh died, 60y leaves wife & 5 ch. 6/22/83 p2 c6

Burns, Thomas article as pilot on S.B. Pittsburg. 9/7/83 p2 c2

Burns, William M. married to Sabina Pasco. 2/16/83 p1 c6 and 2/23/83 p3 c10

Burr, Frank married to Isabella Dickson. 4/13/83 p 3 c 6

Burton, Benjamin died, b 1812 in Bonsall, Derbyshire, Eng, learned hatter's trade in Manchester, Eng., went with father to Ireland who had been appointed government superintendent of some mines near Dublin. Arrived Philadelphia 1828, erected there the first cupola furnace in U.S., to Galena in 1831. Was a smelter, later went into steamboat and merchandising. Burton Bros owned and built "North Star". 1856 left business and started farming. Married twice. 13 ch. 6/22/83 p3 c4 and 6/15/83 p3 c7

Buxton, John married to Hannah Pedelty. 3/9/83 p3 c10

Caille, George, horse runaway. 8/17/83 p3 c7

Callahan, Emma, died, 22y, dau of Michael. 11/16/83 p3 c6

Callahn, Edward died, son of James. 2/9/83 p3 c6

Campbell, Charles, died in CA, 48y, leaves wife, 7 ch, bro Wm., 12/1/82 p3 c7

Campbell, George died, son of Goerge W. 2/16/83 p3 c4

Campbell, Jennie Augusta died, 24y, wife of D. Howard Campbell, dau of Jos. G. Miller 12/14/83 p1 c8

Campbell, William Elmer died, 9y, son of Wm & Mary E. 4/27/83 p1 c6

Canton Wrought Iron Bridge Co. awarded contracts for 3 bridges. 8/24/83 p3 c5

Carpenter, John H. married to Sarah J. Sedgwick, 12/15/82 p3 c10

Carr, Benjamin married to Mary Ann Nicholas. 4/6/83 p3 c10 and 4/13/83 p2 c5

Carr, Stephen died, b. Ireland, cabinet maker for Phillip Drum, wife & 3 ch. 2/23/83 p3 c6

Casserly, Thomas married to Kate Ward. 12/7/83 p3 c5

Cawthorne, Edward C. married to Hannah F. Moseley. 11/2/83 p2 c4

Chamberlain, George F. married to Lucy Kittoe. 10/26/83 p3 c5

Chandler, Frank married to Josie Keithley. 10/26/83 p3 c5 and 10/19/83 p3 c5

Chandler, J. M. died, b 1815 came here in 1827, 12/15/82 p2 c2

Chandler, John M.. died, b St. Louis, 6-y, 3 sons & 3daus, 12/15/82 p3 c6

Chapman, Charles H. married to Elenor R. Phillips, 12/29/82 p3 c10

Chapman, W. H. married to Laura K. Savage. 7/27/83 p3 c6

Chase, A. M. (Mrs. B.H.) died & 4m son. She was 22y. 9/7/83 p1 c7

Chetlain, A. L. General, description of Chicago home. 6/22/83 p3 c7

Chetlain, A. L. General, speech at Soldiers Reunion - 10/5/83 p1 c5

Childs, Emeline Mrs. died. 12/28/83 p2 c3

Childs, L. W. Mrs., paralysis. 12/7/83 p3 c4

Christmas in Galena. 12/28/83 p3 c7

Civil War Old Soldiers & Sailors Reunion. 10/5/83 p3 c6

Clark, Jacob C., died 12/1/82 p 3 c 2

Clark, Sarah Frances died, wife of Howard, 32y. 9/28/83 p3 c10

Clausson, W. F. married to Hannah E. Thode. 5/18/83 p 3 c5

Clavinger, William F. married to Addie Carr. 6/29/83 p3 c10

Clegham, James died. 9/7/83 p3 c8

Clendening, T.C. Rev of Meth Ep Church, preached farewell sermon. 10/5/83 p3 c8

Clendenning, T. C. Rev. married to Alice Luke. 10/19/83 p3 c6

Cliff, Irwin married to Elizabeth Raisbeck, 12/1/82 p3 c10

Cloran, Annie L. Mrs., serviously ill, Galena music teacher, sister of Mrs. Thomas Birmingham. 7/13/83 p3 c6; died. m. 1873 Wm. H. 9/28/83 p3 c6

Cloran, Mary, dau of John, Dominican novice ceremony, is now Sister Mary Edmund, O.S.D., 1/12/83 p3 c8

Cloyd, Charles married to Mamie Ward. 11/16/83 p3 c5

Clymo lead mine drift caved in, just above Episcopal Ch. 12/9/83 p3 c2

Coatsworth, Sarah Sedgwick (Mrs. Joseph), b 1802 Eggleston, Durham Co Eng, mar 1824, to Pottsville, PA 1829, to Galena 1850, 6 ch, 2 surv - James & Mrs S.W. Jones of Philadelphia, 12/8/82 p3 c10; 12/15/82 p3 c6

Coatsworth. African curiosities at store presented by bro-in-law A.E. Walton of England. 1/5/83 p3 c6

Collins, Eli A., died, from OH to Galena in 1839, sent by Jesse R. Grant, known as E.A. Collins & Co. Dissolved 1857 when Collins became sole proprietor. In 1862 sold out to C R Perkins who became assoc with Grant known as Grant & Perkins. Collins to Calif 1863 for 2 yrs, then Davenport, then Louisiana, finally to Shelby Co. IA. Falsely said that Collins loaned Ulyssies Grant money to purchase an outfit for Civil War. Real truth, Grant borrowed $312 from Saml Hughlett for 6 mos cosigned by Collins. Simpson Grant pd $98 on Oct 4, 1861 & balance pd Nov 2 on direction of Grant. He had not wanted to ask brothers for money because they had promised to support the General's family while he was gone. Leaves 2nd wife, 2 sons & 2 daus. 5/4/83 p3 c3. Father of John S. and late G.H. 5/1883 p3 c8

Comstock, Maria (Mrs. Medad) died, 79y, b NJ. 3/23/83 p3 c7

Cook, Charles Mrs. oriental scene painting. 6/1/83 p3 c5

Cook, Timothy S. married to Sarah Ann Kendall. 3/9/83 p3 c10

Cooley, Wm. R. married to Malinda Baldwin. 9/28/83 p3 c10

Cooper, Willard T. married to Elizabeth A. Smith, 6/29/83 p3 c8 & 10

Corey, D.W., selling house on Hill & Prospect, going to Washington Territory. 3/16/83 p3 c3; returned from Oregon. 5/18/83 p3 c8

Cornish, Thomas H. died, 87y born England, leaves wife, dau & 2 sons. 3/2/83 p3 c4

Corte, John died, 73y, b Germany, leaves wife & son Chas. 3/16/83 p3 c4

Corwith, D. N. purchased a Funeral hearse, description. 6/29/83 p3 c6

Cottingham, Wm. A. married to Hulda A. Looney. 3/2/87 p3 c10

Cowling, Philo collected 500 lbs of mineral specimens for his home in Seneca Falls, NY. Plans to select some for NY State Mineralogical Soc. 7/6/83 p3 c4

Cox, Elijah married to ----? McGregor, 1/12/83 p3 c10

Crawford, Jefferson married to Bessie Crowle. 9/14/83 p3 c6&10

Crawford, Samuel B. married to Mary B. Irvine, 12/1/82,p 3 c 6

Crawford, W. S. Dr. married to Emma Meredith. 11/2/83 p3 c5

Crosby, Melinda H. (Sawyer) died, 77y b Prescott, Canada, to JoD 1827. 11/2/83 p2 c6

Cross, Phillip, accident - 10/5/83 p3 c5

Crummer, W. F., harvesting small fruits. 7/20/83 p3 c5

Cundiff, Jerusha died, 43y, sis of Thomas Cundiff. 4/6/83 p3 c6

Cunningham, Robert, suicide. Galena merchant 20 years ago, wife & family. Moved to New York City. 10/26/83 p1 c7

Custom House improvements. 8/3/83 p3 c6

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