Biographical Index to Galena Weekly Gazette

December 1, 1882 thru December 28, 1883

Alphabetical by Surnames for letters "D" through "H"

Not all the following people were living in Jo Daviess County. They could be of adjoing counties, former residents or relatives of current residents. Also included in this index are references to the churches and other institutions and organizations in the area. Contact the Alfred Mueller History Room at the Galena Public Library, 601 S. Bench, Galena, IL 60136 about making copies of these articles.


Dames, Isadore married to Bertha Moss. 4/27/83 p3 c10

Darrigan, Richard died, 75y leaves wife and 1 son. 2/9/83 p3 c6

Date, Wm. H., arrested, 34y, convicted forger, son of Wm. of Shullsburg - 10/5/83 p1 c7

Daugherty, Charles M. married to Etta Riter. 10/19/83 p1 c9

Davis, George C. married to Lucinda Krell. 3/23/83 p3 c8

Davis, Jach T. married to Bertha B. Ford. 10/26/83 p3 c6 and p3 c10

Davis, Jane, pension thru son John Jr.'s service. 2/2/83 p3 c5

Davis, Jefferson article 12/8/82 p3 c6; 12/22/82 p1 c9

Davis, Jefferson as a gambler article, 12/8/82 p1 c8

Davis, Jefferson regarding elopment. 1/26/83 p3 c8

Davis, William, suicide, 22y, son of Jacob, nephew of John. 9/28/83 p2 c2

Day, Harry died, an asylum boy, 12/29/82, p3 c5

Deegan, Mary died, wife of William. 12/14/83 p1 c8


Dement, John died at Dixon, Ill, 79y, wife is dau of Henry Dodge. 2 married dau and son, Capt. H.D., is Secretary of State in Illinois. 1/26/83 p1 c3

DeWitt, Peter Dr. died, 72y, b NJ, wife d last year, 12/1/82 p 3 c 1; 12/15/82 p2 c2

Diessmeyer, Charles C. married to Lydia Hoffman, 7/13/83 p1 c8

Dignan, Gregory died, 30y, father d several years ago at Poor House, insane, one of the most cunning & dangerous lunatics. 9/28/83 p3 c8; 10/5/83 p3 c3

Dittmar, Erhard, suicide. brother of Albert & George. 9/28/83 p2 c2 and p3 c7

Dodds, Milton H. married to May E. Wenzel. 9/14/83 p3 c7

Dodge, Augustus C. General died, 71y. 11/23/83 p3 c7

Dodge, Charles S. married to Nellie P. Weatherby, 6/1/83 p3 c5

Dodge, T. Campbell married to Annie Vickers. 6/22/83 p3 c10

Dolcin [Dolsing?], Herman married to Mary Hanfelt. 2/2/83 p3 c3

Domby, Mrs. died 7/20/83 p3 c5

Donahue, John died, father of Mary, accident quarrying stone on his lot head of Franklin. 6/8/83 p3 c6

Donegan, Mary CROWLEY (Mrs. John) died, bro-in-law of Owen Donegan, 6 ch. 2/9/83 p3 c8

Donnelly, Chas. R. died, 36y 10/19/83 p1 c9

Donohue, Abigail died, dau of F.M. & Mary Ann, 3m 3d. 1/19/83 p3 c10

Dow, G. W. married to M. Vanderheyden. 11/9/83 p3 c7 & 10

Doyle, John died 22y son of Michael, 12/15/82 p3 c6

Doyle, O. P. married to Maggie A. Loughran. 11/16/83 p2 c2

Duerr, Adolph married to Emma Mordick. 2/9/83 p3 c4

Duerstine, Louisa Mrs. died, 18y, 12/29/82 p3 c10

Duffy, Mary (Sister M. Alberta) died, b. Ireland. 12/7/83 p3 c7 and 12/14/83 p3 c5

Dunwiddie, Benjamin F. married to Nellie Gray. 6/15/83 p3 c8

Durst, Kate, died, 14y 7/20/83 p3 c7

Easter Egg Decorating, how to article. 3/23/83 p2 c3

Eastwood, Joseph died, 12/8/82 p2 c5

Eaton, Susan W. (Mrs. Amos) died, 33y? 7 ch. 10/19/83 p3 c4

Eckerman, Elizabeth vs. Peter Meyer for bastardy. 11/2/83 p3 c7

Edgerington, Elizabeth Mrs. died, 65y. 4/6/83 p3 c10

Edgington, Elizabeth died, 58y 6/29/83 p1 c7

Edwards, Alfred H. married to Caroline Bartell. 10/26/83 p3 c10

Edwards, James H. married to Mrs. Mary Harper, 12/8/82 p3 c10

Eisemann, John died, b 1835 in Wurtemburg, lived Galena approx 30y, leaves wife & 6 ch. 6/1/83 p3 c6

Elizabeth woolen mill article. 8/10/83 p3 c3

Estdorf, Wm. died, 55y 1/12/83 p3 c5

Eustace, John V., witness on the bench. 11/30/83 p2 c3

Farrar, Sophia (Gear) died, widow of Amos, b Pittsfield, Mass. 1800, to Galena 1826 with bro. Charles. Husband member American Fur Co. & had charge of branch here coming in 1819. He d. 1832 at his residence within the old stockade. One ch Elizabeth d. 1837. Her residence is oldest in city and was one of the original log cabins built inside the stockade in 1832. Leaves nieces & nephews. Buried East side Catholic next to her bro Samuel. 7/20/83 p3 c4

Farrell, James Joseph married to Mary A. McCormick. 12/14/83 p1 c8

Ferris, A. B. died, b 1827 Ireland, to US 1849, to WI 1852, leaves wife & 4 ch. 5/18/83 p3 c5

Ferris, Wm. E. married to Dora Klingenberg. 10/12/83 p3 c6

Ferry Boat, Galena to Bellevue, IA, new, "Phenie Kimbel", description, named for dau of Commander Vansickle. 4/13/83 p3 c4

Ferry, Gear's, lands 2 miles from city proper. Miles Simons proposes to build boat. 4/27/83 p3 c7

Ferry, Gordons, Bellevue reaction. 5/18/83 p2 c2

Ferry, Linehan Ferry Co. incorporated in Dubuque. 8/10/83 p3 c7

Fiddick House on Prospect St. being remodeled. Plans by Harry Telford, work being done by A. Telford & Son, 5/11/83 p3 c5

Finerty, Michael E. died, 17y, son of Michael & Ann. 10/12/83 p1 c8

Fitzgerald, Walter, trial for murder. 10/5/83 p3 c7

Flack, Milton M. married to Sarah Lamphair. 4/6/83 p1 c7

Flack, Susan STROCK (Mrs. James) died, 73y b. Somerset Co. PA, 6 ch. 4/6/83 p1 c8

Flynn, Bridget Mrs. died, 70y, b. Ire, lived Menominee Twp, mother of Mrs. Thomas Harney & others. 10/19/83 p3 c4

Foecke, Antoine married to Mrs. B. Moegle. 9/21/83 p 3 c7

Foecke, Antone, accident on way to Dubuque to deliver load of spruce beer. 12/21/83 p2 c2

Footner, William died 77y, father of Mrs. G.T. Godfrey, 12/22/82 p3 c2

Fox, Patrick died, 12/8/82 p3 c 5

Frankland, C. Mr. died, b. Yorkshire, Eng., 12/15/82 p2 c3

Frankland, John S. married to Bertha Beck. 8/24/83 p3 c6

Fraser, Flack married to Alice M. McRae. 6/22/83 p3 c10

Fraser, Fred married to Laura E. Goyen. 2/2/83 p3 c7&10

Frazer, Samuel, inventor of improved axle grease, setting up mfr plant. 11/16/83 p3 c5

French, John B. & Wm. D., description of tombstone in St. Michaels for their parents. 12/28/83 p3 c7

Fritz, J. building brick warehouse. 5/25/83 p3 c5

Fritz, Mary birthday party. 10/26/83 p3 c7

Fulmer, John married to Mary Salwanke. 12/14/83 p1 c8

Furlong, John had 6 foot tall corn. 7/20/83 p3 c6

Galena Bible Society, annual meeting. 11/23/83 p3 c7

Galena building improvements. 5/25/83 p1 c6

Galena Classical Institute of 1853, partial list of 242 students. 1/19/83, p3 c5

Galena College 11/9/83 p3 c3

Galena Marble Works. 6/29/83 p3 c10

Galena Protective Assoc., const. & bylaws, those engaged in traffic or sale of liquor. 4/20/83 p4 c6

Galena River, commission report on dredging. 6/22/83 p2 c6

Galena Saloonkeepers organize, 35 in attendance, 3/23/83 p3 c4

Gallagher, James died, 29y, son of Patrick & Bridget, m. Mary O'Hara, 1 dau. 4/6/83 p2 c4,5

Gear, Eugene died,22y, son of A.H., Nephew of W.O. & Mrs. G.W. Girdon, and grandson of H.H. 3/23/83 p2 c3 and 3/3083 p1 c5

Genz, John opening new cigar store. 5/18/83 p3 c3

German English College articles. 4/20/83 p3 c8; 6/13/83 p3 c7; 9/14/83 p3 c8; 9/7/83 p3 c8; 10/5/83 p3 c4; 11/30/83 p3 c7

German Lutheran Church - 25th anniversary. 9/28/83 p2 c2

Gillispie, Isaac married to Tillie White. 11/16/83 p3 c10

Gillson Tillie M. B. died, 19y, youngest dau of Mrs. M. 3/2/83 p1 c8

Girdon, Geo. W. Capt. 69th birthday celebration. 6/8/83 p3 c5

Girdon, Geo. W. injured inspecting steamboat. 4/6/83 p3 c7

Glanville, Thos. H. married to Mary Westwick. 10/26/83 p3 c5

Glover, Mrs. house burned just above Catholic cemtery on East side. 6/15/83 p1 c5

Godfrey, Gertrude died, dau of Dr. Joseph, 3m. 2/9/83 p3 c10

Goldthorp, John, died, lead mine pioneer, b. 1808 Yorkshire, Eng, to US in 1829, later to Galena, to Wisconsin, to Dubuque in 1836. Leaves wife & 3 ch, bro Joseph of Elizabeth and William of Weston, uncle of John of Elizabeth. 5/4/83 p3 c7

Goll, John F. Capt. died, 47y. River man from 1849 to 1882, pilot for whole river, Keokuk Packet Co. pilot & captain and lately Miss. Valley Transp. Co. Was pilot with Capt. R.G. Carson on the Martha and Wyoming in 1853 in the Galena trade, and afterward pilot on Northern Light, Milwaukee, Thomas Jasper and Phil Sheridan. Leaves wife & 2 dau. 5/25/83 p3 c8

Goninan?, Mathew died, b 1814 Cornwell, Eng. to US 1842, 3 ch. 4/27/83 p1 c6

Grace Episcopal Church, planned remodeling. 7/13/83 p1 c6; reopened 11/2/83 p3 c6

Grace, Henry R. married to Annie Gallagher 12/8/82 p3 c1

Graham, J. F. married to Mary Smith. 4/20/83 p3 c5

Grant Hill Cemetery article. 9/7/83 p3 c8

Grant, Hannah S., Mrs. died in NJ, mother of Ulysses, b 1780 Berks Co. PA, 6 ch of whom 3 survive. 5/18/p3 c4

Grant, Ulysses, arrived Galena, stayed DeSoto for 1 night. 6/1/83 p3 c5

Gratiot, Charles H. died, b 1814 in St. Louis, son of Henry, sis of Mrs. E.W. Washburne, 5 ch. 3/23/83 p3 c5

Gratiot, Edward H. died, b 1817 in St. Louis, bro of Charles & Mrs. E.B. Washburne. 12/22/82 p3 c6&7; 1/26/83 p3 c6

Graves, John, 81y, stabbed himself to relieve pain of dropsy. 12/21/83 p3 c8

Green, Webster married to Annie Morehead. 4/27/83 p3 c10

Green, Wright died, 70y, 12/8/82 p3 c6

Greenwood Cemetery purchases 14 acres to enlarge. 8/10/83 p3 c5

Greenwood, Wright, lived alone, 12/15/82 p1 c8

Grier, David C. Dr. died, b Cannonsburgh, PA in 1828. 1856 to Ill. 92nd Ill Vol Inf, m (1) Eliza J. Chambers of Carvensville, PA who d. 1853, 1 dau. M(2) 1856 R.M. McEwin of Freeport, 4ch. 8/10/83 c1 c7

Gronner, Herman, manufacturing clock for English tower. 4/6/83 p3 c6

Haas, Fred G. married to Jessie Perkins, dau of C.R. 12/28/83 p3 c3

Haase, Conrad E. married to Emma Wernil (or Wernli). 10/19/83 p3 c6; 11/2/83 p1 c9

Habbich, John W. died, 22y, nephew of late A. 1/26/83 p3 c5

Hagie, Frederick married to Martha Bateman. 11/2/83 p3 c10

Haines, Daniel & Joseph Liddell starting broom factory. 10/19/83 p3 c6

Hall, W. P., archeologists for Davenport Academy of Sciences, looking at worship grounds on Capt. Harris land near the Sinsinawa River. 7/27/83 p3 c6

Hallett, Timothy's fruit farm description. 8/3/83 p3 c7

Halzett, Charles died, 89y, old settler Elizabeth, b. Co. Donegan, Ire., to Galena 1835. Leaves wife, 2 sons, 2 daus. 12/28/83 p3 c7

Haman, F., family sick from trichinous. 3/23/83 p3 c6

Hammill, Patrick died, b Ire, around 70y, to Galena 1835, draying, wife & marr. dau. 9/28/83 p3 c7

Hammond, Orson W. married to Mary E. Jameson. 10/12/83 p1 c5

Handfelt, Herman married to Adeline Tranel. 4/20/83 p3 c7

Hanover Academy or High School. 9/7/83 p3 c4

Harcourt, dau of James died, 13y 7m 17d, 12/29/82 p3 c10

Harcourt, Victoria G., died, dau of John. 1/12/83 p2 c5

Hardacre, Eddie died, 9 m, son of T.M. & Susan A.. 7/20/83 p2 c4

Harker, James died, leaves wife and 5 ch. 7/20/83 p3 c8

Harker, William married to Anna S. Harker. 7/13/83 p3 c10

Harkness, Peter married to Maria Black. 10/5/83 p3 c10

Harnor, Marion died in train accident. 6/1/83 p3 c8

Harrington, Jas. D. married to Mrs. Mary Evans, widow of Thos. 11/2/83 p3 c5 & 10

Harris, C. K. married to Cora J. Degear (he is son of Jack & nephew of D.S.) 3/9/83 p3 c6

Harris, D. S., interview by Dubuque newspaper. 3/23/83 p1 c4

Harris, Sarah C. Mrs. Dr., gave a tea. 10/19/83 p3 c5

Harris, Sarah C. Mrs. honored for services on the Jo Daviess Co. soldier's monument. Was given a statue "The Council of War" by John G. Rogers. 6/8/83 p3 c8

Hartwig, Charles of West Galena, farm buildings burned. 8/3/83 p3 c4

Harvey?, James married to Fannie May Woodbridge, 12/8/82 p3 c1

Haser, Mary Agnes died, 39y, wife of Chas., dau of Richard Gross, 5 ch. 12/28/83 p3 c5

Hatter, Charles charged with theft. 9/14/83 p1 c5; acquitted 10/12/83 p3 c8

Hefferman, John married to Maggie Ryan. 2/2/83 p1 c5

Heiburger, Jacob, accident 8/17/83 p3 c7

Hellstern, Margaret (Mrs. Thomas) died, 56y dau of Valentine Smith, leaves husb & 8ch. 5/25/83 p3 c6

Helm, J. S. and Geo. R. Martin - new grocery store at stand lately occupied by C. Heron & Co. 12/14/83 p3 c3

Hempstead, Stephen died, 71y nephew of Chas. S., b New Haven, CT, to St. Louis in 1828 & Galena in 1830, Governor of Iowa. 2/23/83 p3 c7

Henry, Edward Louis married to Amelia S. Kuhnhen. 12/7/83 p3 c10

Henry, James died, 46y, b. Ireland, resident of Jo Daviess Co. 41y, leaves wife & 6 ch. 6/22/83 p3 c5

Henry, James died, b 1837 in Ire., mar 1864 Susan J. Isbell, Co. E 17th Ill Vol Inf, 7/6/83 p3 c7

Henry, William T. died, b St. Louis 1823, to Galena May 1824, 1833 to Wisc, died at Mineral Point., Went to gold mines. Mar. 1848 Nellie Smith dau of Gen. Wm R. Smith of Mineral Point. One son d 1850, wife d. Sacramento 1852. Lawyer, Banker, Mining. Mar (2) 1856 Mrs. Emma Parmlee, d/o Rev. Stephen McHugh. She had 2 ch: Thomas & Chas Parmlee. They had 5 ch including Mrs. W.M. Snyder of Galena. 7/6/83 p3 c5

Hess, Henry married to Louisa Libert. 7/13/83 p3 c10

Hewitt, John married to Caroline C. Atkins. 4/13/83 p3 c10

Hicks, Ida Dell (Mrs. James) died, dau of Henry Chapin, b Palmyra, Jefferson Co., WI 1853, marr 6y, 1 ch. 6/15/83 p3 c6

Hicks, Nathaniel T. died, 24y, leaves wife. 4/13/83 p3 c6

Hielby, Joseph Jr. - broken thigh. 12/14/83 p3 c5

Higgins, Van H., Chicago millionaire former Galenian. 12/7/83 p3 c8

Hill family reunion (Mrs. C. F. Potts), 1/26/83 p3 c8

Hilliard, Lo__son married to Anna M. Albert 1/19/83 p3 c10

Hillman, J. H., 60th birthday, family reunion. 9/28/83 p2 c1

Hilton, James died, 3y, son of Charles & Elizabeth. 5/25/83 p3 col 10

Hockins, Mary Jane vs. Geo. H. Atkinson for bastardy. 12/14/83 p3 c6

Hodgins, Mark died, 70y, brother of Abner, Mrs Emily Shuster & Mrs John Robinson. 2/23/83 p3 c4&10

Hoffman, Daniel, beard 4 feet long, longest one in Ill. 11/9/83 p3 c6

Hoffman, Richard married to Katie Runda 4/13/83 p2 c5

Hooper, Wm H, b 1813 Warwick Manor, Dorchester Co., Md, to Galena 1835 with Geo. Ware & opened store later becoming Hooper, Peck & Scales which failed in panic of 1838. Mar (1) Electa J. Harris, sister of Daniel S. She d 1844 and 2 daus later. Was clerk on S.B. Otter. He built for American Fur Co. in 1844 steamer Lynx. Last boat commanded "alexander Hamilton" owned by Hooper, Nathan & Henry Corwith & C H Rodgers of NY. Burned in St. Louis in 1849. In 1850 went to Salt Lake City where he mar (2) 1853 Mary Ann Knowlton. Espoused Mormonism but not polgamy. Active in Territory affairs. Delegate to Congress. Visited Galena 1 year ago and stayed with half-sister, Mrs. J.B. Merrick. Other siblings: Mrs. Dr. S. A. Robertson of Platteville, WI and half-brother Albert Stephenson of St. Louis. 1/5/83 p3 c4

Hopp, Chas. L. married to M. Steinmetz, 6/8/83 p3 c7

Horsley, Bramwell marriage to Rosamund Alderson. 1/26/83 p3 c10

Horticulture Society, how to can, pickle and store fruits. 12/14/83 p1 c6

Horton, O. S. to build house on East side. 5/4/83 p3 c3

Hostling, [Hoelting?] Fred married to Theresa Uhlrich. 6/29/83 p 3 c6

House of Prostitution of long ago where gas works now located. 4/20/83 p3 c5

Houy, George, accident at saw mill. 5/11/83 p3 c6

Howard, George O. Dr., damage award. 4/27/83 p3 c7

Howarth, James H. married to Ann Baker, 12/29/82, p3 c10

Hoyne, Thomas killed RR accident, wife 7ch. Chicago mayor, lived Galena 1842 for 2 yrs. The wife of his bro P.A., is a sis of J.B. French, Mrs. G.R. Melvill & Mrs. Wm. Meyers. 8/3/83 p3 c4&5

Hughes, Edward F. married to Rebecca E. Wright. 3/16/83 p3 c10

Hunter, Frankie (Middleditch) Mrs. Eugene died. 11/2/83 p3 c3 and 11/9/83 p1 c8

Hurley, William died, b Co. Cork, Ire. 1830, butcher, wife, 4 daus 2 sons. 8/17/83 p3 c7

Hurst, John W. died, Civil War vet, leaves wife & 4 ch. 4/13/83 p3 c4 &6

Husted & Moore, inviting new settlers to Sheldon, IA. 3/30/83 p1 c8

Huth, Flora M. (Mrs. Chas) died, marr for 6 weeks, dau of John E. Evans. 4/27/83 p3 c10 & 5/4/83 p1 c6

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