Biographical Index to Galena Weekly Gazette

December 1, 1882 thru December 28, 1883

Alphabetical by Surnames for letters "I" through "P".

Not all the following people were living in Jo Daviess County. They could be of adjoing counties, former residents or relatives of current residents. Also included in this index are references to the churches and other institutions and organizations in the area. Contact the Alfred Mueller History Room at the Galena Public Library, 601 S. Bench, Galena, IL 60136 about making copies of these articles.


Ingram, dau of Mrs. James, 12/1/82 p 3 c 2

Ingram, Mary Frances died, 2nd dau of James, 12/8/82 p3 c3

Isbell, J. B. taking orders for portraits. 9/14/83 p3 c7

Jackson, Joseph married to Martha Jane Berryman. 3/2/87 p3 c10

Jaggers, James died, b England. 9/21/83 p1 c7

Jahncke, Herman married to Flora M. Winters. 9/28/83 p3 c10

James, John opens blacksmith shop on Hill bt Commerce & Water. 11/30/83 p2 c3

Jamison, Matilda Craig died, 54y, b. Ire, 4 ch. 8/3/83 p1 c7

Jeffers, Benjamin & Margaret, 15th wedding anniversary. 1/12/83 p2 c5

Jefferson, Joseph, article of actor's trip to Galena in 1839. 12/7/83 p2 c4

Jeffery, William H. married to Mary C. McGuire, 5/11/83 p3 c10

Jelly, Nora J. died, wife of John S., 66y, b. Ky, 10 ch. 12/28/83 p1 c6

Jenkins, Anna W. died, wife of John, 68y, b New Hershen, England, to US & Wisc 1849, leaves husb & 2 ch. 7/6/83 p1 c7

Jenks, I. B. married to Sadie A. Crawford, 12/29/82 p3 c7

Jennings, J. D. article about his pottery in old town. 10/19/83 p3 c6

Jerome, Ambrose, acquitted of perjury charge. 10/12/83 p3 c3

Jewell, Thomas married to Eliza A. Treague. 1/19/83 p3 c10

Jo Daviess County Court House, improvements to court room. 7/20/83 p3 c8

Johnson, James B. married to Araminta Bale. 7/13/83 p3 c10

Johnson, M. L., son of M.Y., patented a glass burial case. 6/22/83 p3 c5

Johnson, William and Sarah A. (Johnson) Golden wedding anniversary. 6/22/83 p2 c5 and in 6/15/83 p3 c7 says wife is dau of Rev. Wm. Johnson, a pioneer Baptist minister, well-known to all our old settlers

Jones, J. Russell, Chicago millionaire former Galenian. 12/7/83 p3 c8

Jud, Matt gun accident. 8/24/83 p3 c5

Judge, Patrick murdered Samuel Gatlin. Judge's dau had black child by Gatlin. 7/16/83 p3 c6 & 7/13/83 p1 c6; trial 9/21/83 p3 c6

Jung, Charles married to Lizzie Schilling. 12/21/83 p3 c7

Keating, M. H., wooden wedding anniv. 11/2/83 p3 c6

Kehl, Adam, article. 2/16/83 p3 c8

Kellogg, L. L., treasurer Galena Gaslight Co., transferred to Neb. 7/6/83 p3 c4

Kelly, Christopher Jr. died, 35y b Galena, 1873 to St. Paul, MN, wife. 9/21/83 p3 c3

Kelly, Jerry (Jerrold), died, 35y (or 25y), leaves father, 5 bros, 2 sis. 9/28/83 p3 c10; 10/19/83 p3 c10

Kelly, Julia (Mrs. John) died, 59y 8 ch 1/26/83 p3 c10

Kelly, Patrick, converting foundry on levee to woolen mill. 3/23/83 p3 c3

Kern, Chris, house burned on South St. 5/11/83 p3 c5

Kiel, Christopher married to Margaret Kohlerburg. 1/19/83 p3 c6

Kiene, Leonard married to Lucy S. Thill. 11/2/83 p3 c7

Killse, father of Stephen, died, 7/13/83 p3 c3

Kinney, Thomas married to Melissa White. 6/22/83 p3 c4

Kinston, Charles injured 11/2/83 p3 c7

Kistler, Maximillan married to Lizetta Seivers. 12/28/83 p3 c6

Kittoe, E. R. Dr., treatment by electricity on withered arm. 11/30/83 p3 c4

Kittoe, W. K., purchased grain & feed business on Diagonal & Main from Peter Trewartha's estate. 5/25/83 p3 c6

Knell, Phillip, injured, 1/5/83 p3 c5

Kohlerburg, Henry married to Annie Alber. 1/19/83 p3 c6

Koth, Gotlieb, injured in accident. 6/22/83 p3 c4

Kuchemann, Ernest married to Augusta E. Miller. 4/27/83 p3 c6

Kuchemann, John married to Emma Wilcox. 2/16/83 p3 c10

Kuebber [Knoebber?], Frank married to Mary Burgdorf. 11/2/83 p3 c7

Lamberson, George Edward died, son of D.H. 11/23/83 p3 c5

Lame, Howard G. "Doc", died, upper river pilot from 1858. Keokuk Packet Co. & then under Commodore Davidson. Hero in fire on SB Golden Eagle. 5/4/83 p4 c5

Langstaff, Robert Mrs. died, 1/19/83 p3 c2

Lathan, Wm. B. married to Mattie Carter. 3/9/83 p3 c10

Law, A. R. Dr. article about. 11/2/83 p3 c4

Lawrence, J. C. died, b. Prussia, brother of H.C. 2/16/83 p3 c8

Lawrence, Walter J. married to Hattie Brooks. 2/23/83 p3 c10

Lawry, Henry died, 73y, county resident 40y, son-in-law if John W. Wilcox. 10/19/183 p3 c6

Lead mines, new discoveries. 12/7/83 p3 c3

Leahy, Patrick H. died, m. Bridget Reardon, 3 ch. 4/27/83 p3 c5&6

LeBron Bros opening branch store in Menneapolis. 10/19/83 p3 c6; John moved 11/9/83 p3 c4

Lee, Ira H. died, s/o J.C., b. Long Hollow, mother d. at birth, maternal grandmother Mrs. N. Morris cared for him until father returned from war. 7/13/83 p2 c4 and p3 c6

Leekley, George and Miss Nettie Leekley entertained . 6/1/83 p3 c6

Leekley, Thomas B. died. b. 1809 Durham, Eng. to Pottsville, PA 1829, went to NC 1830 as agent of London Gold Mining Co. 1834 to Dubuque and then Grant Hill lead mining & smelting. Mar. 1843 Sarah Wilde b. Yorkshire, leaves 3 sons & dau. 1867 moved to Galena. Primitive Methodist Ch. In Galena member of 1st Presby and then South Presby. 11/16/83 p3 c4 and 11/30/83 p1 c5

Lehnhardt, Peter Jr. married to Elizabeth Kastner. 6/15/83 p3 c3

Lesler, Lou P. died, 39y, editor Dial in Boscobel, WI, wife is Mrs. Eda Meyer Lesler. 6/8/83 p3 c6

Levens, Thomas, died, 65y b. Monroe Co. IL, 1840 to mines, to Dubuque 1843, discovered biggest lead in the Galena lead mines. 7/13/83 p3 c6

Lichtenberger, ? married to Urilda Smith, 5/11/83 p1 c9

Lightcap, S. died, b 1813 PA, to Grant Co 1847, flouring mill in Hazel Green, wife & ch 7/27/83 p3 c6

Lingford, Robert H. married to Lillie A. O'Hara. 9/28/83 p3 c3

Liscomb, Frank C. married to Mary J. Milligan, 12/29/82 p3 c7

Loring, Mrs., mother of Mrs. John Galvin, has accident. 6/1/83 p3 c5

Losey, H.B. moving to Cannollton, Ind. 3/30/83 p3 c4

Louchheim, A. J., clothing merchant, business failed - 10/5/83 p3 c5; judgment against. 10/26/83 p3 c6&7

Louchheim, Samuel injured in accident, 9y, s/o A.J., 8/3/83 p3 c6

Lowe, Clarence J., died, 18y, son of James, drowned. 6/29/83 p3 c4

Mahoney, Andy J. (Andrew J.) married to Lydia J. Doyle. 3/30/83 p1 c7; 3/16/83 p3 c10

Malone, Edward died, Co. G 96th Ill Vol Inf. 7/20/83 p3 c8

Maltby, Jasper A.. Civil War General, widow sent flowers for his grave. 6/1/83 p3 c7

Mann, Harvey, family reunion for his 78th birthday. 11/2/83 p1 c4

Mann, Thomas married to Sadie Williams. 3/23/83 p3 c10 and 3/30/83 p1 c8

Marfield, Henry died, b 1814 Baltimore, 1837 to Galena, cabinet maker, alderman, JP, wife, 5 sons, 2 daus. 9/14/83 p3 c5

Marsden, Ambrose married to Mary Hromatko. 10/26/83 p2 c5

Martin, George married to Katie Wilson. 3/30/83 p1 c7

Martin, William H. married to Matilda B. Gray. 9/21/83 c3 p10

Mase, James F. married to Margaret Lindsey. 3/16/83 p3 c10

Mason, Frederick died, 62y b England, wife, no ch., possible murder. 9/21/83 p2 c3

Matters, John P. married to Maggie Baldwin. 12/28/83 p3 c10

Mausel, Theadore died, 6y. 11/2/83 p3 c7

May, Will H. married to Galena Brand. 8/24/83 p3 c3

Maybanks, Lizzie Miss died. 3/2/83 p3 c5.

McClellan, Wm. S. died, 23y, son of R.B. and bro of Geo S. 3/2/83 p3 c5&6; 3/16/83 p1 c4

McDermott, Thomas F. married to Mary Flynn. 12/7/83 p3 c3

McDonald, Samantha (Mrs. John) died, 71y, b Montpelier, Vt., m. 1831 Meigs Co. OH, to Wisc 1834 & Apple River 1835. Husband & 4 ch (out of 9) 8/24/83 p2 c7

McElroy, John married to Rosa Baxter. 9/7/83 p1 c7

McFarlane, George married to Lizzie White. 5/25/83 p3 c8

McGibben, P. W. married to Ada Foster. 11/2/83 p1 c7

McGovern, Lillie E., died, 11y, 7/20/83 p2 c4

McGrath, James Edward married to Hattie Doty. 7/20/83 p3 c10

McGrath, Joseph Hamline died, 51y b Beaver Co. Pa, to Galena in 1836, m 1856 Catherine, dau of Jonathan Hendershot. 6 ch. 3/16/83 p3 c3

McHugh, J.V. resigned Supt Normal School, to Minneapolis to open law office with bro. W.D., 7/27/83, p3 c5

McIntyre, Thomas married to Kittie Friel. 11/30/83 p3 c5 and 12/7/83 p3 c5

McKenzie, John C. married to Flora E. Eaton. 3/30/83 p3 c10; 4/6/83 p1c7

McKiney, James, house burned in Apple River. 5/11/83 p3 c6

McKinley, William Jr. died, 19y, drowned Rush Creek. 6/15/83 p3 c3

McKinley, Willie, died, 2nd son of W. R., 7/13/83 p1 c8

McKinnon, Peter married to Emma Gill. 8/24/83 p1 c9

McLean, Rev. Robert & Family returned from Chile, wife dau of R.S. Norris. 5/18/83 p3 c7

McManus, Thomas died, 66y, born Ireland, leaves wife & adopted dau. 6/22/83 p2 c6

McMillen, W. T. married to Kate Wolcott. 11/9/83 p3 c3

McNeill, Thomas, presented gold chain by Galena Greys, B.B.C. 12/28/83 p3 c7

McRae, Daniel married to Maggie Sheridan. 6/22/83 p2 c6

Mears, William, 100th birthday, b Haraba, Lincolnshire, Eng. to US 1850, to Council Hill 1854. 10/12/83 p3 c3

Meeter, John married to Emma Eades. 2/2/83 pc c3&10

Metzger, Theobold, gift from Neptune Fire Co. 2. 12/21/83 p3 c8

Metzger, Theolbald, engaged as traveling agent for R. Barrett. 12/28/83 p3 c6

Meusel, John A. W. married to Julia Houy. 3/16/83 p3 c7

Miller, F. G. married to Mary A. White. 4/27/83 p3 c10

Miller, James married to Mrs. P. Richards. 2/2/83 p3 c3&10

Miller, William died, father of John, 12/15/82 p3 c4

Millhouse, John married to Lou Erbe 4/6/83 p3 c7

Milligan, Joseph E. died. 10/12/83 p1 c6

Mitchell, Isaac G. died, 67y, wife died March 1st. Born 1816 Washington Co., Pa, marr. Lydia Stilliants in 1838, to Wards Grove in 1847, carpenter, taught 52 terms of schools. 6/8/83 p1 c6&7

Mitchell, L. G. died, 67y. 6/1/83 p3 c10

Mitchell, Lydia (Mrs. Isaac G.) died, 63y, b Wilmington, DE, to Washington Co. PA, then to Jo Daviess, 5 ch. 3/23/83 p1 c6

Molitor, Joseph married to Mary Smith. 11/16/83 p3 c6

Montieth, Nellie CHAPMAN (Mrs. Rev. J.A.) died, m 1-1/2 y, no ch. 5/25/83 p3 c4; 6/29/83 p1 c7

Montieth, Nellie died, m 1881 Rev. J.A., dau of J.R. Chapman, 29y, b Louisville, KY, 6/1/83 p 3 c7

Moon, Henry died, lived alone, 12/8/82 p3 c1; 12/15/82 p1 c8

Moralle, Sarah (Mrs. Michael), died, 62y, 1/19/83 p1 c9

Moran, Michael, inferior American whiskey made him use abusive language to wife. Claims to be son of a member of parliament & a blue blood. 8/17/83 p2 c2

Moran, P. moving to Sioux Co., Ia. 9/21/83 p3 c6

Mougin A.. of Rice Twp., builds a new house, described. 8/10/83 p3 c5

Mougin, A., 35th wedding anniv. 10/12/83 p3 c8

Murphy, Dennis C. Jr. died. 12/14/83 p3 c8

Murray, Rev. Father of St. Michaels Church transferred to Chicago. 1/12/83 p3 c5

Necollins?, Samuel married to Elizabeth Ann Simmons, 12/29/82, p3 c10

Newhall, Anne Copeland Beale (Mrs. Chauncey) died, aunt of E.G., 1/19/83, p3 c10

Norris, Barney, 40th wedding anniversary to Mary DeTanglebartz. He is 75y, b 1809 Washington, D.C. Is Janitor at Custom House. 5/11/83 p3 c5

Norris, David D. died in Md., bro of R.S. Real estate has been in Norris family 200y. 12/21/83 p3 c4

Norris, John 21st birthday, son of R. S. 9/14/83 p3 c7

Norton, Catherine, died, over 90y, b Ireland, mother of "Paddy", 5/25/83 p3 c6

O'Ferrall, J. F. died, son-in-law of D.S. Harris, 6/8/83 p3 c7

O'Neill, Margaret Mrs., accident. 1/19/83, p3 c5

O'Toole, John H. married to Ida E. Herron. 11/9/83 p2 c5

Oates, John married to Alice Jane Edge. 2/9/83 p3 c10

Oberheim, Louis Frederick died, 68y b Germany to PA then IL. m (1) 1842 Susanna Wolfley, 8 ch & d 1873. m(2) 1873 Mrs. Mary Thompson. 8/3/83 p1 c7

Obermiller, Sophia, poem published 11/2/83 p2 c6

Olney, James T. died, father of Mrs. W. F. Crummer. 1/12/83 p3 c4

Opie, William married to Katie Lynch. 3/16/83 p3 c10

Oswald, William died. 3/23/83 p3 c4

Palmer, Ed. F. married to Mary A. Hickey. 12/28/83 p3 c5

Palmer, Walter H. married to Emma R. Whittaker. 8/10/83 p3 c10

Parks, Asa R., attempted rape. 11/9/83 p3 c8 and 11/16/83 p3 c5; sentenced 8 years. 11/30/83 p3 c6; alias O'Brien, sent to penitentiary for crime committed at the Burnmett house. 12/28/83 p3 c4

Pascoe, George W. is in Honolulu. 3/2/83 p3 c10

Pascoe, Joseph W. married to Mary Hannah Morgan. 9/14/83 p3 c10

Pearson, Ira & Mrs. Silver wedding anniversary. 5/11/83 p1 c8

Peasley, Robert died, 63y, b in NH. 5/18/83 p3 c10

Pein, A., cruel fabrication of insanity. 12/21/83 p3 c5

Penaluna, Richard married to Frances M. Wills. 3/23/83 p3 c10 & 3/30/83 p1 c7

Perkins, Charles married to Eva C. Liddle. 10/26/83 p2 c5

Phillips, Fred D. married to Shirley Spensley - 10/5/83 p3 c3

Pierce, William, attempted suicide. 5/4/83 p3 c6

Pighetti, Elizabeth Mrs. died, 69y, mother of John. 11/30/83 p3 c5

Piquett, Loretto died, dau of John B., 7y 6m 12/22/82 p1 c9

Pomeroy, W. Y., house warming. 1/26/83, p3 c3

Pooley, John H. married to Willie M. Holmes. 7/27/83 p3 c3

Porter, Sereno E. Capt. died, b. 1827 Conn. Settled 1857 E. Galena farm & mar N. Hinckley who d. 1866. m.(2) 1867 Mrs. M.A. Crowell of Vt. Served 34y on Red & Mississippi Rivers as Clerk & Captain. 10/12/83 p3 c6

Priestley, George died, father of Thomas & Mrs. Geo. E. Weatherby, 12/8/82 p3 c3

Prisk, Paul, died, 62y, leaves wife & 3 ch. 5/25/83 p2 c5

Pryor, Frank married to Mary Muldoon. 11/16/83 p3 c8

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