Biographical Index to Galena Weekly Gazette

December 1, 1882 thru December 28, 1883

Alphabetical by Surnames for letters "R" through "Z".

Not all the following people were living in Jo Daviess County. They could be of adjoing counties, former residents or relatives of current residents. Also included in this index are references to the churches and other institutions and organizations in the area. Contact the Alfred Mueller History Room at the Galena Public Library, 601 S. Bench, Galena, IL 60136 about making copies of these articles.

Rakow, William H. died, 25y, s/o late Frederick. 9/21/83 p3 c6

Rakow, William R. died. 11/30/83 p2 c3

Raw, infant dau of S.T. and S. died. 2/2/83 p3 c10

Raw, R. S., Colorado gold discovery. 1/26/83 p3 c7

Raw, R. S., gold and silver mines. 3/23/83 p3 c7

Raw, R. S., Little Bonanza mine in Colorado. 6/1/83 p2 c 5

Rawdes, James H. married to C----- Watts. 3/23/83 p1 c6

Rawlins, M. C. died, 50y leaves wife & 2 ch. Went to Calif 30 yrs ago. Brother of Gen. John A. and L.P. 11/9/83 p1 c6

Redfearn, Mrs. John, broken leg. 12/21/83 p2 c2

Reed, David, accident. 8/10/83 p3 c7

Rellis, James Capt. died, 37y, born Co. Wexford, Ire., came to US as child. Last 20y was steamboatman, first as asst. pilot, next chief at the wheel, and last 4 years as master employed by W J Young & Co lumberman of Clinton, IA. Commanded J.W. Mills, Fisk, Douglas Boardman. Married 8 yrs to Mary Nolan, eldest dau of Michael, 3 ch, mother a widow. Sick 2 wks ago on river, relieved by Capt. Paul Yunker. 6/8/83 p3 c4,7

Reunion of 5 sisters: Mrs. C. R. Perkins, Mrs. M.A. Bascom, Mrs. Nancy Toby, Mrs. Martha Burgess, Mrs. Eliza Hanson. [maiden name not given] 8/17/83 p3 c7

Reuter, Herman C. married to Anna M. Ascher, both deaf mutes, 6/1/83 p3 c5

Rhoton, Frank M. married to Lizzie M. Keithley. 6/15/83 p3 c8

Rice Bros. book bindery article. 9/14/83 p3 c6

Rice, Oliver, 1st officer of sailing vessel "John Smith". 11/2/83 p2 c4

Rice, Thomas Sr. died, b. 1823 Middleton, Derbyshire, Eng, to Galena 1870. Worked in Peru mines. wife, 3 sons 2 daus. 10/26/83 p3 c6

Richards, Dora, sister-in-law of M. Schieber, died, 12/1/82 p 3 c 1,3

Richardson, Calvin. County purch ticket for him to return to Mass from County Farm. 9/21/83 p3 c8

Richardson, Charles married to Annie L. Brown. 12/14/83 p3 c6

Richter, Amelia died, deaf & dumb at Co. Poor House. Husband dresses like Jacob's coat. 7/20/83 p3 c5

Rifestock, A. married to Annie Millhouse. 1/26/83 p2 c5

Rindesbacher, Peter Jr., bio as Red River Artist, resides Stockton, 12/22/82 p1 c6

Ritter, William A. married to Jane Heer. 2/2/83 p3 c10

Robbins, Homer Mrs. (A.L.) died 12/1/82 p 3 c 1

Roberts, Frank Ambrose died, infant of T.M. & Lina. 9/28/83 p3 c10

Roberts, Henry died, b Cornwall in 1817, to JoD in 1843, leaves wife, ch & siblings, 12/1/82 p3 c7; 12/8/82 p3 c5

Robinson, George died, b Co. Donegal, Ire. came to Jo Daviess 1834, leaves wife & 4 ch. 7/6/83 p3 c3

Robinson, George died, Scotch-Irish, b 1820, to Philadelphia for 4 yr, to Galena in 1835, then Hanover, m. Margaret Ann Funston, 7 ch. 7/13/83 p1 c6

Robson, Thomas died, 60y leaves wife & 4 ch. 6/22/83 p2 c6

Rodalf, Mary M. Mrs. died. 2/9/83 p1 c6

Rodgers, James, victim of sewing machine swindle. 11/30/83 p3 c6

Rogers, Merrick A. article, son of Capt. F.M. & bro-in-law to E.L. Bedford. 11/23/83 p1 c3

Rotter, Thos. owns hog weighing over 800 lbs. 12/21/83 p3 c8

Rowe, Willliam died, 61y, b Camborne, Cornwell, Eng. Came 1845, miner, 1st wife d. 8 years ago. marr (2) Mrs. Sarah Richards. 7 ch. 12/14/83 p2 c3

Rubado, Theodore and William, mine accident. 2/16/83 p3 c4

Ruchte, George killed by John Ahern. 10/19/83 p3 c4

Runde, Clemence married to Christine Miller. 12/7/83 p1 c6

Russell, Ismond J. married to Ida Hurst. 2/2/83 p3 c10

Ryan Packing House article, 12/15/82 p3 c4

Ryan, J. M. daughters give party, 7/13/83 p3 c3

Sampson, J. H., son of B.C. in navy on way to Hawaii. 2/2/83 p3 c4

Sanderson, infant son of Daniel, died, 2m. 8/3/83 p3 c10

Sanderson, James married to Rachel Golden. 1/12/83 p3 c10

Sargent, Cyrus died, bachelor, leaves 3 nieces. 11/2/83 p3 c4

Scales, Samuel, heirs sue over his estate. 8/3/83 p3 c6

Schaefer, Frederick C. Dr. married to Marie Rullmann. 5/25/83 p3 c6; 6/1/83 p3 c7

Scheerer, Armstrong & Co factory fire. 12/21/83 p3 c5

Schnitzel, John, article. 6/1/83 p2 c5

Schoenhard, George married to Mary Geigler 6/8/83 p3 c10

Schwatka, Lieut. at Yukon River article. 10/19/83 p1 c4

Schwatka, Lt., exploring Alaska, nephew of Mrs. G.H. Mars. 6/22/83 p3 c7

Seck, Walter died, son of George & Catherine, 6y 4m, 12/22/82 p1 col 9

Shannon, John Mrs., broke leg. 6/29/83 p3 c4

Sherard, Andrew died, b 1815 Co. Tyrone, Ire., age 18 to Philadelphia. To Galena in 1836 worked for H.H. Gear near Buncombe and then Saml Hughlett first as smelter and then driver of a mineral wagon. Owns 4 farms. Married 40y to Margaret Nesbitt, 6 sons, 2 daus, bro of William of Elizabeth. 6/15/83 p3 c3,5

Shilliam, Richard married to Hannah Scandon. 12/7/83 p3 c10

Shissler, Louis, former Galenian at Chicago. 5/18/83 p1 c6

Short, Joseph J. married to Libbie Carter, 12/22/82 p3 c10

Shultz, Fritz, bachelor, suicide. 11/2/83 p3 c5

Shwing, John died, 46y, son-in-law of P.W. Maxminer, leaves wife 8ch. 3/2/83 p3 c6.

Simpson, A. H. letter from England printed. 10/12/83 p1 c6; returns from visit to England. 12/14/83 p3 c6

Simpson, Anthony died, 81y, father of A. H., and cousin of Anthony of Dubuque. 1/19/83 p3 c7

Simpson, George, grand larceny. 11/9/83 p3 c5

Sister Cornelia died, 12/15/82 p3 c3

Sister Mathew died, 26y at St. Clara Academy. 10/5/83 p3 c9

Skubery, John married to Callie Heiser. 10/5/83 p3 c10

Smith, George died, 75y born Scotland. 2/23/83 p3 c5

Smith, Godrey married to Caroline Desher. 7/20/83 p3 c10

Smith, Rev. A.C. & Mrs. - crystal wedding anniversary. 5/4/83 p3 c7

Smith, Sam burglarized. 12/7/83 p3 c7

Smith, Samuel H. married to Annie Elizabeth Girdon. 11/9/83 p3 c5

Smith, William Lawrence married to Mary Jane Smart. 2/23/83 p3 c10

Smyth, Eva May died, dau of Charles A. & Martha, 8/24/83 p2 c7

Snyder, Kaper, 67y died, 12/8/82 p1 c4

Spragins, Thomas died at Falls City, NE, 86y. b. near Charlotte Court House, VA in 1816, went to New Oreleans, was in Missouri mines, in 1828 came to Galena. Marr 1829 Louise Langlewaun. Moved 1841 to Elizabeth and 1869 to NE. 2/16/83 p3 c8

Spratt, Harry Mrs. injured in buggy accident. 8/3/83 p3 c5

Springer, B.H., son of D.B. article. 10/26/83 p3 c3

Springer, Manerva D. (Pilcher) died, b Fayette Co., Ky. 11/2/83 p2 c6

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, new name. 5/18/83 p3 c5

St. Joseph's Church, Sinsinawa Mound, new building description. 9/14/83 p2 c1

St. Mary's Catholic Church in Elizabeth is dedicated. 9/7/83 p3 c8

St. Mary's Church in East Dubuque receives new bell. 9/7/83 p3 c6

Staver, Caroline died, 23y. 3/23/83 p3 c7

Steese, Henry married to Carrie Morrissey. 4/6/83 p3 c7

Stemlie, August died, 41y. Co. I 96th Inf. m. Elizabeth Stahl, 4 boys & 1 girl. 10/19/83 p1 c9

Stephens, James married to Mary Bloom, 12/15/82 p3 c10

Stiefel, Adam married to Annie Schweitzer. 4/13/83 p3 c7

Stiffens, George married to Susan A. Spittler - 10/5/83 p2 c2,3

Stillman, Chas F. died, only son of the late Nelson, 31y. 3/16/83 p3 c5&6

Stoneman, Professor William article. 10/19/83 p3 c5

Strohmeyer, Joseph F. married to Julia L. Miller. 6/1/83 p3 c6

Strott, George H. married to Christian Ritscher. 5/25/83 p3 c6

Stuckey, Benjamin Franklin died, 65y, b. KY, to Galena in 1828, to Bellevue 1835. marr 1841 Harriet Jonas who d. 1874, 8 ch. 7/20/83 p2 c2 & 3

Stumley, August died, 96th Ill pensioner, 41y, wife & 5 ch, bro-in-law Herman Smith. 9/28/83 p3 c6

Sturmer, John killed by Evans, 7/13/83 p1 c7

Sullivan, Engene W., insanity, 1/19/83 p3 c 3 & 6; 1/26/83 p3 c4&5; died. 2/2/83 p3 c3

Taylor, Webster married Maggie M. Alderson. 4/27/83 p3 c6

Telephone Subscribers. 4/6/83 p3 c3

Telford, Harry and father Andrew going to Washington Terr. 3/9/83 p3 c5

Tempe, Henry married to Katie Hilvers. 4/13/83 p2 c5

Temple, John E. married to Nellie Gibson, 12/29/8, p3 c10

Temple, Joseph Walton married to Margaret Ann Fowler. 8/3/1883 p3 c10

Thiss, Mathias died, 84y, b. France, in French Army. 7/13/83 p3 c8

Thomas, Josiah, returned to Hazel Green & set up business. 11/23/83 p3 c3

Thomas, Willie, died, infant son of Wm & Carrie. 5/11/83 p 1 c9

Thompson ----- married to Addie E. -----, 12/15/82 p1 c9

Tice, Christian, suicide. 4/27/83 p2 c3

Town names origins in Jo Daviess Co. 4/6/83 p3 c3

Trautwein, Charles died, 8y s/o Charles & Frieda. 6/1/83 p3 c10

Tresidder, Richard died, 64y, b 1843 in Cornwall, Eng, to NC and in 1847 to Galena, wife, 5 daus & 2 sons. 3/30/83 p3 c3

Trevarthen, Elizabeth, insane, 26y. 7/6/83 P 3 c5

Trewartha, Carrie died, 1y, dau of Thomas, 10/19/83 p3 c10

Trewartha, James married to Libbie Treganes, 12/1/82 p 3 c 2

Trewartha, Peter died, b 1843 Cornwall, Eng., to Hazle Green and then to Galen in 1867, in 1854 to Montana, marr 1872 Annie Nettel, 2 ch, bro Rev. James, sis: Mrs.G.A. Martin, Mrs. C.F. Wichman, Mrs. W.G. Williams, & Mrs. Geo Bennett. 3/30/83 p3 c6&7

Trousdale, John married to Lucy Barth. 6/1/83 p3 c10

Turnbull, William, horse accident. 6/15/83 p3 c7

Turpin, Charles married to Marinda Stewart. 1/26/83 p3 c10

Uncapher, Am. M. died, b in PA, ship carpenter, wife & 3 ch. 2/16/83 p3 c6

Uncapher, George B. married to May Rose Riley. 10/5/83 p3 c7 and 11/2/83 p1 c9

Uttericht, Frederick died, 65y, in 45th Ill Inf Civil War, German, no relatives. 11/9/83 p2 c3

Van Embden, L. Mrs. 60th birthday. 9/14/83 p3 c6

Vanderdrinker, Hattie, 18y, arrested for bigamy, marr Ignatz Grauber & Geo. D. Williams. 4/13/83 p3 c7

Vaughan, John, alias Gasey, arrested for caryying 7-shooter. 4/6/83 p3 c4

Vaughn, David married to Genovefa Schuster. 8/10/83 p3 c7

Venable, W. W. died, b 1817 Fluvanna Co. VA, to Galena 1842, m. 1844 Lucy P. McBride, leaves wife, 3 sons & 3 daus, 12/1/82 p 3 c 2&5; 12/8/82, p2 c3

Voltz, George died, 70y, bro-in-law John Brendel, Sr. Born Wutemburg, lived Galena 1843 -1876, moved to Nuba Co. Calif. Galena brewer with F. Glueck of Voltz brewery on East side. 6/29/83 p3 c3

Waggoner, Lottie E. Miss, lecturing. 12/14/83 p3 c7

Wagner, Jacob married to Lizzie Cromer. 5/11/83 p3 c3

Walsh, Patrick Henry died, 17y. 7/20/83 p2 c4 and 5

Wand, William married to Bridey Mann. 10/5/83 p3 c10

Wann, Daniel died, unmarried, b Bel Air, Harvard Co., Md, 1796, came to Galena in 1829 with Ephraim Litle for whom he had served as clerk in Bel Air. Became partners until 1838-9, then partner with Dean & Co. In 1835 Pres of Galena branch of Illinois State Bank. In 1836 was Commissioner to adjust Galena lots for sale, 1837 member Board of Trustees of town, pres 1838 Galena Chamber of Commerce at formation, mayor, customs surveyor. Nephew, J.W. Wann in Sioux City and 2 bro 1 sister in Md, the youngest born in 1804. 5/11/83 p3 c4

Wann, Peter J. died, inf of Charles & Matilda D. 12/8/82, p3 c10

Washburne memorial library at Norlands in Me. 2/9/83 p1 c7

Washburne, E. B. returned to Chicago from south visit. 5/18/83 p1 c6

Washburne, E. B., injured fall from horse in Texas. 1/19/83, p3 c5

Watson, Catherine, died, 17y dau of Wm. J. 3/30/83 p3 c10 and 4/6/83 p1 c8

Watson, John W. married to Lydia Kersis Rundell. 11/23/83 p3 c10

Watson, Libbie Ettie (Elizabeth K.),died, 3y, dau of Wm J. & D. 8/3/83 p1 c7 & p3 c10

Weber, E. P. died, 7/13/83 p3 c3

Weber, Eva Mrs., not insane. 3/30/83 p1 c4

Weber, Joseph died, 33y, s/o Engelbert, lead Weber band. 2/9/83. p3 c5

Weddell, J. W. & wife dau Amos Shoemaker, scandal 1/26/83 p3 c5

Weinman, E. opens new clothing store. 12/21/83 p3 c8

Weirich, August Dr. selling Colorado mining interests. 3/9/83 p3 c5

Welk, Gottlieb married to Marie Drininger. 1/26/83 p3 c10

Wells, Moses D. married to Mrs. L.M. (Corwith) Dougett. 10/12/83 p3 c8

Wells, William I. died, 23y. 6/8/83 p1 c6

Welty, Charles Elias died, 58y, b Gettsburg, PA, m. Amanda Black, m (2) Margaret Diveley. 3/23/83 p1 c7

Wenner, J. Mrs. opened millinery & dressmaking. 6/8/83 p3 c3

West, H. S. Dr. married to Minerva Landon. 1/12/83 p3 c4

Westwick, Thomas E. married to Eunice McMichael. 6/22/83 p3 c10

Whaley, Nellie died, 22y, dau of Patrick. 11/23/83 p2 c3

Whaley, Thomas W. married to Julia R. Cunningham. 4/13/83 p2 c5

White Frank F. married to Anna D. Hunt. 2/2/83 p1 c5

White, James married to Jennie Feathers. 6/15/83 p1 c9

White, Miles married to Mrs. Florence Mowry. 7/20/83 p3 c4

White, W. R. (or W.H.)died, 24y, son of Capt. White of Pilot Knob. 3/2/83 p3 c3&5; 3/16/83 p1 c9

Wiesman, Christopher married to Annie Allton. 4/13/83 p3 c10

Wilde, Mary H. died, 24y niece of Kendrick A. Newsom. 9/21/83 c3 c10

Wilhelmi, Willie, a lad, injured in accident. 6/29/83 p3 c8

Wilkinson, John married to Mary Harkness 3/30/83 p1 c7

Willoughby, Charles married to Emma Tucker. 3/30/83 p3 c10

Wilson, Carrie E. (Mrs. R. R.) died, dau Thompson Weir, b. West Salem, Mercer Co. Pa, 1841, to JoD 1845. m. 1865, Hanover merchant. Leaves husb, 2 sons & 5 daus. 9/28/83 p2 c4

Winter, Henry letter about butter making. 10/12/83 p1 c7

Winter, Henry of Hanover, patented hand saw attachment. 5/11/83 p3 c6

Wiseman, James married to Margaret R. Beadle. 10/5/83 p3 c10

Wood, Calvin married to Minnie Steinmetz. 10/5/83 p3 c7

Woodbury, George H.(or E.) award for invention "Truimph Ore Concentrator" to extract gold, 11/2/83 p3 c6; 12/29/82 p3 c4

Woods, Elizabeth (Letcher) died. Wife of John, b. 1808 Woodford Co., Ky, mar 1833, husb killed by Indians 1851 going to Calif. Mother of Mrs. Wm. Ginn. 12/7/83 p2 c2

Wurm, Charles E. married to Rebecca M. Samson. 4/13/83 p3 c10

Yunker, Philip died, 81y, to Galena 1854 from Germ. wife d. on S.B. Golden Era bet Rock Island & Galena, son drowned 1 mo. later age 18y. Lived several yrs in New Calif & worked valuable mineral lands. Blind for 27y. Ch: Capt. Yunker of Brown Co. Dak, Alderman Adam, Mrs. M. Friesenecker, Mrs. Paul Kerz, Mrs. Conrad Kraus of Galena and Mrs. Maesler of Bellevue, Ia. 10/12/83 p3 c5

Yunker, Stephen family moving to the Dakotas. 4/13/83 p3 c5

Zieprecht, ----, died, leaves wife and ch. 4/20/83 p3 c4

Zowar, Peter on efforts to get him released from prison. 11/9/83 p3 c3

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