Jo Daviess County , Illinois

 1997 Archived Queries



SHAW // CLAY...............Jerry Potter.......Dec 1997

Looking for information on the father of Joesph P. Shaw and any information on his childre. Joesph's father moved form New York to Jo Daviess Co, and claimed land to section 18 in 1837. Joesph was married to Nancy A. Clay of Ohio. They had at least 5 children. Charles L., Lorin F., David C., Joesph P., & Enos W. Joesph was one of the first settlers in the Nora Township.

WHITE // MONTGOMERY // GARNER // GOSS..............Michele J. Simon ....Dec 1997......HOMEPAGE

I'm not 100% positive that Charles Goss White is James brother. I found Charles on the 1850 JDC census listed with Jonathan Jr and since his middle name was Goss and I discovered that Sarah Bathrick Goss was Jonathan Jr's mother I figured it was a safe assumption. But if I'm wrong Its a Biggie.  Another biggie is Edgar Montgomery White, the son of Rachel and Charles.  He is my grandfather but nobody has seen hide nor hair of him since 1927.  Since the Whites all seem to end up in Evergreen Cemetery, I'm ready to come out and look for his tombstone. Maybe somebody shipped him back from  wherever he was.  Jonathon White (senior)-James father is from New Hampshire. I'll have to look there I guess. But I thought there might be some death information on either him or Sarah B. around JDC somewhere. It seems likely that they would have died there since their kids were also there.  Rachel's parents' Abel and Polly are also mysteries. They were on the JDC  census for 1850 along with Rachel and two brothers George and Henry. But in 1860 Rachel was married and the rest of the Montgomery's were nowhere to be found. (at least by me). Certainly hope the Whites didn't do them in!  I did, just a few days ago, send an order to Mr. Terry Miller to get the  whole Hanover book. There maybe something listed under another surname  that may jump out at me.  Another name that keeps cropping up is GARNER. There is some connection to the White's but I don't know what. Perhaps Mr. Miller's books will tell all.  At any rate, if you hit on any more "goodies" I would appreciate them. If  not, thanks anyway, your website was where I first started nine months ago and if it wasn't for that I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am now.

SPENSLEY...............Christine Amsden Dec 1997  I am searching for the surname of Spensley.  I am interested to find out what happened to those of our ancestors who came to this area - probably in the company of people named CALVERT, HARKER, BRUNSKILL to name just a few.  Thank you!



HAAS // BENNIE............Joyce Hudson  Nov 1997  Looking for parents of William L. HAAS, b. 1853, Jo Daviess Co., married Mollie BENNIE (b. 1851, Holland), 1874. William died 1939, ND, Mollie  died 1913, Charles City, IA. Had 3 sons, Charles Adam(b. 9 FEB 1879), John and Chris, all born in Jo Daviess Co.

CONOLLY * CONLEY..............Sallie   I am Looking for John William Conolly/Conley  etc Thanks,

PACKARD..............Mike Bielenda Nov 1997  John A. Packard - I would like to know more about Mr. Packard. We believe he was the man who began the building of our home.  Thanks

TSCHILL, GRAFF, HELL..........Doug Negus Nov 1997  Would like to correspond with relatives or anyone with information on the following surnames: TSCHILL, GRAFF, HELL, came from the Weiler, Germany ( now Willer, France) area back in the early 1900's. Thank you.

GRAGERT.................Ron Medinger   Nov 1997  Searching for the following surname.  Country of origin - Germany  and the time period in Jo Daviess County - 1850 to 1865

Gragert, Henry // Gragert, Charles Frederick // Gragert, Elizabeth Rheimers // Gragert, Carl Wilhelm // Johann Heinrich

DAVIS // LEE...............Melany J. Granville Nov 1997  John F. DAVIS married either a Malinda or a Clarinda LEE  in Jo Daviess Co. sometime between 1838-1848.  I am searching for the exact date of marriage.

SCHULTING................John Budden  Nov 1997   I am searching for John SCHULTING who lived around Menominee in Jo Daviess Co. , IL.  John was born in Germany.   Any information would be appreciated!

MITCHELL // FITZSIMMONS................Mary Swanson  Nov 1997  I am searching for Surnames MITCHELL and FITZSIMMONS.   They lived in Elizabeth township and Pleasant Valley beginning about 1840.

TROGSTAD.................Glen Buschmann  Nov 1997  I am searching for Frederick TROGSTAD, born circa 1850.  Just found that he moved from Minn. to Jo Daviess county, don't know how long a resident.   Was a shopkeeper in Harmony MN for 20+ years, widowed 1889, remarried 1893, and moved around 1900 to IL.  Just begun to explore IL., he was in Warren in 1910 census.  Could well be a shopkeepre, and perhaps a farmer.  Any information would be appreciated.



SHOT TOWER HILL................Heinz Sprenger  Oct 1997 In an article, taken from the book "History of Jo Daviess County", 1904, mentions that  **Galena was first called by the early French explorers "La Pointe, " which literally means "The Point," and it is probable that it was so called because of what is known as Shot Tower Hill,...**.

This statement arose a lot of interest from my side, because I'm performing research on historical shot towers, about which I'm going to prepare a worldwide overview.  I know about the shot towers of Dubuque and Spring Green/Helena which were in operation in the middle of the last centruy and it is well documented that a large amount of lead came from Galena, starting with lead mining in 1823.  Would someone have information on the above subject.  Thank you for your help!

HITT // FARRELL // DWYER // DRENNAN // ROWE // LEVENS // TRESIDDER...............Roberta G. Bell Wolfe  Oct 1997    HITT, Riley, b. 20 Sep 1882  d. Feb 1868, sexton for Elizabeth Cemetery in Elizabeth.  Seeking marriage, descendants.  In an obit for a John FARRELL in 1819 it lists a Mrs, Riley HITT as a daughter.  Who is this Mrs. Hitt?  Also Riley HITT is mentioned in several other FARRELL obits and notices.  Any information greatly appreciated.


DUGGAN // MC CARTY..................Sharon Papp  Oct 1997  James DUGGAN married to Mary Ann MC CARTY 24, July 1857 in Jo Daviess county and had 10 children.  Catherine Cecilia, my great grandmohter, Margaret, Timothy, daniel, Mary, Laura, James F., Edward, Elizabeth, and Hannah.  Any information that is known or found I would love to add to what little I have.

MC KERNAN // DUGGAN..............Sharon Papp  Oct 1997  John MC KERNAN married to Bridget ? they had 3 sons, John, Daniel, and William.  William MC KERNAN married Catherine Cecilia DUGGAN on 4 July 1883 in Jo Daviess County and they had 9 children: Julia, Sarah, Mary Catherine, William, Treasa, Augusta, Edward, my grandfather, Francis Joseph born 1 October 1898 in Vinegar Hill, and Emily.  Any information would be of great help.  I heard that the elder, William, was a travern owner or operator.  Any information would be a great help.



LOW * LOWE // TANNER // FAGUE // GOBLE...............Vince Leibowitz Sept 1997  LOWE, John , LOWE PhillipPhillip LOWE came to Jo Daviess Co. , IL with his stepmohter (and possibly stepfather) after his father died in Lycoming county, PA.  His mother, Catherine Fague Lowe died in 1824, and his father married a Mary Tanner.  His father died in 1828, and Mary, possibly with a new husband, came to Jo Daviess Co.  Several of the children were married in this county, and later migrated to Harrison Co, MO.    John Lowe is listed as being in the Elizabeth Pct. in the 1850 census.  When he migrated to MO. with his children, including Andrew Jackson LOWE.  John's spouse was Ruth Teresa Goble.  I also seek information on her.  John Low's birthdate is 19, March 1809.  He died in Jan 1881 in Harrison Co., MO.   Any information would be appreciated.

JONES..............Carl Luckenbach  Sept 1997   I am seeking info on my great-great-great grandfather, Samuel Wesley JONES.  He appeared in East Texas in 1851.  Was initially a farmer, but later became a Methodist minister in Texas.  1880 Census records indicate that he had been born in Illinois in 1823.

A Samuel W. Jones has been found on 1850 Jo Daviess County census records.  Does anyone have ideas as to how I may find more information in case this turns out to be my ancestor?  Thank You!


DAWSON.................Dot Wilson Duncan  Sept 1997  I am trying to identify the parents/siblings/ancestors of Eugene DAWSON (full name Robert Eugene) who was mustered into the Vol. Infantry from Hanover in Jo Daviess Co. in 1864.  After the war, he moved to Jackson, Madison Co., TN.  Any info on this family would be appreciated.  Thanks.


DAWE...................Doreen Chaky Sept 1997  I'm looking for obituaries for the following persons: Reginald Earl DAWE, who died March 17, 1963, in Elizabeth, Jo Daviess County; and for his father, Richard Byron DAWE, who died March 10, 1893, in Elizabeth, Jo Daviess County


ALLEN......................Donna Kenzler  Sept 1997  My grandmother, Adeline Mae Allen, b. 8/22/1882 of Clarence J. and Allia (Allie).  Would like to find out mother's maiden name. Perhaps they were both originally from Jo Daviess.  They moved to McLeansboro by 1900.  He b. Dec 1854; she July, 1866, I think.  Married before June 9, 1881.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You!

HOWARD...................Ernest K. Howard  Sept 1997   I have an ancestor from Galena who is buried at the "New Galena Cemetery".  His name is Bushrod Brush Howard.  He died on 9/17/1861 while taking his men of Company I of the 19th Infantry to battle and fell victim to a train "accident"  I would greatly appreciate it if I could get the date of birth from his gravestone and ANY information on his brother (also a Galena resident) Marcus J. Howard, or any other Howards of Galena.

The National Archives were of little help on this individual.  I'm trying to find the name of their parents, but B. B. Howard's Military papers were scant to say the least.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


SANDERSON // NETHERY................James A. Nethery  Sept 1997  My gr gr grandmother Ann Sanderson Nethery had a sister (name unkown, except maiden name was Sanderson) living in Savanna, ILL on 13 Feb 1896.  They had a brother William Sanderson living in Hanover, ILL.   Any info on William or the sister would be appreciated.


CONLEY // BELL // CARSON ..................Dorothy Cline  Sept 1997  I am in search of my great-aunt Maria Conley b: 6-23-1862, Jo Davies CO,  Ill to William Winthrop Conley and Elizabeth Anna Bell. I found her in the 1880 Jo Davies CO census married to Rosemon or Rosemond Carson.   Rosmon was born about 1857 to Robert and Eliza Carson. Maria and Rosmon  lived with Robert and Eliza. There were also two gransons mentioned in  this household, William who was 11 years of age and John who was 6 months old, being born in January 1880. I assume John was the child of  Maria and Rosmon. I would like to hear from any member of a Carson  family who might have connections to my great-aunt.  I know she was in Idaho as a Murphy in the spring of 1937. Her sister's obiturary states Cuna, Idaho, however there is not a Cuna, but a Kuna which is probably the one mentioned in the obituary. I have searched death records for Idaho and find nothing. Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

FLANAGAN...............DEBBY J P  Sept 1997  James F. FLANAGAN was born 05 Apr, 1844 in Galena. He had a sister Mary born in 1843. His parents were James FLANAGAN and Hanora O'BRIEN who, I believe were married in Ireland. I am told they were from County Kerry.  James Sr. was killed around the age of 30. I have been told 2 very different stories about his death. I heard that he had killed 2 men and then was hanged himself by two Englishmen. I was also told he died in a mining accident. I speculate to cover up a not so pretty story?   Hanora probably moved with her 2 small children to Jackson County IA to be near her mother and siblings. There she married again on 10 Aug 1848.  Does anyone know if there was a paper that might have obituaries on microfilm for the time frame 1844 to 1848?

HARRINGTON // FITZGERALD.................DEBBY J P  Sept 1997

William and Eliza HARRINGTON were born in England, possibly went to Ireland where their daughter Mary married John FITZGERALD. They emigrated and settled in the Delaware County IA area. Their children were Phillip, Mary, Denis, Anna, Charles, William and Thomas  I have received information from World Family Tree that states Anna and William Harrington died in Galena. William's wife's name was Hanora.   Phillip married Ellen FITZGERALD in Galena in 1848

Denis HARRINGTON moved to Galena and married Anna SEIREY in 1858. Mary HARRINGTON FITZGERALD and her son Edward emigrated in 1857 and lived with Denis. I believe Denis and Anna moved back to Iowa and are buried at Ryan in Calvary Cemetery.   I would like to exchange info with others researching this line.

GRAMS..................Mary Ann  Sept 1997  I'm told that my people, August Grams and his family spent the winter of 1856-1857 in East Dubuque waiting for the Mississippi to become navigable  so they could make their way to LA CROSSE Wisconsin to settle. I'd like to confirm this. Was this a common occurence for new immigrants? Were their any other GRAMS in the area - perhaps a family with which they stayed?   Does anyone know of a record that I could search to confirm their presence?  Any help deeply appreciated.



MURRAY // GAVIN // KANE................Larry Kane  Aug 1997  Seeking information on Will Murray, b. 1833 Ireland and Elizabeth (Gavin) Murray b. 1840 Ireland, and daughters Ann b.1864, Catherine b. 1865, and Mary b. 1878. The Murrays migrated to Dunleath Township in about 1876. Mary married James Kane in East Dubuque in Oct 1893.
Larry Kane

WILCOX // WEBB // JEFFREY // WILLIAMS...............Tina Manning   Aug 1997  WILCOX; JoDaviess Co., IL; 1846-1904. I am looking for information about my great-grandparents, John E. & Elizabeth (WEBB ) WILCOX. They settled near Elizabeth, JoDaviess, IL from England about 1846. I am interested in information about their children: Isaac, John A., Elizabeth, Samuel, William, Abraham, Susan, Ellen, Frank, Charles, & Marion. Also their parents: Isaac & Mary ( JEFFREY ) WILCOX and Samuel & Jane ( WILLIAMS ) WEBB.

BARKER // SMITH // RANKIN // WALKER ................Tina Manning   Aug 1997  BARKER; JoDaviess Co., IL; 1843-1897. I am looking for information about my great-grandparents, Robert & Sarah ( SMITH ) BARKER. They settled near Elizabeth, JoDaviess,IL. In 1886 the family moved into Elizabeth,IL. I am interested in any information about their children:Elizabeth, Charles, Jennie, Mary, Harriet, Richard, Maria, Emma, Robert, Henry, George, Martha, Frank. Robert BARKER was first married to Eliza RANKIN. Their children were: John, William, Robert, Robert & one child who died unnamed. I am also interested in information about the BARKER's parents: Robert & Mary (WALKER ) BARKER & Joseph & Martha SMITH.

HOWARDS...................Ernest K. Howard Aug 1997  I have an ancestor from Galena who is buried at the "New Galena Cemetery". His name is Bushrod Brush Howard. He died on 9/17/1861  while taking his men of Company I of the 19th Infantry to battle and  fell victim to a train "accident". I would greatly appreciate it if I  could get the date of birth from his gravestone and ANY information on his brother (also a Galena resident) Marcus J. Howard, or any other Howards of Galena.   The National Archives were of little help on this individual. I'm trying to find the name of their parents, but B.B. Howard's Military papers were scant to say the least.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

HUTSON // HODGIN..................Jack D. Hutson Aug 1997  Searching William HUTSON born circa 1816 in Tennessee. In the 1860 U.S.   Census State of Illinois, Jo Daviess County, Thompson Township, William  HUTSON was living with the Marcus D. HODGIN family. William HUTSON  married about 1861, Cecilia HODGIN, daughter of Marcus D. HODGIN.   William and Cecilia HUTSON had six children all born in Illinois.  William H., b. 1862; Annie, b. 1865; James D. b. 1867; ;Mary, b. 1874;  John, b. 1875; Oliver, b. abt 1879. William HUTSON family moved to Clark  County, Arkansas, in the Okolona area, about 1879-1880. Thank you for  your help. Jack Hutson

FITZGERALD // GINN // SMITH................H. Andrew BROWN / BRAUN  Aug 1997  FITZGERALD SMITH HANNAN. Seek contact with descendants of: James FITZGERALD 18Aug1894-Nov1986   LVD:Elizabeth\Jo.Davies\ILL. m Florence GINN
-1 Jane E. FITZGERALD 14 Oct 1940.Dubuque-01NOV1996.Chicago\Cook\IL  BUR:Elizabeth\Jo.Davies\IL (TH)
-2 Janis FITZGERALD m Darrell SMITH
-3 John Fitzgerald m Maria ?.

MC DONALD.................James Mc Donald   Aug 1997   My Grandfather Felix Mc Donald was born in Galena, IL 1850 died in Chihuahua, Mexico 1914.Felix was a Miner and owned many mines in Mexico. His children from First Wife named James, Bridgette and (?) visited Felix in Mexico 1910. His (5) children from Second Wife have all passed, the last was my father Jose McDonald age 90 in 1996. Please help me trace this family line.

BEGGIN // BARRON // SULLIVAN // JONES // DOYLE ............Rose Aug 1997  I am looking for the following:  James and Anne (Beggin) Barron married in Jo Daviess County about 1850, children are Kate (Sullivan), Elizabeth (Jones), Thomas Barron and Mary Ann (Thomas Doyle, they lived in Lafayette Co., WI), I was told by a relative that the family went east (Buffalo, NY Area), but have not been able to locate them.  Thanks.

BRAND // HEREFORD // NELSON // MAY // THOMAS // SANDERS // CHUNN..............Regina Roper  Aug 1997  Would be pleased to make a connection with anyone searching for the following family in Galena, Jo Daviess, IL.  Robert Brand (21 Mar 1814-17 Feb 1899); Emily Hereford Brand (11 Sept 1830-11 July 1871).  Children: William C., Mary A. (m. Henry Nelson), Eva B., Zuleika, emily H., Galena (m. Wm. H. May), Eliza S. (Thomas), Robert E. Jr., daughter m. George Sanders.

Emily Hereford Brand d/o William Ansley Hereford and Anna Massie Chunn of Fauquier Co., Va, and St Louis MO.

Ann M. "Nancy" Chunn Hereford came to Galena w/them, interred in Greenwood Cemetery w/Robert, Emily and Galena May.    (also:

READ..................Dick Read Aug 1997  I am looking for some info on family members who lived in Galena early 1880's.  The names start with James, Frank, and Everett Read, who is buried in Galena.  My father Auther Read who was born in Galena in July 17, 1920.  Any information would be appreciated.

DAWSON................Dot Wilson Duncan  Aug 1997  Am looking for family of Robert Eugene Dawson, who served in Company "D", 45th Illinois Infantry from Feb. 19, 1864 to July 20, 1865.  He received a Civil War Pension in Jackson, TN.  This outfit purportedly originated in Jo Daviess Co.   Anybody able to help?

JAGOE.................Mark O'Connor  Aug 1997  I am looking for a relative named Edward Henry Jagoe or his wife Margaret Connor Jagoe.  They probably passed away about 1851 to 1880 or so.  Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

HOY // PARKINSON // CALHOUN...........Peggy Aug 1997  Researching information on Christina HOY, born 1812 Center Co, PA married James Parkinson in 1832, died 1894 Jo Daviess Co.  Her daughter was Juliana Parkinson who married Noah Webster Calhoun in Jo Daviess Co, 1861.  The daughter of this union was Christine Elizabeth Calhoun born 1863 in Willow, Jo daviess Co.  Any links to these families appreciated.

SKENE // MOLLISON // CHRISTIE  ..................Nancy Reeves Aug 1997   Looking for information about the Skene and Mollison families .  William Skene b. 1816 Cluny, Aberdeen Shire, Scotland  d. 1882  II. wife Margaret Mollison  b. 1819 Glemnole Kinardine, Scotland d. 1890 buried in the Elizabeth City Cemetery, Il.  Children: Alexander b. 1843, William b. 1844, Charlotte, b. 1847, James b. 1848, Robert b. 1851, Margaret, b. 1854, John A. b. 1856, Alexander b. 1860 IL.  all of the other children were christened in Bancary Teren, Kincardine Scotland  James married Nancy.  There children on Weilliam b. 1870 II, Henry b. 1871 II, Margaret E. (Mae) B. 1875 II. d. 1854 Seattle WN, Carrie L. b. 1883 IL, Jesse b. 1885IL, William E. b. 1878 d. 1879.

Mollison, Alexander b. 1817 Scotland d. 1867 Elizabeth City Cemetery...Scotland, wife Mary Ann b. 1819, Scotland d. 1890 Elizabeth City Cemetery.  Both William Skene and Alexander Mollison have been located on all Census records and have found some land transactions.  Any information would be appreciated.  Robert and James moved thier families to Hancock Co., Iowa.  Margaret Mae Skene married John Sheridan Christie.



STRINGFIELD // BOYELSTON // BOYDSTON  // GUYLES // WILLIAMS // RANDOLPH // FUNK // TAYLOR // HAND.................JimDean15    July 1997  Looking for info on Sarah Stringfield, who died in 1828 in Galena or Randolph Grove (?).  she was born Sarah Boyelston or "Boydston" in Buncombe county, NC, on 29 Nov. 1768.  She married John Stringfield (b 1762) on 3 Dec 1789 in Buncombe County.  They had the following children - James Britton Stringfield (b 1791), William Ray Stringfield (b 1793 m Abigail Guyles), John Stringfield Jr.  (1762-1829), Thomas (b 1797 Barren County, KY m Sarah Williams d 1858 Jefferson County, TN), Betsey Ann (b 1799 m John Randolph), Sevier (b 1801), Virginia (b 1803 m Robert Funk), Fannie U. Stringfield )b 1805 m Jessie Funk), Temperence Stringfield (m John Taylor), Alford Stringfield (m Amelia Hand) and Minerva.  Sarah's husband John Sr. died 5 Jan. 1822 "on the Sangamon River."

TILTON // DOUGLAS ....................Wolf & Aline Kelm  July 1997   Would like information on the Tilton family.  Abraham & Rebecca Tilton came to Nora, Jo Daviess County prior to 1860.  The family is on 1860, 1870 & 1880 census records.  Abraham died between 1870/1880.  Haven't been able to find his death record or where he was buried.  Rebecca died after 1880.  I have two dates for her.  1) 11 Oct. 1889 and 2) 11 Oct. 1899 ( a type error likely), burial place unknown.  Known children also living in Jo Daviess County.  Benjamin F. and wife Julia A., their children George W. and Anna who married Cameron Douglas in 1888.  They lived in Nora.  Benjamin and Julia buried in Nora Cemetery.  Enoch S. Tilton and wife Amelia, lived in Warren and Nora 1860's to 1880 when they moved to Chicago.  John Mahon and wife Amelia Tilton, married in 1860, where? lived in Nora.  On 1870 census in Nora.  Later moved to West Point, Stephenson County.  Lived there until their deaths.  Both buried in Warren.  They had 9 children.  Cyrus Cutter Tilton (my ancestor) came with parents prior to 1860.  I have extensive information on Cyrus.  Any information appreciated.

CORCORAN // POWERS // MC GOUGH // FLEMING // DILLON // LEE // RICHERT // REILLY // CLEARY.....................Marty July 1997  I am searching for the following:  1.  Obituary for Dennis Corcoran, died Larchwood, Lyon County, Iowa, Nov. 22, 1900.  He previously lived at Galena and had sisters there at the time of his death.  I'm hoping that the Galena newspapers obituary names his sisters. The Larchwood paper did not.   2. Cemetery records/gravestone inscriptions for St. Michael's Cemetery for the following:  Caroline Conner; Mr. & Mrs. John W. Powers (Mrs. Powers' maiden name was Fleming); Thomas Fleming, died June 1906; Patrick & Mary (Fleming) Mc Gough; Frank Fleming; Ray Fleming; Arthur Fleming; Lawrence & Bridget (Corcoran) Dillon; Patrick & Annie (Lee) Corcoran; Patrick & Josephine (Richert) Corcoran; William & Margaret (Reilly) Corcoran.  3.  Newspaper articles detailing the marriage of Dennis Corcoran and Jane Cleary, married at Galena on April 18, 1869

LARISON...............Marlyn J. Duff  July 1997  My husband's 3-great-grandfather, Abel Larison, did Galena, Il on 1 April 1845.  Lately we learned that he died in a cholera epidemic.  does anyone know any details about this epidemic or where I might try to learn of this information?  It appears from what we presently know, that he was in that area without his family - possibly mining?  This has stumped us for some years now and we really would appreciate any help we can received about this cholera epidemic.

HEER..................Cheryl July 1997  I am looking for the researcher of the "HEER" family in Jo Daviess County.

HOUSE // WILLIAMS.........................Melvin N. Allen  July 1997  Ransom House m. Laura Williams Oswego Co., NY., moved to Jo Daviess Co. in 1845. Children: Bradford; Albert Emerson; Seth Williams; Anna Mariah; Edwin; Harriet; Freeman; Truman; Larry; Mary Jane; Leroy Sunderland.

Ransom died September 9. 1883, and Laura died  November 26, 1895; both buried in the 'Old Yankee Hollow', now Plum River Cemetery, Jo Daviess, Co., (this is about 4 miles out of Stockton) Will correspond with anyone researching these names.

HOUSE // MC GINNIS // SPRANG // MITCHELL // HERRINGTON // BURCHETT // EATON // CLARK // WOLFE...........................Melvin N. Allen  July 1997  Will exchange information with anyone researching these surnames in Jo daviess county.  These families were in Jo Daviess County during the period 1850 -1880 and possibly later.  Thank You!

JOHNSON // FLACK // WHITSON............Nancy Meyers  July 1997 Looking for data on William Johnson and a Robert A. Johnson, also any Flack. My father, Welis Clay, son of Milton & Estella Whitson Clay was born in Stockton in 1910.  Thank You in advance.

SIGAFUS // METCALF // VICK // FOX...............Rita July 1997       I am searchin the families of Sigafus, Metcalf, Vick, and Fox.   Fox is from the Stockton-Kent areas.  Sigafus, Metcalf, Vick are from the Warren, Apple River area.   I have info which I will share and I am also seeking names , dates, and "stories" about the families - That brings them to life!      Thank you!

MC CORMACK...................Richard Guy  July 1997  I's interested in the Mc Cormack family, which I understand purchased the town of Warren in the late 19th century.

ARMSTRONG // July 1997   Armstrong, Lenora Kezia b. 1862 in Jo Daviess County.  m. Daniel Winne.  Searching for Lenora's parents' names and any siblings she may have had.  July 1997  I am searching for any information on Houlihan families who lives in Jo Daviess County in the early 1850-1865's.  Thank You!



HUGHES // ZAMRZLA......................Julie Rosales  June 1997  I am searching for any information at all about my grandfather, Clarence J. Hughes, DOB 6/30/1900 Stockton, IL. His parents, Mary and Michael Hughes are recorded in a baby book to have also been born in Stockton, IL. We have no information regarding brothers, sisters, etc. He married by Grandmother, Georgia Zamrzla (no date). The oldest child (from this marriage) was born in Chicago IL; the youngest in Bristol, IL. Sometime after 1932; probably in 1933 they were divorced.

TURNER // TROXEL ....................Leslie Granat  June 1997  Would like info on Turner family, specifically the death of Elizabeth (Troxel) Turner, widow of Adam Turner.  Elizabeth Turner, b. abt. 1818 in Maryland was last listed in 1870 Jo Daviess census living with her eldest son George Turner and family.  What happened to Elizabeth after 1870?  Any info on this family incl. married names of daughters Almeda, Mary J., and Marjery? would be appreciated.

MC NULTY // MC INERY/MC ENERY // KIELY/KEELEY..............Kathleen June 1997   I am trying to find the father of Rose Anne McNULTY b. 8 Mar 1848 in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland. She came to America age 2 in 1850 with parents, Michael McNULTY and Mary McInery\McEnery.   Rose Anne married Henry S. KIELY,KEELEY, on 25 Dec 1867 in Galena-court house, St Micheals Church, Illinois, Jo Daviess Co.   Thank you very much.

MATHER ..............Rich Mather  June 1997   My ggg-grandmother Jemima Burton Mather moved to Galena, IL from Bonsall, Derbyshire, ENG, about 1830 with four children. The kids were Thomas b. March 1816 in Bonsall, Benjamin b. abt 1820 in Bonsall, Alice b. April 1823 in Bonsall and Robert b. Feb. 1829 in Bonsall.

Thomas and Benjamine moved to Iowa around 1840 and lived in or near Delaware Co. I am not sure if Robert and Alice remained in IL. Any help in this manner would be great.



KIRKLAND  .................Richard Nissen  May  1997   I need some help trying to find Isacc Richard or Richard Isacc Richard KIRKLAND who according to obituaries I have had a son William Alexander Kirkland born in Galena on 8 August 1873.  I haven't been able to verify anything.  I would appreciate any information.  Thank you!  Alternate e-mail


WACHTLER //  Four Mile House...............Judie Johnson  May 1997  I am looking for information on the Four Mile House.  It is supposed to have been north of the city of Galena.  My 3rd Great Grandfather, Francis Xavier WACHTLER is said to have been the proprietor, moving there in 1849.  His wife was Josephine.  by 1860 they had moved to Preston, WI., where Josephine died.


HOWARD // KELSO ......................Ernest Howard  May 1997  I am trying to find any information on my G-G-Grandfather Marcus J. HOWARD of Galena, IL.  His wife was Jane KELSO.  His brother was Bushrod Brush HOWARD.  I know quite a bit about Bushrod.  He was Postmaster of Galena and a Democrat in the Ill. House of Representatives 1851-1852, etc.  Unfortunately, I know little of Marcus.  Would at least like to find out their parents' names.  Thank You.


BRADY ...............Robert Warren  May 1997  I am searching for info on gggrandfather Owen BRADY who came from Ireland probably married Catherine ________ in Ireland.  Their son, Daniel O'Connell Brady was born at Galena 16 October 1842.  Mother and son moved to New Orleans without father Owen who may have died in Galena.  If anyone has suggestions for finding birth or death information I'd be very grateful.


WEIS //  HUILMAN...............John H. Budden  May 1997   Searching for information on Joseph A. WEIS.  He married Mary A. HUILMAN on 8 April 1880 in Galena Il.  and farmed in Guilford Township. Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks.


WARD // DOW // MORSE..............Eva Suzukawa May 1997  Whipple WARD was married to Mary DOW on 18 July 1841.  she died when their son George was born 22 Feb. 1842.  Whipple married Laura A. MORSE on 20 Feb. 1848.  I have not been able to find anything more about him.  I am interested in finding if he had other children and his death date.  Thank You!

DOERSAM  // MINOR // EBERT // WOODWORTH...................Rebecca Doersam  May 1997   I am looking for descendents of George DOERSAM and wife Elizabeth nee MINOR  who emmigrated to Jo Daviess County in approximately 1879 from Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada.  George's occupation was blacksmith and he was living in Nora Township in 1894 and in Warren Township in 1900 through at least 1910.  His children were Adeline, Peter and Jacob born in Canada and Elizabeth, Maude, Sylvia, George, John, Edward, and Irvin born in Illinois.  George's son George married Amanda EBERT  and was also a blacksmith.  Daughter, Sylvia married Charles WOODWORTH  and had three daughters:  Martha, Verniel, and Margeret.

I can provide the DOERSAM paternal line back to 1630.  Thank you for any leads or additional inforamtion.

NOBIS // KRAUSSE // GARTNER................Bob Nobis  May  1997   I have one major mystery that I have never been able to solve.  My great-grandparents, Heinrich Frederick NOBIS  and Ida Pauline (KRAUSSE) immigrated to the U.S. and initially settle in Grant County, WI in the early 1870.  In 1872, they moved, with most of their children, to Hanover township, Jo Daviess County.  Other than a family letter, I have not been able to fully document their move to Hanover, nor have I found any evidence that they lived, had additional children or died in Hanover or any where else for that matter.

An old family letter I have mentions that Heinrich Ferdinand may have been living with their daughter, Olga (NOBIS) GARTNER, wife of Charles GARTNER, prior to his death.  I believe that this was NOT in Jo Daviess County.  It may have been in Ohio.  I was wondering if someone has access to the local Hanover newspapers that were published during that time period.  (January 1872 through December 1875).  Any and All help would be appreciated.

SMITH //  MOORE.................Steve May 1997   Need information regarding a 1890 - 1892 medical student by the name of Sylvester SMITH from Jo Daviess County, Illinois.  He was friends with Jefferson and Theo True, The George MOORE family and the George Sutton family.  Sylvester was engaged to Liddie Elizabeth (Lizzie) MOORE.  Sylvester may have attended medical college in the Jo Daviess - Tri state area.

Sylvester SMITH was a twin and his brother's name was Cornelious.  He had another brother by the name of John.  Sylvester left medical college and moved to the state of Texas.  He was involved in business in the Texas/Oklahoma Panhandle area.  Looking for death notices or obituary or newspaper records concerning his whereabouts and where he is buried.  Probably in the Illinois/Wisconsin (Jo Daviess) area and in the mid 1940's.


COX // GREENFIELD..................Ken Cox  May 1997   My ggg-grandfather, John B. COX and his wife, Anna (GREENFIELD) COX was a resident of Galena, Council Hill and Scales Mound during the time interval of 1853-1898. Their children are: Emma E., Harvey, Jennie G.(also called Sarah), LizzieM., Minnie W., and Walter W.   I would be very appreciative of any information regarding him and his family.  Thank you very much!

MC CALLISTER // GLAMMAN // HARVEY // ARTHUR .................David McCallister May 1997  Searching for the roots of John MC CALLISTER  (born in 1801 in New Jersey) and Elizabeth________(born in 1805 in New Jersey).  Family settled in Council Hill, Jo Daviess County, Illinois.  John was believed to be a Justice of the Peace and miner.  Children were: Eliza (born about 1825, married Charles Glamman), George D. (born about 1827), Rebecca H. (born about 1835, married Richard Harvey), John C. (born 20 May 1837, married Louisa Arthur), Thomas (born about 1840, married Agnes_____), Thomas Archer (born about 1844).  Most of the family, excepting the the parents, relocated to Colorado in 1870 during the Colorado Gold Rush.  Thank You!

BLUNK //   May 1997   I am searching for John Roberts BLUNK who was in Jo Daviess County about 1863 to about 1875.  He may also have been in Lafayette Co., Wisconsin along with his father, David H. BLUNK.  I am also inquiring about the surname of  John GREEN.  Any and all help would be appreciated.  Thank You!



SMITH // BOGGESS.............Cora April 1997  Looking for any information on Renslaer SMITH  b 1829 in PA, living in Northville Township, LaSalle County, IL  per 1850 census.  Married Eliza BOGGESS in June 29, 1857 in Jo Daviess Co.  His great grandfather is Captain Stephen SMITH of the Revolutionary War.  Garod/Jared SMITH is his uncle.  Any information would be appreciated.

DONAHUE.............Kathy Tucker  April 1997 Researching the DONAHUE family, Michael DONAHUE went around 1840 to Jo Daviess County, Ill.  The family also lived in McHenry County, but later moved to Minnesota.  I am looking for other related Donahues to share family history.

ISBELL // KIMBRO // GOTT................Maureen Hyde  April  1997  Seeking descendants of family of William H. ISBELL, b. 1815, Warren Co., Ky. to Jo Daviess Co.,  ca.  1838.  This family lived in the area of Apple River and Elizabeth until after the 1870 census and went on to the area of LaCrosse Co., WI.  Believe Temple Elliott ISBELL, b. 1785, who m. Anna KIMBRO in Stokes Co., N.C. was his father but have not yet found where Temple d. so cannot find a will.  Temple m. again, possibly in Ky. or IL.  Wm. H. was perhaps a grandson of Jason L. Isbell of Warren Co., N.C., but again not proven.  Anyone working on this family would be a most welcome correspondent.  Am particularly interested in some of the daughters--Sarah, Jennie, Pearl, Lute (Leticia?) and possibly a Maria.  Possible bros. of Wm. are John K., b. ca. 1813, Temple E. (Jr.), b. ca. 1817, Elliott T., b. ca. 1814 and a sis.  Ann (m. Sutton GOTT).  Isbells reputed to be Scotch-Irish and from "Bonny Doone."  Thank You!

SMITH...................Dale Dunlap  April 1997  Looking for Sylvester SMITHwho lived in LaSalle or Jo Daviess County. He may have been a twin; but had a brother by the name of Cornilus or something like that.  Sylvester was a medical student in 1890-1892, possibly in Chicago.  He left medical school and moved to the Panhandle area of Texas.  Don't think he died in Texas but could have returned to the LaSalle/Jo Daviess County Area.  Could Possibly died in Gratiot, Lafayette County, WI.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank You!

YOUNG // REED...............Janet YOUNG Berkson  April 1997  I am looking for information on YOUNG in Jo Daviess County.  My great-grandfather, Samuel Reed Young was born in either Galena or Elizabeth in 1865.  His father was Alison Young and mother was Sarah REED.  Alison and Sarah are thought to have come from Mercer County, PA.  Alison and Sarah and family moved to Jackson County, IA when Samual was a young boy.  Looking for any information, will exchange with what I know about this line.  Thanks!

DERSHAM // RITZMAN...............Dennis M. Busic  April 1997  DERSHAM, Samuel  b: abt 1812 and lived in Union/Northumberland Co., PA near Milton, PA.  Married a Sarah ?  b: 10/30/1812 d:1897.  They moved to Warren, JoDaviess Co., IL in early 1850's.  They had five children; Mary Magdeline, b. 10/10/1851 in Union/Northumberland Co., PA.  Others: Savilla, Anna, Sophia, and Moses.  Mary Magdeline married Martin William RITZMAN 2/7/1868.  They moved on to Armstron, Emmett Co., IA and then Rock Creek Twp., Miner Co., SD. Any and All help would be appreciated. Thank You!

GAMMON.....................Eva Suzukawa  April 1997 I am looking to find information about the GAMMON family living in Jo Daviess County about 1830-1860's.  The relation that I am looking for is John W. GAMMON born approx.  1835 in Galena.  Parents are unknown.  I did find an Orellia listed in E.W. Galena District of 1850 census on page 238.  Could someone look up this person and see if she might have had a son named John?  I would appreciate ANY and ALL information on the GAMMON family.  Thank You!

KARRICK ...............Mike Williams    April 1997  I am looking for the burial date and place of Amanda Goza KARRICK, first wife of George Ord KARRICK.  I believe she died in Jo Daviess County between 1843 and 1849.  Also looking for information on a William KARRICK, who died or was buried on September 12, 1847 in Galena.  Thank You!

HAWES.............Mike Williams  April 1997   I am looking for any information on Enoch HAWES, who purchased land in Jo Daviess County in 1862.  Thank You!



BUNKER // RIGGS // BURRISS // BURNS................Kathy March 1997  Virginia Ann RIGGS (1839 Meigs Cnty, OH - 1902 MI) married Jesse BUNKER (1859 IA).  Their children were: Ada, Forest, Torrence (my ancestor), Orah and Marium.  Virginia was the daughter of William Roby RIGGS (who supposedly died in 1849 in the "gold rush") and Lavinia BURRISS or >BURNS (circa 1808 OH - 1887 MI).  In Virginia's obituary it was stated she lived in Missouri; Iowa county, Wisconsin; Galena, Illinois; Ohio and then moved to Iowa.   Any further information on this family would be appreciated.  Thank You!

ATZ // ROENGENTEIN.................Scott D. Arrington  March 1997  John ATZ married Mary ROENGENTEIN; they had the following children: John Mueller, Peter, Christian, Adolph, John, Regina, Herman, and Emil.  I believe they resided somewhere around Schappsville and attended the Schappsville Presbyterian Church.

HOPPE // DOTZEL...............Scott D. Arrington   March 1997 Theodore HOPPE born Mecklenberg-Schwerin 15 May 1813, married Margaret DOTZEL in April 1872 and had the following children: Charles, Esther, Henry, Josie, Theodore, Jr., Elisabetha, Louisa Ottilie, John Andreas, Friedrick, Ludwig, Wilhelmina Johana, Karl Kasper, Kasper Heinrich, Maria Ema.  Margaret DOTZEL was born in New York.  Theodore HOPPE I know served during the Civil War with the Illinois Infantry.  96th Regiment. Co. A.  Any information on the above families would be appreciated.  Thank You!

SCHNEIDER...............Judy Morrison  March 1997  Looking for information on Ernest SCHNEIDER and wife Johanna.  They were in Elizabeth, JoDaviess County in 1869 when a daughter, Barbara, was born. Please e-mail me with any information.  Thank You!

WADE...............Larry Wade  March 1997 My ancestor's name was John WADE.  he was born in Cleveland, Ohio area in 1837 and ended up spending most of his adult life in Villisca, IA.  We think he moved to Northern Ill. around 1860 and moved to Villisca, IA around 1870/72.  We haven't been able to find him in either the 1860 or the 1870 census yet.  We are looking for 1860 or 1870 soundex for the Federal Census  to see if he turns up. John WADE was living in Berryman, JoDaviess Co. at the time of his enlistment August 1862 in the Civil War.  He was a private/corporal in the 92nd Illinois Regiment, Company F.  Any in-site to John WADE would be appreciated.


MCCLEMONS // STANDRIDGE...............Pat Palmer  March 1997  I am looking for the name MCCLEMONS that moved to and possibley died in East Dubuque in and around 1866-1890.  Their son Patrick MCCLEMONS may have married a Nellie STANDRIDGE in Dunleith(?), IL., on 23-Sept-1868.  I've never heard of Dunleith, Il.  before.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.



BRUCE // CLAY // HOY // FLACK // JOHNSON // VANDELINDER // WHITSON..............Nancy Meyers  Feb 1997  Want to contact anyone researching the BRUCE, CLAY, HOY, FLACK, JOHNSON, VANDELINDER, WHITSON lines in JoDaviess Co. Anyone have a Vol.10 of Robert Hansen's Cemetery records that can do a look up for me? Thanks,

YOUNG...............Shultis, Leona Feb 1997  Researching Thomas J. YOUNG, who emmigrated from Mercer County Pennsylvania in the mid 1800's with his family to JoDavies Co., IL. Will share information, also looking for a descendent of family who might know oral history. Thank you.

SMITH // BALDWIN/  SHAW // MCGEE // MEANSLEY ..............H. Andrew BROWN  Feb 1997  SMITH/BALDWIN/SHAW/MCGEE/MEANSLEY. Seek contact with descendants of Abijah SMITH(1793VA-1866IA) m1816KY Ruth >BALDWIN(1797 NC-1877 IA) who resided in Jo Daviess County, IL in 1840's after removing there from Pike Co. IL and Clay Co. MO. Known children included Winfrey McHenry SMITH b.1825MO and Sarah SMITH m184? in Jo Davies Co. IL James SHAW. Other daughters may have married ? MCGEE & ? MEANSLEY with possible grandchildren Elias MCGEE and Mary MEANSLEY.

MUSSER // MADER // DITSWORTH........................Herb Musser  Feb 1997  Henry MUSSER married Caroline MADER about 1865, and liven in Jo Davies Co. Caroline died 1/16/1885 and is buried at the Union Cemetery. Henry then married Margaret >DITSWORTH on 3/10/1886 in Mt. Carroll. My great-granfather, Pearl MUSSER was born 1/19/1883, but reportedly was not born a Musser, but was one of a set of twin born to a poor family, and given to the DITSWORTH family to raise. When Margaret married Henry, Pearl was "adopted" by him and took on the Musser name. Desire contact with anyone connected to the DITSWORTH  family or otherwise who might have information on this.



MITCHELL..................Joan Wieser Jan 1997
Am looking for George MITCHELL. All the information I have is that he ran a sausage market in Galena. I Think I'm looking at sometime before 1863. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BATES ................Wayne H. Loney Jan 1997
BATES - Lewellyn BATES b 17 Jan 1854 Branch Co. MI d 09 June 1929 Yankton, SD m. Flavilla Louisa BATES b 13 Aug 1856 Clayton Co IA d 06 Sept 1956 Gary, Deuel, SD . Her parents were: Williiam & Lucinda BATES. Her BATES  family resided in Jo Daviess Co IL for several years. Many are buried in Robinson Cemetery, Rush Twp. Interested in both BATES families

BATES // GARHARDT // WOODBURY // MCGEORGE // KNORR // TILBURY...........Wayne H. Loney Jan 1997
Lewellyn BATES b 17 Jan 1854 Branch Co. MI d 09 June 1929 Yankton SD m Flavilla BATES b 13 Aug 1856 Clayton Co IA d 06 Sept. 1956 Gary SD; They married 01 Jan 1874 Warren, Jo Daviess, IL Their offspring were: Cora Bella LONEY, Bertha Mary GARHARDT, Shirley BATES, Martha MCGEORGE, Iva Pearl WOODBURY, Lewelyn Otto BATES, Leon Alva BATES, Desa F. KNORR and Hazel Rose TILBURY. Flavilla BATES was raised by uncle and aunt Caleb & Permilla BATES. in Jo Daviess Co. I need to find the parents of Lewellyn BATES.

COLLENS // CULLENS // ZERBE ...................Susan F. McGuire Jan 1997
I am researching the COLLENS (CULLENS) name in Jo Daviess CO. James and Esther (ZERBE) CULLENS were in the area around the 1870's. They came from OH and moved into KS by the 1880's. I believe that James's mother Mary was also there would like to find out more about her.

KNEEBONE // ROWE................Violet Sunderland  Jan 1997
In the 1850 Census, East Fork Precinct, were: James KNEEBONE 28 miner b Eng,  Elizabeth 26 b Eng , John 10 b Eng , Henry 8 b Ill , Thomas 6 b Ill , James 2 b Ill . I do not have access to an 1860 census but know there were two more sons, George and William. James Sr. died or was killed, date unknown. What kind of mining was being done commercially then? Was there a newspaper? I would like to find a death record for James Sr., hopefully a grave location, as well as an idea of what the locality was like in the 1850s. One source says the widow of James remarried a man named ROWE, another that her maiden name was ROWE. Thanks for any help.

BUDDEN // BORDEN..............John H. Budden  Jan 1997
Looking for information on Gerhard Henry BUDDEN and his ancestors. Also known as Henry BUDDEN or G. Henry BUDDEN. Lived on a farm in Menominee, JoDaviess Co.,IL which he acquired from Govt. in 1843. His name on abstract was misspelled as Gerhard H. BORDEN.  I do know that one of his sons, my grandfather, was Herman and he was born about 1859 in Menominee.  Any and All help would be appreciated.  Thank you!

PEART // WALTON...............Fayth Harrison  Jan 1997
PEART, Jacob b.16 Feb 1823 Allendale Nbl, Eng married and had one son Joseph Augest PEART. b 12 Apr 1857. Married Mary WALTON b 22 sep 1839 at Hazel Green, WI. 7 Nov 1857. They had 11 children all born in Vinegar Hill, Jo Davies Co., IL.. except youngest. Jacob d. 25 Dec 1881. Mary d. 18 Mar 1928. Both are buried in Vinegar Hill Methodist cemetery along with a young son John. Looking for any information on this family. Also Joseph PEART's mothers name. Have been unsucessful in finding him in the 1860 census.


MILLER // SCHAEFER.............K Armstrong  Jan 1997
SCHAEFER, John Frederick married Annie R. MILLER in Jo Daviess County, Il on 9 Feb 1881. Looking for parents and/or siblings of John SCHAEFER.

HELLMAN..............Deb Hochhalter  Jan 1997
I am looking for information on a JOHN HELLMAN shown in the land records to have owned land in Jo Daviess County Section 15, Township 27N. He purchased this land in 1848. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

KOSIER // PENTICOFF...............Ken Nordtvedt  Jan 1997
I seek information on my great grandfather's early adulthood. Isaac KOSIER was born 1860 in Stephenson County, parents being Andrew KOS(I)ER and Rebecca PENTICOFF near Pearl City. Family stories suggest he left area for the Galena lead mines, before he went to Cherokee Iowa about 1890.

TUFTS // MATTHEWS.............Doug Urquhart  Jan 1997
Searching for information on James Monroe TUFTS, born 26 JAN 1837 in Apple River, Jo Daviess, Illinois. He married Adelia Elizabeth MATTHEWS. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

EARL // REILLY // NORRIS // ORAND ..................Daniel R. Earl  Jan 1997
EARL--Seek info on Duncan EARL family. He is the son of Elisha (b. VT). Duncan was b. in Canada (poss Montreal area) in 1823. He married Esther REILLY (also b. Canada). Were supposed to have moved to the Lee Co. area of IL abt. 1860. Children: Robert Wesley, b. 1860, IL, Margaret, William, Lulu, Dora, Mary, and Lizzie. Robert b. 19 Dec 1860 in IL married Nettie Moore NORRIS 1882 in Santa Barbara Co., CA. He died 1920 in Los Angeles Co., CA, bur. Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Co., CA Children: Frederick Emmit EARL b. 1883 in Santa Maria, CA, married Nellie ORAND 1904 in Nipomo, San Luis Obispo Co., CA. He died in King City, Monterey Co., CA 1935. Children: Leo L., b. 1909 Santa Maria, CA, Harold, and Herbert. Looking for any info in Duncan's birth and his parents, where he lived and especially anything in Canada.

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