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Posted Queries for July 1999

STRUCKMAN posted by bobbie smith on Thursday, July 1, 1999

I am trying to locate the two or maybe three newspaper articles (Galena newspaper) describing the train wreck in 1903 involving a passenger train and freight train. My great uncle was one of the two killed. Would like to get a copy of those two articles or more if they exist. He was born in Milan, Indiana to immigrant parents and his body transported back to Milan for burial. He was a fireman on the train and engaged to be married very shortly after that fateful trip. I think the wreck was in Feb.

KNIESS, KRUG posted by Sandra Beyer on Friday, July 2, 1999

Krug in Jo Daviess County from Massbach, Germany. On my ZINK lines I have Anna Barbara Elisabeth KRUG, born 1765, Massbach, Germany. She married Kniess. Would you have any information on the family of this Anna in your Krug records?

BELL, CHILDS, GARRETT, KEELING, PEARSON, WOODS posted by Dorothy Cline on Saturday, July 3, 1999

I am searching for information on Mrs. Caroline WOODS and Mrs. Ira (Harriet) PEARSON, Mrs. Lewis (Emiline) CHILDS. These are the daughters of Hiram and Sarah GARRETT. I find children of Harriet and Ira buried in the Council Hill cemetery. I am also searching for George W. KEELING, is his wife a former GARRETT?.

BELL posted by Dorothy Cline on Saturday, July 3, 1999

Tom have you ever figured out the parents of Alexander?.

BELL, CHILDS, GARRETT, KEELING, PEARSON, WOODS posted by Dorothy Cline on Saturday, July 3, 1999

I am searching for information on Mrs. Caroline Woods and Mrs. Ira (Harriet) Pearson, Mrs. Lewis (Emiline) Childs. These are the daughters of Hiram and Sarah Garrett. I find children of Harriet and Ira buried in the Council Hill cemetery. I am also searching for George W. Keeling, is his wife a former Garrett?.

TEMPERLEY, TEMPERLY posted by susan thode on Wednesday, July 7, 1999 is searching for the TEMPERLY family in the Jo Daviess-southern wisconsin area. You might like to compare information. She contacted me on another list

NYE, ROSS, ROUSE, WILSON posted by susan thode on Wednesday, July 7, 1999

Susan NYE was born in the early part of the 1800's, somewhere in New York State. She married Thomas ROSS in Illinois, and as far as I know they and their children came to Jo Daviess County together. Then he died and she married a Mr. WILSON then he died only a few years later and she married my third great-grandfather, George ROUSE, Sr. She had 5 children with Mr. ROSS, a son with Mr. WILSON, and as far as I can tell so far, no children with Mr. ROUSE...probably was too old by that time. Is anyone checking for these families

DELEHANTY posted by Delehanty, Delahunt, Dillihunty, De on Friday, July 9, 1999

I am looking to make contact with anyone researching the DELEHANTY surnmame in JoDaviess Co., IL. I am currently trying to connect the families with that surname in Dubuque Co., IA and Jackson Co., IA and would appreciate the opportunity to share/swap information with you.

CULVER, HATFIELD, PARKER posted by Hatfield, Pinter, Culver, Parker, S on Friday, July 9, 1999

Hi! Trying to find my grandfather's parents. My grandfather's name is David HATFIELD married to Julia Anne CULVER his parents name is Benjamin HATFIELD married to Delina PARKER. So could someone please help me. These are the census I found them in so far but can't find where born or his parents name are for Benjamin look in: 1850 Illinios Jo Daviess County 195 Wappello (?) Precinct (Benjamin,Delia,Daniel,William,Robert) 1880 Illinios Jo Daviess County Hanover Township (William,Delia,William) 1860 Illinios Carroll County 828 Washington (Benjamin,Lilly,Daniel,William,Charles) 1870 Illinios Jo Daviess County Hanover 234-220 (Benjamin,Delinda,Daniel,William,Charles,Lucinda,David,Anna) Could someone help me? I need some suggest to what I should do now where else could I look? Thought of looking in the 1880,1910 Iowa soundex also Indiana but don't know where in Indiana that Benjamin was born or if it is Ohio. Anybody working on this family please contact me. Thank-you for your time in reading this and any help anyone can give me I truely would appreicate it very much. Thank-you

HUBBARD, RICHARDS posted by Richards on Friday, July 9, 1999

I have just found the listing for the Morseville-Plum River cemetery. My Grandmother Emma HUBBARD RICHARDS's twin sister Caroline is buried here. I would appreciate if someone could tell me what Church it is located behind. My great grandfather William RICHARDS was supposed to be a Baptist Minister, this would help if I could find out if that was a Baptist Church. I notice that there is also a Dick W. RICHARDS buried there, somewhere in my fathers notebooks I read that William was supposed to have been buried next to Caroline. Dick's birth date is about right for the 1860 census age for William. If anyone could find this answer for me I would appreciate it.

DRAWS, HINTZ, RIEMER, SCHULTZ, TESMER, TESSENDORF posted by B. Krug on Friday, July 9, 1999

Germany was their home country, they came to live in the Warren, Lena, Nora and surrounding areas. Looking for anyone related to these surnames from this area, that may have any family history to share with me..

KEVERN, SINCOCK, TEMPERLY, VINCENT posted by Pat Sincox on Monday, July 12, 1999

Have birth & death dates for Henry Vincent Sr family and John Kevern and Jane Vincent Kevern family.

KUPFER, TOEPFER, WURSTER posted by Toepfer, Kupfer, Vogel, Frank on Friday, July 16, 1999

Sandra: What's your Toepfer connection? Is it Christian, born 1864 in Bavaria; m. Sophia KUPFER? They had 11 children, including my grandfather, Harold Christian TOEPFER. My grandfather's sister, Leta, married a Harry WURSTER. I don't have much beyond my GG grandfather, Franz Karl TOEPFER (b. 1821), but I'm willing to share what I do have.


I'm searching for ancestors from Jo Daviess County including those listed in the surnames list. Would like to share or exchange information with those related.

ODGERS, OPIE, PRYOR, ROBERTS, WARE posted by Wendy Roberts on Friday, July 16, 1999

Searching for descendents/information about the Roberts who settled in and about Jo Daviess County (Scales Mound, Apple River, WI, Gratiot, WI, White Oak Springs, WI, etc.). They migrated here in the 1850's from Wendron and Stithians, Cornwall. Henry (b. 1827) managed the Dunstan/Pryor/Roberts Hotel in Scales Mound. Joseph (b. 1821) had a farm in Apple River. Mary Roberts Odgers lived in White Oak Springs. Ann Roberts Martin Opie lived in Gratiot. A brother, Jonathan, probably lived in Jo Daviess County. There was a sister Angelina. Two brothers, Charles and Josiah, went to California. Siblings William, Thomas and Grace apparently remained in England. Their parents were William and Ann (Pryor) Roberts, married in Wendron, Cornwall in 1812 (also migrated to Jo Daviess, 1855).

BECHTOLD, CLAY, MORDICK posted by Sheri Wheeler on Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Looking for information on Kerlin and Clara (Bechtold) Clay. What were all their children's names? One daughter was Lucy Clay Mordick born Sept. 25, 1895. She was born in Rush Township. Secondly, does anyone know the names of Clara Bechtold's siblings? I think, but not sure that Mary Elizabeth and William may be but I am not sure. Any info would be appreciated.

STUBBS posted by Barb on Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Does anyone out there have access to the 1860 JoDaviess Co. Census? I'm looking for Georeg(George) Stubbs and family. Thanks!!!

FOX, LEFFINGWELL, WOOD posted by Robin Bowman on Wednesday, July 28, 1999

I am researching the William FOX and the Anthony Fox families. William was born about 1828 and married Ursula WOOD in 1849. Anthony FOX was born about 1830 and married Julia LEFFINGWELL in 1850. Both families lived in Berryman, Jo Daviess, Illinois in 1860 and 1870. In 1880 William and his family went to Jackson county, Iowa but Anthony and his family stayed in Berryman. I am wondering if these two men were brothers and who their parents are. I would appreciate any help on these 2 families. Thank you so much - Robin Bowman.

BECHTOLD, BUTLER, CLAY, DAWS, STINE, WAINWRIGHT posted by Sheri Wheeler on Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Looking for information on these surnames in JoDaviess County.

BRUBAKER, CLAY posted by Laurie Toepfer on Wednesday, July 28, 1999

I'm descended from Elizabeth CLAY (1821-1912) and Abraham BRUBAKER (1807-1862), who moved to Jo Daviess County from Ohio btw. 1846 & 1850, and I have some Clay information. I've visited the Clay Cemetery in Berreman Township.


Looking for info on FREDERICK BERGMAN(N) FREDERICK (E ?) BERGMANn b-1806 in Hanover,Germany or Bramen Spouse (1) Margaret DILLDINE no B or D info Spouse (2) Margaret Ann HINES b-1822 in Pennsylvainia no other info. S-Henry Frederick BERGMAN b-16Oct1846 d-04feb1914 Galena,IL Spouse Mary Ann LEDDY b-22jan1848 d-12nov1931 S-Charles Walter BERGMAN b-27oct1848 d-17nov1922 Spouse Anna W KNEBEL b-23jan1853 Galena,Il S-Marshall Hines BERGMAN b-11aug1850 D-Mary Elizabeth BERGMAN b-10mar1852 D-Margaret Caroline BERGMAN b-27aug1854 S-George W. BERGMAN b-27spt1879 S-Benji BERGMAN b-1865 Charles Walter BERGMAN was in the Civil War. George W. BERGMAN was in Spanish Am. War. Henry BERGMANN is my ggfather. He married Mary Ann LEDDY b-22jan1848 of Sinsinawa Mound,WI. They had (9) children 1.Fred E. 2.Harry 2.William 4.George 5. Samuel W. 6.Leddy James 7.Mary Elizabeth 8.Adelaide E. 9. David W. David W Bergman Married Julia Ellen HATTER They are my grandparents. I'm trying to find when and where Frederick BERGMAN(N) came into the US. Census says Hanover and Bremen and no other info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BUNYER, BUSSANS, MCPHILLIPS, SCHNERRE posted by Jodi McPhillips on Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Hi Lori, I am searching for family in the same area that you are (except my Menominee relatives are BUSSANS and SCHNERRE's) My great grandfather was Thomas Peter MCPHILLIPS born in 1852 (I think in Irish Hollow). He had 5 sons and only 2 married. I can't trace him further back. Have you any leads?

HUGHES, PASSMORE posted by Jeffrey Watson on Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Hi! I, too, descend from the Hughes family in Jo Daviess Co., IL. My direct ancestor, William Passmore, who immigrated from Devonshire, England, in 1846, first married Elizabeth Hughes in Jo Daviess Co., IL, on 15 Jan 1849. She died later that year in December, and so he married Sarah Hughes on 22 Feb 1850. I believe that the two wives were sisters. Sarah Hughes Passmore is in the household of John and Catharine Hughes in 1850. This is probably her parents, especially since their graves (the Hughes) are located between Elizabeth Hughes Passmore and Sarah Hughes Passmore. According to later censuses, the Hughes were from Wales, including Sarah. She was born in 1826 and I found a John Hughes in Jo Daviess Co., IL, on the 1840 census index. I just found these Hughes a couple of weeks ago. Do you know anything of these Hughes? There is a John Hughes that was born in Anglesea, Wales, about the same time as my John Hughes. Also, yesterday I found a Hugh R. and Owen Hughes on the roster of Co. I, 96th Ill Inf. Reg., during the Civil War, in case you didn't know already.

GINKINS, HUGHES posted by Ann Montgomery on Wednesday, July 28, 1999

I believe that your John HUGHES and My HUGHES are not related unless they came over at different times and was a cousin. My Richard HUGHES and Mary GINKINS came from Anglesey, Wales around 1842 and had two children in Wisconsin before settling in Jo Daviess County. There are no John,Sarah, or Elizabeth in any of my lines. My Hugh Richard and Owen were born in Anglesey and yes, I knew about their serving in the Civil War. If you ever can connect our two lines, please write back. I am planning to do some Wales civil registration research in the near future so I will keep you in mind.

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