Hanover Journal
17 April 1907


The Galena Gazette says that Mr. Frank McCann, day operator at the Burlington in that city was married on Wednesday, April 10, to Miss Sommers of Winota, Minn.

Frank evidently stole a march on his Hanover friends, as he has always given us the idea that marriage and the ladies were about the last things he was thinking of, but as usual, it is the fellows who say nothing that are always doing.

Frank is a Hanover boy, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. McCann still reside here.

Frank has a well-earned reputation as a young man of ability and good habits. A few years ago he attended school at Dixon, and on his way home from that place, he took a run over to Clinton, where he secured a job as telegraph operator in a newspaper office, not even coming home for a brief vacation, and this policy of finding something to do and getting right after it has marked his doings ever since, and his unexpected marriage is one more proof of the statement made above.

The Journal extends congratulations and best wishes to the young couple.

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