Jo Daviess County, Illinois

Will Book A, 1850 - 1863


BLANCHARD, Henry of Millville Precinct, dated August 29, 1848, proved Jan 28, 1850.

To son Richard BLANCHARD my farm in Millville plus all other property.

Executors: sons-in-law William WATERS and Amos F. CULVER.

Witnesses: Amos F. CULVER, William WATERS, Benjamin F. ANKENY. (Page 1)


SOULE, John L. of Jo Daviess County, dated December 25, 1849, proved Jan 31, 1850, died Jan 24, 1850.

Equal proportions to:

Harriot Adeline SOULE plus $50 for the education of her boys, one straw bed and bedding;

Mary Jane CODGNIS;

Maria BEAVERS plus $10 more;

James Jackson SOULE;

Malicia Elizabeth Weston HAVIN less $20;

Clarissa Lucinda SOULE plus $300 more for her education and one feather bed and bedding.


To Hannah Ann RANDLE - $10

$20 for tombstone for Fidelin, wife of G. K. SOULE.

$30 for enclosing burying ground at John DE GROSS.

Executors: Benjamin WILLIAMS, A. V. DODD, Albert DEMING.

Witnesses: Albert DEMING, Gilbert R. SOULE, Charles LAKE. (Page 2)


HOSKING, William, dated March 1, 1849, proved Feb. 2, 1850, died April 1849.

To wife Mary HOSKING and sons William HOSKING and Mark HOSKING all my property.

To dau Mary HOSKING $25.00.

Witnesses: Henry VINCENT, Ebenezer ROUSE. (page 4)


KOLLMAN, Henry, dated Jan. 7, 1850, proved Feb 18, 1850, died Feb 4, 1850.

$100.00 to German Catholic Church,

$50.00 for vestments for the Priest of said church.

$75 to Anthony WINMAN,

$75 to Adeline UNDERBERGH my friend in whose house I have laid sick.

Remainder to German Catholic Church and the poor of the German Catholic Church.

Executors: friends John BURRICHTER and Michl CODATT.

Witnesses John CAMPBELL and Henrich (his X mark) WINMAN (page 6)


RICHARDS, Thomas, dated March 14, 1848, proved July 28, 1849. It was omitted at that time from the Record of Wills, it is now ordered by the Court that said will be spread upon the Record of Wills on August 1, 1850.

To wife Sarah RICHARDS her dower.

To my wife's daughter, Phebe Ann WILLIT $100 to be paid at age 18 years,

To my son James RICHARDS $100 to be paid at age 21.

Remainder to my children Melissa Julia RICHARDS, Thomas RICHARDS and William RICHARDS.

Executors: wife Sarah RICHARDS and John ROSS of Whie Oak Springs.

Witnesses: Robert ROBINSON and George MORGAN.

Note: Wife Sarah RICHARDS remarried becoming Sarah DUDLEY. (page 8)


ROOD, Edwin of Galena dated Jan 5, 1850, proved June 24, 1850.

To brother Orlin ROOD a certain mercantile house and merchandise in the town of Galena doing business as "Porter and Rood".

Orlin ROOD to pay $1300 by Nov 21, 1851 to my brother Thomas D. ROOD of Milton, Chittenden Co., Vt.

Orlin ROOD to pay annually for 3 years $266.2/3 to my sister Levira ROOD of Bradford Co., Pa.

Orlin ROODto pay annually for 3 years $266 2/3 to my sister Eliza WARD and her children of Bradford Co. Pa.

Wearing apparel to brothers Orlin ROOD and Thomas D. ROOD

Executor: Orlin ROOD.

Witnesses: Anna JONES of Chicago and Marcia A. JONES of Chicago.

On June 17, 1850 a deposition of Anna JONES, age 52 years, who resides Chicago. She met with Rood on the Island of Cuba in Jan or Dec last and was there when he died. "I with my son and daughter was stopping at the same place the Town or Village of Guines near Havanna in Cuba with Mr Rood, and finding we were from the same State became intimately acquainted. Mr. Rood was an invalid, and anticipating a fatal result in his disease, directed his will to be drawn. A lawyer drew up the paper now shown, and said Rood having approved the same, signed his name thereto in presence of myself and several other persons, my son W. H. JONES, since dead being of the number. Deposition of Marcia A. JONES dated June 17, 1850, age 20 years, resides City of Chicago. I saw the will in January last at Guines, near Havanna on the Island of Cuba, where I was then attending an invalid brother. (page 11)


COLARD, Alexander of Jo Daviess County, dated August 21, 1850, proved August 27, 1850.

To wife Lucile COLARD, house, lot and premises on Second Street a1l my furniture, apparel, books, plates and one half of remainder.

To mother Jean Baptiste COLARD one-half of the remainder of my estate. At her death to go to her children.

Executors: Lucile COLARD and Daniel A. BARROWS.

Witnesses: Adam L. TELFORD, Henry W. WILSON, Wm C. BOSTWICK. (page 17)


O'HARE, Timothy of Galena, dated August 18, 1850, proved September 26, 1850. Witnesses Thomas BERMINGHAM and Dennis DUNNE swear that the following is a true statement of Timothy's O'HARE will as stated to us at the hour of his departure at the City Hotel...

"Give my farm to Timothy & James EDWARD, the cave & lot to Marry the money in Major MOBLESS hands to be sent home after paying my legal debts and expences out of it at brother Edward's disposal the notes and papers in my trust to be collected and managed as he above Edward thinks proper."

Executor: Edward O'HARE. (page 19)


MEYER, Charles H., dated December 22, 1848, first proved Dec 27, 1848 before Charles G. THOMAS late Probate Justice of the Peace. Ordered by William C. BOSTWICK, County Judge to be spread upon the records of the court on October 1, 1850.

All of my estate to George HUOY and Barnard KLEINSCHMIDT.

Witnesses: John C. SNECLODT, B. SCHWARTZ, John S. STIEF, Jr. (page 20)


PERRING, Anthony of Galena, dated Sept 10, 1850, proved Oct 14, 1850. (Non-cuptative Will)

Wife (not named) all my estate. If she shall died leaving no children, the issue of her marriage with me, then estate to children of my deceased brother Jacob PERRING. Witnesses: Dennis DUNNE, Terrence MEEGAN, Hiram W. FOLTZ. (Page 22)

FRISK, Joseph of Jo Daviess County, dated Dec 3, 1849, proved Nov 30, 1850.

To daughter Elizabeth Ann FRISK $25 to be paid after wife's decease.

To grandson Samuel FRISK, son of my son William FRISK the north 40 acres of E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 12 T28N R1E 4PM [East Galena Township] at age of 21 years. Appoints guardians Paul FRISK, Samuel FRISK and James ROBERTS. If Samuel dies before age 21, then $60 to my son Paul FRISK.

To wife Sarah PRISK and son James PRISK the remainder of the estate.

Executors: wife Sarah PRISK and son James PRISK.

Witnesses: Henry BOLITHO and Stephen BASTION (page 24)


HASKELL, Aratus of Jo Daviess County dated Feb 13, 1851, proved Mar 22, 1851.

To wife Sarah P. HASKELL the Plantation on which we now reside in Jo Daviess County being 83.89 acres in SW 1/4 SW 1/4 also SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec. 31 T29 R5E. Also 40 acres in SE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 31 T29 R5E [Nora Township]. Also 20 acres in N 1/2 NE 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec 4 T28 R4E [Rush Township] plus all the farming equipment, produce and household furniture.

After her death to my four children: Lycurgus A. HASKELL, Hariet HASKELL, Effy Jane HASKELL and Rebeca HASKELL.

To son Lycurgus 160 acres E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 6 and W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec 5 T28N R5E 4PM [Nora Township]. Also to sell 40 acres located SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec 14 T28 R4E [Rush Township]. Executors can sell above lands for $1000 to be invested and given to son Lycurgus A. HASKELL when he becomes of age.

Lands located E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 31 and W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec 32 T29N R5E [Nora Township] to daughters Hariet HASKELL, Effy Anne HASKELL and Rebeca HASKELL The Executors have power to sell lands for $600 to be divided equally among daughters when they become of age.

Executors: wife Sarah P. HASKELL, Kingsley OLDS, William H. LELAND. Witnesses: William WATERS, Israel CHAUNCY. (page 26)


RAWSON, Calvin of Galena dated Jan 31, 1849, proved Feb 12, 1849. Has been omitted to be recorded by the late Probate Justice of the peace. It is ordered recorded April Term 1851.

Sell personal property to pay debts with residue to pay $50 per year to daughter Catharine RAWSON and my youngest son Asa RAWSON until they are of age to support themselves.

Lands in Jo Daviess County to be equally divided among my five children William RAWSON, Thomas RAWSON, Charles RAWSON, Catherine RAWSON, Asa RAWSON.

Other daughters Hannah Elizabeth and Manett shall not receive anything, they are married and provided for.

Executor: sons William RAWSON and Thomas RAWSON.

Witnesses: M.Y. JOHNSON, Wm. H. OLNEY, Philander BARTLETT (page 29)


KEOGH, Edward dated May 7, 1851, proved June 21, 1851.

To brother Michael KEOGH one house and lot on Gear Street in Galena being the house and lot where he now resides.

To sister Ellen McGOLDRICK a small house on the rail road so called being the same house in which she now resides plus $100.00.

To brother William KEOGH $100 "in case he can be found", and if not the $100 to my wife Ellen KEOGH and my son Francis KEOGH.

One-half of remainder to my wife Ellen, the other half to my son Francis.

Executors: John CURLEY, Michael BRAHANEY.

Witnesses: Henry CORWITH, A.C. DAVIS, Edward SOLOMAN, Benjn. C. ST. CYR (page 31)


GATES, Joseph of Jo Daviess County dated June 11, 1851, proved June 24, 1851.

To my wife Ellen GATES, one-third of real estate and personal property,

To son Edmund GATES the remainder,

To daughter Mary, wife of Charles TRACY - $1.00,

To son George GATES - $1.00,

To son William GATES - $1.00,

To son John GATES - $1.00,

To heirs of son Robert GATES, deceased, $1.00.

Executors: Richard BROWN, Edward TENYCKE.

Witnesses: Soloman SHORE, George H. BONNY, John F. SHORE. (page 33)


HEINZ , Peter will not dated, proved July 29, 1851.

Whole property to Erhard VOGLER consisting of $200 standing on interest in the farm of Mr. SCHMAALENBERGER in Millstaatt, St. Clair Co., IL; $31 what are remaining in arrear of the passage money which he paid for wife of Mr. HOFFMAN at St. Louis; gold watch and double gun in possession of Jacob FUNG at St. Louis.

Executor: Erhard VOGLER.

Witnesses: John C. SUECLOTH, Joseph MAYER, John S. STEIFFSEN, Jr.

Will was translated from the German language by Sievert Jacobs. (page 35)


RYAN, James Senior of Jo Daviess County dated July 6, 1848, proved June 2, 1851.

To wife Margaret RYAN the house and lot 54 north side of Franklin St. in Galena and household furniture during her natural life. At her death to my children: William RYAN, James M. RYAN Junr and Mary Ann RYAN.

Equal shares to children in a house and lot on the north side of Main St. between Perry and Diagonal designated as part of lots 53 and 54.

Equal shares to children in lots 11 and 13 Todds Addition in the town of Newport, Campbell Co., KY.

To son William two-thirds of the stock of goods and claims due me kept on Main Street in the house owned by the late John REILLEY.

To my second son James M. RYAN Junior the remaining one-third.

Executors: sons William RYAN and James M. RYAN Jr.

Witnesses: Bernard McGORRISH, Thos. KENNEDY. (page 37)


CRAYMORE, Mary of Jo Daviess County dated July 27, 1851, proved August 25, 1851. To daughter Joanna CRAYMORE one-half of the property in Oswego Co., NY.

"My two boys" Timothy CRAMOUR [sic] and John CRAMOUR [sic] to have equal shares in the remaining one-half.

Executor: Edward GRACE.

Witnesses: H. W. FOLTZ, Joshua SMITH, George PACKER (page 40)


CRAWFORD, Robert of Galena (will not dated), proved August 25, 1851.

Personal property and real estate be sold and proceeds be expended on the house in Galena where I now reside in putting the same in good tenantable condition.

Remainder expended for my son Marshall S. CRAWFORD for schooling and clothing him.

Executor: friend Henry GILMORE and guardian of son.

Witnesses: Samuel SNIDER, Aaron MATHEWS, Asa HAIL. (page 42)


HALL, Charles of Sinsinawa Ridge, Jo Daviess County, dated September 11, 1850, proved September 10, 1851.

All my personal property to wife Ruth HALL.

Real estate to my three children, James HALL, M. HALL, R. HALL, two-thirds of NE 1/4 SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 17 T28N R1W 4PM [Menominee Township].

Executor: wife Ruth HALL.

Witnesses: Seth MELVIN and Andrew JUST. Andrew JUST dead and cannot prove will. Margaret JUST testified she saw Andrew witnessing the will. (page 44)


DEMERSE, Stephen of Jo Daviess County dated August 1, 1851, proved November 10, 1851.

$100 to Acquapure Division No. 290 Council Hill Sons of Temperance Society.

$100 to Council Hill Sabbath School Socity.

Balance to be equally divided among my brothers and sisters (not named).

Executor: friend William HARVEY of Council Hill.

Witnesses: John McCALLISTER, W. T. J. TUCKER.

Richard ARTHUR, Jane ARTHUR and John GRAY swore to following: Stephen DEMERSE having been in a feeble state of body a long time died October 27, 1851 made a devise to Patrick FITZGERALD in our presence as follows: "Patrick I have often thought I would make you a present. I am now about to leave the world, and in the presence of Mr. & Mrs. ARTHUR I give you all my clothes, which are not verry good but one tolerable good suit, and my two trunks." These words were spoken about two hours before he died. The above was reduced to writing by John McCALLISTER in our presence this 4th day of November 1851. (page 46)


EADS, Abner of Jo Daviess County dated April 6, 1850, proved December 17, 1851. All property to wife Rebecca EADS.

Executor: wife Rebecca EADS.

Witnesses: W. W. CHASE, S. B. HERON, Geo. M. MITCHELL. (page 49)


STATHAM, Thomas of Jo Daviess County dated May 22, 1851, proved December Term 1851.

To wife Hannah STATHAM for her natural life E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 29 T27 R2E 80 acres, also NW 1/4 SW 1/3 Sec 28 T27N R2E 40 acres, also SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 28 16.77 acres. Also SE1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 31 T27 R2E 40 acres [all in Elizabeth Township].

At her death to my son John Thomas STATHAM.

He shall pay my dau Ann LAWTON $50,

dau Ellen BARNES $100,

dau Elizabeth THOMPSON, $100,

dau Mary EAIDDY $100,

Hannah HARKNESS 4100,

Sarah Jane STATHAM $100,

Martha STATHAM $100,

Matilda Maria STATHAM $100.

Personal property to wife Hannah STATHAM consisting of one yoke of working oxen, nine milch cows, eight yearlings, one wagon, one cart, one plough, twelve hogs, wheat, corn, household furniture and ready money.

Executor: wife Hannah STATHAM.

Witnesses: Edward FLETCHER and Wm. J. ROBINSON. (page 51)


PECK, Charles of Jo Daviess County dated May 8, 1849, proved January Term 1852. He died June 1849.

Executor to sell all property now owned jointly with other people.

To sister Sarah SIMPSON of St. Francis Co., MO $2000.

To brother Benjamin PECK of Grafton, Lorrain Co., OH, $1000,

To sister Sidney HOLDIERD of Shelburne, VT $2000.

To sister Pauline TABER of Bombay, NY $3000.

To nephew John P. TABER $2000,

To nephew Ruluff PECK $1000,

To niece Jane H. PECK $1000,

To nephew Edward C. PECK gold watch chain and key and steel-barrelled rifle, To Catharine HOLMAN $100,

To Aratus KENT the old settled minister of Galena $50,

Episople Church of Galena $75,

First Presbyterian Church in Galena $50,

Second Presbyterian Church in Galena $50,

3rd or South Presbyterian Church in Galena $50,

1st Congregational or Unitarian $50,

Methodist $50,

Oldest organized Baptist Church $50.

Remainder if any to Sarah SIMPSON, Benjamin PECK, Sidney HOLLIHERD [sic], Pauline TABER, John P. TABER, Ruluff PECK, Jane H. PECK.

Executors: Sylvester W. McMASTER, Samuel H. SCALES.

Witnesses: Nathan CORWITH, E.B. WASHBURNE (page54)


MALONE, Patrick of Jo Daviess County dated February 16, 1852, proved March 15, 1852.

Galena lots on Franklin Nos. 86 and 85 to Michael FITZGERALD for the kind treatment I received from him and his family.

Executors: Michael FITZGERALD, James BROWN.

Witnesses: James BROWN, David SMITH, Michael FITZGERALD. (page 58)


RICHARDSON, Joseph dated June 2, 1847 proved March 29, 1852.

To wife Margaret RICHARDSON all my property.

Executor: wife Margaret RICHARDSON.

Witnesses: N. STAHL, Benjamin R. SHELDON, Nathan CORWITH. (page 60)


FOLEY, Ann of City and County of St. Louis dated Sept 3, 1846, proved at St. Louis November 30, 1846.

To sister Mrs. Abigal TIERNAN, wife of my brother Nicholas TIERNAN, my gold watch.

To sister Mrs. Mary McGUIRE of Galena, a lot in Galena on Second Street

To intimate friend and nurse Miss Mary Ann BARNS $4.00 per week for nursing.

To children of brother Peter TIERNAN two lots in Galena on Franklin Street.

Executor: Nicholas TIERNAN.

Witnesses: Philip McDONALD, Philip CARROLL. (page 62)


DEAN, Phebe of Jo Daviess County, dated December 21, 1851, proved Apr 2, 1852. Proceeds of sale of Lots 10 and 11 Block 14 on the east side of Galena equally divided to

son Walter DEAN,

daughters Paulina HILL, Armence BENTON and Rowena CRAIG.

Executor: William R. CRAIG

Witnesses: Thos. B. RHODES and G. HARTHORN.. (page 66)


VINCENT, Henry dated Apr 3, 1851 proved May 27, 1852.

All real estate and personal property to wife Sarah VINCENT until youngest son Josiah VINCENT is 21 years. At that time wife is to get dower.

The remainder to be divided equally among sons: William VINCENT, James VINCENT, Charles VINCENT, Joseph VINCENT, John VINCENT and Josiah VINCENT.

Executor: John KEVERN.

Witnesses: Jas L. JOHNSON, Jas N. SAMSPON, Wm C. BOSTWICK. (Page 67)


DUDLEY, John of White Oak Springs, LaFayette Co., Wisc., dated June 30, 1849, proved in LaFayette Co., verified by oath of Probate Judge Oct 11, 1852.

One-third real estate and personal property to wife Sarah DUDLEY.

Income of estate for the support and education of sons and daughters: Joseph B. DUDLEY, John DUDLEY, Henry DUDLEY, Elizabeth Ann DUDLEY and Dorathy DUDLEY.

Executors: William BALL and James JEFFREY.

Witnesses: James JEFFREY and George MARCH. (Page 70)


MEGRAWTH, Elizabeth, of Jo Daviess County, dated Dec 6, 1852, proved Dec 18, 1852.

To daughter Jane GRIBBLE $50,

To daughter Mary Ann THOMAS $50,

To son William [no surname],

To daughter Elizabeth KNEEBONE $1.00,

To son George ROWE $1.00.

Remainder to son James ROWE in whose house I now am.

Executor: son James ROWE.

Witnesses: Henry ADAMS and John JORE. (Page 74)


GRIFFIN, Constant, dated April 3, 1851, proved December 27, 1852.

All to C.H. GROSS and Ganet [Garret?] JOHNSON consisting of SE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 28 T28N R1E 4PM [East Galena Township], 1 horse, 1 mare and colt, 1 cow and calf, 1 yearling and everything else.

Witnesses: J.M. HARRIS, W.O. GEAR, E.S. BALDWIN.

No Executor given. (Page 76)


GAILBREATH, Joseph dated November 27, 1852, proved December 22, 1852.

To daughter Ann GREGG, wife of John GREGG, all personal property consisting of 1 carriage, some $70 to $80, some wood and household furniture.

To daughters Mrs. Charlotte GIBSON and Mrs. Mary COLEMAN $200 each.

To daughter Narcissa TOWNSEND and her mother Mrs. Sarah GAILBREATH $100. Real estate to John GREGG, after he pays bequests, consisting of 58 1/4 acres in west part of fract 1/2 Sec 8 T27N R1E 4PM [Rice Township] , Lot No. 4 in Block No. 24 on the East side of Fever River in Galena. Also 40 acres in State of Wisconsin: NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 14 T1N R1E 4PM.

Executors: John GREGG and Allen TOMLIN.

Witnesses: Garret R. RITTENHOUSE, Wilder M. HIGBE, Allan TOMLIN. (Page 77)


WARREN, Martin dated January 1, 1851, Meed Springs, Eldorado Co., Calif. Proved November 11, 1852 at Richland Co., Wisc.

All property to Sarah WARREN, daughter of Samuel and Mary WARREN of Lafayette Co., Wis. consisting of 116 acres in Sec 25 and 26 T29N R4E 4PM [Warren Township] and personal property in Jo Daviess Co.

Executors: brother Samuel WARREN and friend Lavin F. FARNHAM.

Witnesses: Daniel L. DOWNS, Darwin CHASE, Lavin F. FARNHAM

Lavin F. FARNHAM declines to be executor.(page 80)


HARRIDEN, Amariah formerly of Boston but now of Galena dated February 6, 1849, proved July 17, 1853.

To my present wife Lydia HARRIDEN and Sarah HARRIDEN of Boston, widow of my deceased son William F. HARRIDEN my right as heir at law of my deceased son Newton HARRIDEN to 1920 acres due by the present State of Texas as bounty lands by the former Republic of Texas as a soldier in the Regular Army of said Republic. Also to a head right of said Newton HARRIDEN as such soldier of 640 acres which said bounty land and head right are to be located surveyed and patented according to the laws of the State of Texas.

Executors: Charles SEIDELL and Marvin MACOMBER.

Witnesses: Chas. S. HEMPSTEAD, Elizabeth HARY, Mrs. C. GRAHAM. (Page 82)


REILLY, Owen of Jo Daviess County, dated June 30, 1851, proved April 14, 1853.

To daughter Lucy REILLY who for some time past has been at school in the convent near Dubuque $2500.

Rest to be divided according to law.

Executors: Nicholas DOWLING and David SMITH.

Witnesses: Thomas DRUMMOND and Horatio NEWHALL. (page 85)


DeLAUNAY, Alphonsus N. of Galena, dated Apr 6, 1841 proved May 10, 1853.

Sell house of mine on Water Street near the store house of Charles PECK with proceeds to the payment of debts and the support of my wife and children, John H. DeLAUNAY and Mary Ann DeLAUNAY.

Personal estate to my wife Almira DeLAUNAY and two children, John H. and Mary Ann.

Real estate to children John H. DeLAUNAY and Mary Ann DeLAUNAY reserving for wife Almira DeLAUNAY, one-third during her natural life.

Four children by former wife (not named) for which I have heretofore made provision. Executor: George W. CAMPBELLl, which he declined.

Witnesses: Matthias SHEAR and Chas. S. HEMPSTEAD whose signatures were proven by Ebenezer GRAHAM. (Page 88)


GREEN, John late of Trumbull, OH, but at present of Jo Daviess County, dated April 11, 1853, proved May 31, 1853.

To wife Elizabeth GREEN residue of personal property after payment of debts and two-thirds of real estate. The other one-third for her natural life and after her death to John GREEN, son of my brother Jinken GREEN.

Executor: wife Elizabeth GREEN.

Witnesses: Michael BREHANEY, Henry CLYMO, Joseph W. WHITE. (Page 91)


TROWHELA, William of Council Hill, dated September 4, 1851, proved June 22, 1853. To wife Grace TROWHELA the interest of all the money I now leave consisting of $800.00 to be invested by executor for maintaining her and children until children arrive at age of 21 years. Sell house and lot in Council Hill and invest proceeds. In case Grace not remain a widow until children are 21 years then all but household furniture will go for support and education of children. Else she is to get one-third of the estate. Executors: Simon ALDERSON and Robert FRAZER.

Witnesses: Robert FRAZER and Johnathan ALDERSON. (Page 93)


PELLETT, Rodney A. of Jo Daviess County, will not dated, proved July 21, 1849 but was omitted to be recorded.

To son Nelson P. PELLETT the farm in the occupancy of Chas. W. SIMMONDS, E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 10 T26N R4E [Pleasant Valley Township], and one bedstead, bed and bedding.

To son Wilson H. PELLETT the farm on which I now reside, SE 1/4 & SW 1/4 of Sec 11 T26N R43 4PM [Pleasant Valley Township] and one bed, bedstead and bedding.


To son David PELLETT $50.00.

To wife Amy PELLETT remainder of personal property.

Executors: Augustine CHASE and Asher EDGERTON.

Witnesses: Augustine CHASE and John J. PELLETT. (Page 95)


BOWDEN, Henry of Jo Daviess County dated August 31, 1852, proved Aug 20, 1853. To wife Jane BOWDEN in lieu of her dower the plantation on which we now reside 270 acres and all live stock and household furniture during her natural life.

At her death to my three sons Joseph BOWDEN, William BOWDEN and Lewellin BOWDEN.

Eldest son Henry BOWDEN $20.00,

to son John BOWDEN $20,

to son Richard BOWDEN $20,

to daughter Amelia ROWE $20,

to daughter Caroline COMBELLICK $20.

Executors son Lewelling BOWDEN and John COMBELLICK. Leweling BOWDEN not appointed executor, is not living in this county.

Witnesses: John COMBELLICK and Robert SHAW. (Page 97)


WELCH, Osee dated August 31, 1852 proved October 5, 1853.

He is three-fourths owner in partnership of WELCH & McCULLY by agreement now lodged in hands of Hiram W. FOLTZ having purchased interest of William McCULLY in the hardware establishment of McCULLY, WELCH & McCULLY. William McCULLY and George McCULLY were partners and owned one-half of the establishment and I the subscriber of the other half. Subsequent to the date of said article I purchased with my own money the interest of William McCULLY which money was borrowed by me from my friend Sylvester CLARKE of Clyde, N.Y. An inventory taken December 1, 1850 the assets of WELCH and McCULLY exceed liabilities $23,132.20.

Wife Rachel WELCH to share equally with my children so long as she remains my widow.

To sons Alexander Aurospris WELCH and Samuel Monroe WELCH my library. The book entitled Welch to be reviewed and corrected and printed by some confident person who must be an Infidel and kept in my library.

$200 to the Infidel Association of New York to ornament the Payne Farm and my friend G. VALE of New York City is to direct the expenditure.

To Mother Sarah WELCH and sister Eunice H. WELCH $1000 to be expended in a homestead for their own benefit. At their decease to revert back to my legitimate heirs. The piano to my two daughters (not named)

My executors and creditors are requested and directed to dispose of my effects at private sale and not permit it to pass through a probate court the object of that tribunal is to rob the dead, cheat the creditors and defraud the heirs.

Executors: Rachel WELCH and Gilbert A. DAVIDSON of Albany, N.Y.

Witnesses: M.Y. JOHNSON, H.B. MAGINNIS. (Page 99)


TRACY, Joseph G. of Jo Daviess County dated September 15, 1853, proved November 29, 1853.

To brother Charles TRACY, Jr. and sister Ellender Elizabeth TRACY, both children of my father Charles TRACY, Senr. and Mary TRACY, my mother. Land S 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 3 T27N R2E and SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 2 T27N R2E (79.90 acres) [Elizabeth Township]. Lots 6 and 7 in block 16 in Elizabeth deeded to myself, Anthony TRACY and Asa TRACY. A parcel of 9.90 acres of NW 1/4 Sec 19 T27 R2E deeded by Aug. MITCHELL and wife to myself, Anthony TRACY and Asa TRACY.

Executor Nathaniel MORRIS who declined to serve.

Witnesses: Richard BROWN, Richard C. McNULTY. (Page 101)


McGOWAN, James of Galena, dated December 4, 1853 proved December 8, 1853.

To brother John McGOWAN the house and lot on 4th Street in Galena.

To sisters Mary RUSSEL $100.00 and Lydia REYNOLDS 50 cents.

Executors: William BLACK and Zephaniah BELL.

Witnesses: B. D. JACKSON and James McAVOY. (Page 103)


WILLIAMS, Hugh of near Elizabeth, dated May 4, 1852, proved December 8,1853. This will is in the Welsh language translated for the court by John EVANS.

To daughter Fanny WILLIAMS $2.00.

To wife Elizabeth WILLIAMS remainder and at her death or remarriage to be divided equally to my children: John WILLIAMS, Janet WILLIAMS, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Ellen WILLIAMS and Margaret WILLIAMS.

Executor: none named.

Witnesses: David THOMAS and Richard HUGHS. (Page 105)


BROWN, James of Galena dated November 8, 1853 proved January 4, 1854.

House and lot in which I now live and where Mr. Samuel MARTIN resides to daughter Eliza Ann MARTIN, wife of Samuel of Galena.

The west 1/2 of Lot 7 in Block 22 in West Galena to dau Eliza Ann MARTIN from which she is to pay James BROWN, son of my deceased brother Thomas BROWN $300.

Deed of Trust I hold on property of Thomas CORRIGAN of Galena to Reverend William MASTERSON and also the sum of $100.00 due me from my brother George BROWN who now lives in Iowa.

Balance of property to Eliza Ann MARTIN.

Executor: Edward GRACE.

Witnesses: B. McGARRISH, H.B. McGINNIs, William MASTERSON. (Page 108)


ARTHUR, William of Jo Daviess County dated May 28, 1853, proved Feb 11, 1854. Estate to executor William BOWDEN in trust for use and benefit of Jane HODGES whose maiden name was Jane GRIBBLE and who formerly resided in County Cornwall England, and came to the United States with me in the year 1842 and who has lived with me in Jo Daviess County for about 11 years, last past, and is now living with me and has been while living with me in Jo Daviess County as aforesaid called and designated as Jane ARTHUR or Mrs ARTHUR.

To mother Johanna ARTHUR proceeds of promissory note executed by William JAMES for $50.00.

Executor William BOWDEN.

Witnesses: William BOWDEN, William EVA, Thomas GRIFFITH, all residing at Gear Diggins, Jo Daviess County. (Page 111)


FERRIER, Thomas of Galena dated Feb 5, 1854 proved Apr 1, 1854.

To wife Helen FERRIER real estate of 157 acres located SW 1/4 Sec 6 T26N R2E [Hanover Township]. Also 160 acres in the NW 1/4 Sec 36 T27N R1E [Rice Township]. Also Lot 3 Temples Subdivision of Lot 8 in Block 21 West Galena. After death of wife to my children.

To daughter Isabella F. BLAIR $500,

to daughter Jane FERRIER $600,

to son Alexander M. FERRIER $1000,

to daughter Agnes H. FERRIER $500,

to son Thomas E. FERRIER $1000.

Executors: wife Helen FERRIER, son-in-law William BLAIR and son Alexander M. FERRIER.

Witnesses: Jeremiah WOOD, Isabella F. BLAIR and Jane FERRIER. (Page 114)


SPARKS, John of Hazel Green, Wisconsin, dated January 6, 1854, proved April 8, 1854.

To wife Ann SPARKS $480 in lieu of dower.

To son Thomas SPARKS one dun colored mare now in his keeping and $100.

To son Joseph SPARKS $100,

to dau Elizabeth SPARKS $50,

to dau Sarah SPARKS $50,

to brother Joseph SPARKS $200,

to son George SPARKS NW 1/4 Sec 23 T29N R2W [Menominee Township] and also W 1/2 W 1/2 Fract Sec 14 T29N R2W [Menominee Township].

Executors: George LIDDLE of Jamestown, Grant Co., WI who declines.

Witnesses: (all of Jamestown, WI) Joseph COPE, Ann BANBRIDGE and Samuel MERRICK. (Page 117)


CLARK, William of Jo Daviess County, age 50 years, dated June 14, 1853, proved May 8, 1854.

To sons James CLARK and Frederick CLARK of County of Surrey in England all my property.

Executor: Thomas HICKS of Jo Daviess County.

Witnesses: Robert H. McCLELLAN, Edwin RIPLEY and Elijah JONES. (Page 119)


KIRKBY, William of Jo Daviess County dated August 19, 1853, proved May 29, 1854. To Rev. Hooper CREWS of Galena, one square acre on which is erected a brick building called Mount Hope Church situated on my tract of land near my present residence in trust for the Methodist Episcopel Church Association.

To wife Sarah KIRKBY with whom I have lived 45 years all the rest of my estate. Executor: None named.

Witnesses: Charles S. HEMPSTEAD, John N. JEWETT. (Page 121)


DITELO, Nicholas of Galena, age 56 years, dated June 18, 1854, proved June 30, 1854. To wife Frances DITELO house and lot on Spring Street where I now live and personal property.

Executor: wife Frances DITELO.

Witnesses, all of Galena: Benjn COOMBE, H. RIECKMAN, Pierre LIELLIE. (Page 123)


HEMPSTEAD, William of Galena dated May 21, 1853 at St. Louis. Proved June 13, 1854. Body to be interred in Bellefontaine Cemetery near St. Louis. Remains of wife to be reintered to family burial place if her brother (Edgar M. BOUTON) and sister (Jane A. BOPUTON desire it. Following people named:

Son George Collier HEMPSTEAD, watch and library.

Daughter Mary Lisa HEMPSTEAD gold watch which belonged to her mother.

Daughter Maria Augusta HEMPSTEAD

Sisters: Mary LISA and Susan GRATIOT

William Hempstead BEEBE, son of Thomas H. BEEBE

William Hempstead STAHL, son of N:icholas STAHL

William Hempstead BROWN, son of Sherwood S. BROWN.

Thomas J. HEMPSTEAD of St. Louis Co. for benefit of my nephew, Edward L. HEMPSTEAD.

Brother Stephen HEMPSTEAD of Tennessee

William H. LORIMIER of Dubuque, son of Peter A. LORIMIER

Sister Sarah BEEBE for her son Edward H. BEEBE.

Nephews: Stephen HEMPSTEAD, Samuel H. HEMPSTEAD, Thomas J. HEMPSTEAD, Edward L. HEMPSTEAD, Bernard F. HEMPSTEAD, Charles H. GRATIOT, Edward H. GRATIOT.

Brother, Edward HEMPSTEAD, deceased

Thomas McKNIGHT of Dubuque

Sherwood S. BROWN

Cornelia G(?). WILSON daughter of my brother Thomas HEMPSTEAD.

Nephew Thomas H. BEEBE

South Presbyterian Church of Galena

Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church of US of A.

Executors: Nephew Thomas H. BEEBE and friend Thomas FOSTER of Galena and Charles D. DRAKE of St. Louis.

Witnesses: Wm. RENSHAM, Charles W. HEMPSTEAD.

Codicil dated June 10, 1854 and proved July 7, 1854. Has sold Wisconsin Lead Company by deed June 6 1854 all my mineral lands lying and adjoining Shullsburg (Wisc) which sale to be consummated in New York City on July 1, 1854. Adds following people:

Isabella BAKER and Catharine HEAD of McDonough Co., Ill.

Cornelia McKNIGHT and Sarah LORIMIER of Dubuque, daughters of brother Stephen HEMPSTEAD by his first wife.

Children of my sister Susan GRATIOT: Edward H. GRATIOT, Stephen H. GRATIOT, Eliza GRATIOT.

Children of my nephew Charles H. GRATIOT.

Thomas MOFFATT, Robert RENNICK, Margaret DONOLLY and Ann McCAIB for fidelity and faithfulness while in my service.

Adds Executors: Edward H. BEEBE of Galena to act with Thomas H. BEEBE of Chicago and Thomas FOSTER of Galena.

Witnesses: John BOGGS and Charles BLACKMAN. (Page 125)


McDUFFY, Andrew dated July 22, 1854, proved August 7, 1854.

All property to wife Catharine McDUFFY for her natural life or until her remarriage, then to daughter Catharine McDUFFY.

To son Andrew McDUFFY $12.00.

Executor: None given.

Witnesses: Amaziah WILLIAMS, Thomas STRONG. (Page 137)


BALLARD, Rollins E., dated July 13, 1854 proved August 11, 1854.

A large gravestone for myself and wife, also for my father and mother, and my wife's father and mother. Graves to be fenced with a good picket fence; posts to be of cedar.

To mother good and sufficient support while she shall live.

$300 to the Methodist Foreign Missionary Society.

Rest to be distributed equally among my brothers and sisters (not named)

Gives brother George BALLARD $300 more than his ratable share would be.

Executor: Luther MATHEWS.

Witnesses: Thos. E. CHAMPION, George W. FORD. (Page 138)


SPARE, James of Galena dated June 8, 1854, proved August 8, 1854.

The proceeds of the lumber in my lumber-yard shall be sold at private sale to be applied to the payment of all my debts (gives list of creditors and amount due which totals $20,570).

Remainder and lot 97 Water Street in Galena be sold for maintenance of my family. Divides lot 8 and lot 10 in Block 20 and lot 8 in School Section, among daughters Abigail Crane SPARE, Eliza Titcomb SPARE, and Sarah Lambert SPARE and son James Barber SPARE.

The balance of lot 8 and lot 6 shall be held in reserve as a Homestead for my wife Jane MEAD SPARE and children until my children shall all become of age.

Refers to a contract with David MEAD.

Executor: Jane Mead SPARE.

Witnesses: S. W. SWIFT and Henry C. PARK. (Page 139)


HAAG, Francis of Sauk Co., Wisc, age 43 years, dated August 21, 1854, will made at Galena. Proved August 28, 1854.

All estate to wife Rosiena HAAG.

Executor: Rosiena HAAG.

Witnesses Benj. COMBE and Ewen HILLMAN, both of Galena. (Page 143)


CROWELL, Sylvanus of Jo Daviess County, dated August 24, 1854, proved September 12, 1854.

To mother Polly HART $500.

To Jane TOWNSEND (no relationship given) $100 when she becomes 18 years old. Remainder to wife Joanna Jane CROWELL

Executors: Wife Joanna Jane CROWELL, John D. PARKES and George N. TOWNSEND.

Witnesses: Chancellor MARTIN, John D. PARKS. (Page 144)


RICK, Thomas of Jo Daviess County dated February 25, 1854, proved October 13,1854. To wife Sarah RICK the whole estate for her natural life.

At her death to descend to youngest son John RICK

sons Joseph RICK and William RICK, each $1.00 each already received full share

daughter Ann PAYNE, $1.00 has already received full share

daughter Sarah LEE $1.00 has already received full share.

Executor: wife, Sarah RICK.

Witnesses: Elliot C. HUGINS, Acting Justice of Peace of Grant Co., Wisc., Mary P. HUGINS, M.A. HUGINS. (Page 146)


MURTHA, John of Galena dated Sept 24, 1847, proved June 17, 1854 by Patrick MOORE and April 4, 1855 by Joseph KELSO. Ordered recorded on October 20, 1854. To friend Patrick WINSLOW 80 acre farm in Territory of Wisconsin: W 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 36 T5N R22E.

Executor: James FAGEN.

Witnesses: Patrick MOORE, Joseph KELSO, James FEGEN. (Page 148)

HARPER, Robert of Jo Daviess County, late of County of Monaghan, Ireland, dated January 31, 1850, proved January 26, 1856.

Bequeaths the legacy due me by virtue of my heirship to my beloved son John HARPER, deceased, to son Matthew HARPER who is pay my daughter Anne HENDERSON $10.00 at my decease to buy her a suit of mourning.

Executor: son Matthew HARPER and James GRAY, Sr.

Witnesses: John MILLER and James CUNNINGHAM. (Page 150)


McQUILLAN, Patrick of Jo Daviess Co., dated October 20, 1854, proved November 20, 1854.

To each of my several children an equal share in estate: Francis, Sarah, Margaret, Mary, and Catharine. The lot I now live on shall not be divided or sold until my daughter Catharine shall have become of age.

To my son Patrick McQUILLAN $1.00 and no more.

Executor: son Francis McQUILLAN.

Witnessess: H.W. FOLTZ, John ADAMS and James G. SOULARD. (Page 152)


SCHAFTER, Francis of Galena, age 44 years, dated November 23, 1854, proved Nov 29, 1854.

Bequeaths to my bar-keeper John PFUND who has been faithful and kind to me all the furniture and fixtures in the house where I now live and everything belonging to the grocery except the liquors that may be unsold.

To brother Jacob SCHAFTER the residue of my estate.

Executor: John BRENDEL (Hatter).

Witnesses: Benj. COOMBE and Will SCHUMM all of Galena. (Page 154)

Note: There were two men by the name of John Brendel in Galena. This John Brendel made hats.


TURNER, Adam of Guilford dated November 2, 1854, proved December 11, 1854. One-third of estate to wife Elizabeth B. TURNER.

The remaining two-thirds to be held until my youngest child becomes of age, and then to be divided by sixths: George TURNER, Jonah TURNER, Benjmain TURNER, Marjery A. TURNER, Mary J. TURNER, and Almeda J. TURNER.

Executor: Josiah PERKINS of Woodbine.

Witnesses: Ebenezer BALDWIN of Guilford, W. WEBB of Guilford and G. TOWN of Thompson. (Page 156)


WRIGHT, John of Jo Daviess County dated December 23, 1854 proved January 19, 1855.

To be buried on my own farm by the side of my deceased wife.

Only daughter Julia Alice WRIGHT to remain under the care and custody of her grandmother Roxana BLAIR and they continue to live on my farm. Land to go to daughter: Timber lot of 40 acres in the south part W 1/2 Sec 16 being Lot No. 6 in T29N R4E [Warren Township]. Also NW 1/4 NW /14 Sec 21 T29N R4E, NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 32 T29N R4E and part of the SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec 21 T29N R4E containing 90 1/3 acres [Warren Townhip]..

If daughter should die before the age of 21 years without issue, then to brothers Thomas WRIGHT and James WRIGHT of England.

Executors: Berri SERVISS and Roxana BLAIR.

Witnesses: Alexander GORDON, John KITTLEWELL and James TUFF. (Page 185)


BARNS, Ann of Galena dated August 31, 1853, proved February 8, 1855.

Body interred in Catholic graveyard on East side of Galena.

To Charles Dillon GRAY, a minor, son of Martin GRAY, Lot 53 on Franklin Street. Can not be sold. If he dies unmarried then to his siblings.

To niece Ellen GRAY, a minor, dau of Martin GRAY, Lot 47 on Franklin, partitioned 50 feet front, remaining 26 feet to my sister Catharine GRAY.

To brother John CAMPBELL $50.

To brother Patrick CAMPBELL in Ireland $100 and to his son Charles CAMPBELL $100.

To Patrick's daughters Mary CAMPBELL and Sarah CAMPBELL in case they visit Galena and live here, sister Catherine GRAY to divided equally between them as she may deem proper my bed, bedstead, burrow and half dozen chairs and closet.

CODICIL dated October 3, 1853..

John CAMPBELL of Galena $1.00. If he quit the practice of dissipation he is now addicted to, then I will him the reasonable support for the term of 3 months, but if he should still remain addicted to dissipation, then only $1.

To brother Patrick CAMPBELL in Ireland $25,

to nephew Charles CAMPBELL in Ireland $100.

CODICIL dated August 21, 1854.

To brother John CAMPBELL $5.00,

to brother Patrick CAMPBELL in Ireland $5.00.

To Mary GRAY $25.

Gives Charles GRAY full power over property willed to him when he reaches 21 years. Gives Ellen GRAY full power over property willed to her when she reaches 18 years. Executor: Bernard GRAY.

Witnesses: H.B. McGINNIS and Martin GRAY to will and codicils. David SMITH witnessed the will and first codicil. (Page 161)


HALL, Seth of Town of Arcadia, County of Wayne, NY, dated May 15, 1843, proved March 1, 1855.

97-2/3 acres land in Montville, Geauga Co., OH to brother Consider HALL and his son Seth HALL.

Consider HALL to pay my brother Davis HALL $100 and my sister Persis LELAND $40.

Gives to brother Davis HALL all right and title to the estate of my father William HALL, deceased, belonging to me, he is pay $100 to my niece, Abigail BALDWIN.

Witnesses: Abigail BALDWIN, Paul D. BALDWIN, Saloma BALDWIN.

Will proved in Jo Daviess County by Abigail GLOVER formerly Abigail BALDWIN. (Page 167)


FARRAR, Margaret of Galena, dated April 21, 1855, proved May 10, 1855.

To my step-mother Sophia FARRAR all my estate.

Executor: Sophia FARRAR. Witnesses: Henry C. PARK and Samuel TAYLOR. (Page 169)


COE, Isaac of Galena, dated June 5, 1855, proved Aug 22, 1855.

To third daughter Alma C. SICKELS and my son Henry COE household furniture and wearing apparel except my medical and other books and medicines to be divided among my heirs.

$500 to sons of Alma C. SICKELS $500, if they shall enter the ministry in connection with Old School Presbyterian Church.

to granddaughter Eliza B. SHARP, $50 per year for ten years

to nephew Rev. Charles AXTELL, $200.

to son Henry J. COE, $1000. As I expect to make my home with my son Henry J. COE during the remainder of my life, I give and bequeath to him the use of my real estate in said City of Galena for the term of 4 years after my decease.

One-third of remaining monies for benevolent and pious uses not to exceed $1000. One-third of the two-thirds to invest with the income to the children of my deceased daughter Maria or to their heirs.

Remaining one-third of the two-thirds to son Henry J. COE

The other one-third to daughter Alma C. SICKELS.

Executors: son-in-law James M. RAY of Indiana, son-in-law William SICKELS of Indiana, son Henry J. COE of Galena.

Witnesses: Nicholas STAHL and Thomas FOSTER.

William SICKLE and James M. RAY relinquished their right as executors in favor of Henry J. COE on Sept. 10, 1855. (Page 171)


MAGBY, James of Jo Daviess County, dated July 10, 1855, proved July 20, 1855.

To wife Elizabeth MAGBY and daughter Artemisa MAGBY all live stock, household furniture and other articles of personal property.

$5.00 each to daughters Narcissa LOVE, Barbara COLLIGAN, Nancy MURRAY, Catharine DODGE and Mary Ann ALGAR and to granddaughter Sarah Elizabeth MAGBY.

To sons Manning MAGBY and Nicholas MAGBY the farm on which we now reside in N 1/2 NE 1/4 Section 4 Township 28N R1E, also the SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 4 and SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 4 (West Galena Township) containing 140 acres.

Executrix: wife Elizabeth MAGBY.

Witnesses: P.M. WILMARTH, E.M. BOUTON and William READ (Page 176)


MOORE, James, of Jo Daviess County, dated October 8, 1855, proved November 3, 1855.

$50.00 towards building a meeting house at the Log meeting house in the same section of my own land.

One-third of estate to wife Jane MOORE.

To following children one-eighth of two-thirds of estate: eldest son William MOORE, second son Robert MOORE, third son Charles MOORE, fourth son Samuel MOORE, fifth son George MOORE, sixth son Thomas MOORE, seventh son James MOORE, eighth son Josiah MOORE. Can not be sold or divided until the youngest comes to age. Executors: Charles MOORE and Joseph MARTIN.

Witnesses: Joseph MARTIN and Charles MOORE. (page 178)


LIBERT, Cosmon of Guilford Township, dated June 20, 1855, proved July 19, 1855.

To wife Mary LIBERT one-third of all produce of my farm during her life time, one horse to be kept on the farm, four cows, four head of hogs every year, also 40 chickens, also sufficient wood for fuel.

My farm to be divided equally to sons Andrew LIBERT and Nicholas LIBERT located in SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Section 16 and the NW 1/4 SW 1/4 T28N R2E [Guilford Township] To Frederick LIBERT $300 (no relationship given)

To daughter Avy LIBERT $200,

To Margaret HARE $33-1/3 (no relationship given)

To Mary Margaret MILLER $33-1/3 (no relationship given)

To Barbary KOLP $33-1/3, (no relationship given)

To son Nicholas LIBERT one yearling colt,

to son Andrew LIBERT one yearling heifer.

Executor: Bartham KELLER.

Witnesses: Henry D. SAFFORD and Frederick SHULTZ. (Page 180)


READ, John of Galena, dated December 15, 1855, proved January 7, 1856.

$50 to my honored mother-in-law Mrs. Hill in testimony of the great regard I have for her and the sense I have of her kindness and attention towards me in this my present sickness.

To wife Caroline READ one-third part of my estate.

To infant son John READ all the rest. If he shall die, than his share to a suitable monument or tombstone over my grave to be commemorative, not only of my own, but of the graves of my family, of my Father's and his family buried or interred in the same cemetery or burying ground. Wife Caroline READ to have custody of infant son. Executor: brother William READ.

Witnesses: James TEMPLE and John A. RAWLINS. (Page 182)


DAVIS, Evan of East Galena Township dated November 5, 1855, proved December 18, 1855.

All of estate to wife Elizabeth DAVIS.

Executor: wife Elizabeth DAVIS.

Witnesses: Richard EVANS and Thomas BURTON. (Page 185)


COYNE, Michael, dated January 5, 1856, proved February 5, 1856.

To sister Mary COYNE all personal property and real estate.

$5.00 to brother Thomas COYNE

$5.00 to sister Ann COYNE.

No Executor named.

Witnesses: James GRACE and Michael GRACE. (Page 187)


WATERS, John, of Galena, dated Dec 21, 1855, proved Feb. 12, 1856.

To wife Mary Ann WATERS all property.

After youngest child reaches 21 years, property to be divided with one-third for wife and the rest divided in 5 equal parts for children: Susan WATERS, Jane WATERS, Rosanna WATERS, Isabella WATERS, Frances WATERS.

Executrix: wife Mary Ann WATERS.

Witnesses: Henry C. PARKS and Sarah M. NETTLETON both of Galena. (Page 188)


DEVLIN, Charles of Jo Daviess County, dated Feb. 8, 1856, proved Feb 28, 1856.

All estate to wife Mary DEVLIN.

Exectrix: wife Mary DEVLIN.

Witnesses: Michael CONOUGHY and Bernard NOLAN. (Page 190)


HATFIELD, Elizabeth of Galena, dated April 22, 1856, proved May 6, 1856.

To sister Jane HATFIELD my poll parrott, gold watch, side saddle, $100, 1/2 household goods and 1/3 of house and lot on Gear Street.

To sister Lidia HATFIELD, 1/2 of household goods and 1/3 of house and lot.

To brother Edward HATFIELD, 1/3 of house and lot.

Executor: Bushrod B. HOWARD.

Witnesses: Richard H. JACKSON, John (his X mark) GALLAGER, John (his X mark) CAVENAUGH (Page 192)


MOORE, David of Jo Daviess County, dated May 9, 1856, proved May 16, 1856.

To wife Martha MOORE one-third of estate.

To daughter Eldora Tease MOORE remaining two-thirds. Martha to have income until Eldora reaches 21 years.

Executrix: Martha MOORE.

Witnesses: Wm. C. BOSTWICK and Adam L. TELFORD.

Codicil dated May 9, 1856 clarifies rights of wife and daughter. (Page 194)


RABLIN, Henry of Galena, 42 years, dated July 7, 1856, proved July 19, 1856.

To wife Lavinia RABLIN household furniture and lot 32 on Franklin St. where I now reside.

To brother William RABLIN property held in common plus 40 acres in Iowa Co., Wisc. situated near Diamond Grove, two acres near Mineral Point and 2 shares of Mineral Point railroad stock.

To sister Fanny THOMAS $1000 and her sons Josiah THOMAS, James THOMAS and Martin THOMAS $100 each and her daughters Sarah JAMES and Anne THOMAS $50 each.

To brother James RABLIN release of his debts to me and $100.

To brother Richard RABLIN $100

To sister Jane HENWOOD $100.

To William H. BLEWITT (no relationship given) now in California $100.

To mother Sarah RABLIN $50 each and every year during her natural life.

To Lavinia BLEWEITT (no relationship given) lot in Galena near Nicholas DOWLING foundry upon which there is a paint shop which I own.

To Caroline WEBB (no relationship given) a lot on Franklin St.

To John RABLIN, son of Henry, a gold watch.

To Henry F. BLACK (no relationship given) $1000.

To brother John RABLIN residue of real estate, he is to pay legacies within six months. Executors: John LORRAIN of Galena and Henry F. BLACK of Wisconsin.

Witnesses: Richard H. McClellan, John T. COOK, J.N. CRUMBACKER all of Galena. (Page198)


SIMMONS, Adam of Jo Daviess County, dated September 4, 1855, proved August 26, 1856.

To wife Mary SIMMONS all personal estate and rents incomes and profits of all my real estate during her natural life..

All real estate to three sons: Charles SIMMONS, Permina SIMMONS, Leonard SIMMONS.

Permina SIMMONS since he attained 21 years has remitted to me from California $550 If he should claim the repayment of all or any part, it should be deducted from the bequest herein made to him and shall enure in equal shares to Charles amd Leonard SIMMONS.

Charles, Permina and Leonard shall pay in equal proportions the sum of $250 annually to my sons Michael SIMMONS, Jacob SIMMONS and Andrew SIMMONS, and to my daughter Betsy POST, wife of Lorenzo POST .

Also they to pay to my grandchildren $50 each: Wallace SIMMONS, Mortimer SIMMONS child of David SIMMONS, deceased.

Executrix: wife Mary SIMMONS.

Witnesses: B.F. FELT, Wm. FIDDICK, John FIDDICK all of Galena (Page 203)


KAISER, Nicholas Jr. of Town of Menominee, Jo Daviess County, dated July 23, 1856, proved August 27, 1856.

To Father Nicholas KAISER and mother Christian KAISER $900 consisting of notes from John EWEN for $200, Mathias EWEN, bill $93.50, Christian WIDERHOLT $200, mortgage to Anton and Elizabeth WEIGEL $400.

All the rest of estate to legal heirs.

No executor named.

Witnesses: Aug. SWITZER, William ARMSTRONG, Mach (his X mark) WELTER of Menominee Tp. (Page 206)


COYLE, Patrick of Jo Daviess County, dated November 24, 1851, proved August 15, 1856.

To wife Catharine COYLE for her natural life or until remarriage one-third of farm on which we reside W 1/2 frac Section 15 and NW 1/4 Section 22 T29N R2W [Dunleith Township] and 80 acres in Grant County, Wisconsin - SE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec 33 and SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 34 T1 R2N.

Other two-thirds to children: Francis COYLE, Thomas COYLE, Elizabeth COYLE, John COYLE, Peter COYLE, Mary COYLE and Catharine COYLE.

Executor: Thomas McKNIGHT of Dubuque.

Witnesses: T.S. WILSON and D.S. WILSON (page 208)


PATE, Thomas of Jo Daviess County, dated July 12, 1856, proved September 16, 1856. To wife Temperance PATE all estate, at her decease to children: Davey S. PATE, Robert F. PATE, Alexander PATE, Susan PATE and Sarah PATE.

Executrix: wife Temperance PATE.

Witnesses: Wm. C. BOSTWICK and Adam S. TELFORD. (Page 210)


WHITE, Joseph of Galena, dated August 4, 1856, proved August 12, 1856. Will was dictated to James FITZGIBBON and John DILLON.

"It is my wish that the sum of fifty Dollars to be paid to the Church, and also the sum of fifty Dollars to be paid to the Orphan Asylum out of my Estate, and the remainder of my property. It is my wish that my sister Bridget SNYDER shall have all of my property during her life, and at her death, there to revert and go to my Nephews".

No executor named.

Witnesses: John C. GARDNER and Thos. ROSSITER (Page 212)

BENSON, Bernard of Menominee Town, dated August 29, 1856, proved November 1, 1856.

To wife Rosina BENSON whole property, moveable and immovable. At her death to be divided amongst the three children: John BENSON, Joseph BENSON and Mary Anne BENSON.

No executor named.

Witnesses: Clemens MANEMAN and F. HERGRAVE. (Page 214)


GRAHAM, John of town of Mann [Vinegar Hill Twp], Jo Daviess Co., dated September 19, 1856, proved November 5, 1856.

To wife Hannah GRAHAM the undivided one-half of two tracts of land. A portion of the E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 25 in fractional T29N R1W containing 22 acres. Also N 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 36 T29N R1W [all in Vinegar Hill Township]

After her death the land to my third son Thomas GRAHAM. He is to pay his brothers and sisters:

George GRAHAM $50,

youngest son Joseph GRAHAM $500,

Mrs. Mary Ann ATKISSON, wife of William ATKISSON $140,

sixth child Hannah GRAHAM $150,

youngest daughter Margaret GRAHAM $150.

Executrix: wife Hannah GRAHAM

Witnesses: Jacob DOXEY, John THOMPSON. (Page 215)


JESSUP, Frederick S., late of Dubuque County, Iowa, dated April 5, 1856, proved November 11, 1856.

To mother (not named) $3000 per annum. If she dies before marriage of my sister Sarah JESSUP, then she is to have $1000 per year.

To brother ARTHUR JESSUP $5000.

To Miss Mary Ann LEAVENWORTH of Westport, Connecticut my school teacher $200 per annum for five years.

To Frederic J. STIMPSON when he is 21 years old $5000 now invested in the firm of CAMPBELL STIMPSON & Co., which is to remain in said firm for five years.

To Charles Mortimer JESSUP, son of Richard M. and Annie B. JESSUP - $1000.

To Patrick KING of Dubuque $250 for his faithful service.

To Lizette HYDE $100.

To Morris T. JESSUP, Platt SMITH and Louis BOISOT residue of estate in trust to be used for the poor of the city of Dubuque.

The business of the firm of F.S. JESSUP & Co. to be continued by trustees if they think best.

Executors: Above trustees. Recommends to trustees that John H. KEIN and Louis BOISAT to succeed to the business of the firm of F.S. JESSUP and trustees to loan them $10,000 for a period three to five years to enable them to carry on the business. Witnesses: W.W. WOOLSEY and Asa HORR.

Codicil dated April 5, 1856.

In case the wife of my brother Richared Mortimer JESSUP becomes a widow previous to the year 1862, I hereby brequeath $600 per year.

Probated at the November term 1856 of Dubuque County Court. (Page 218)


BUCHANAN, Henry of Jo Daviess Co., dated October 22, 1855, proved January 10, 1857.

To son James BUCHANAN all my estate except

To daughter Margaret EASTMAN $1.00,

To daughter Betsey SULLIVAN $1.00,

To daughter Mary BENNETT $1.00,

To daughter Sarah HENDERSHOT $1.00.

Executor: son James BUCHANAN.

Witnesses: Patton McMALLON, H.B. McGINNIS. (Page 221)


GRACE, William of Jo Daviess County, dated January 14, 1857, proved January 22, 1857.

To sister Nancy GRACE residue of estate and to collect from the estate of my brother Edward GRACE, deceased, what may be coming to me

Executors are to sell what stock there may be on hand in my store on Main Street in Galena to pay debts. If insufficient funds then use my farm about eight miles from Galena.

To St. Michaels Roman Catholic Church $100. .

Executors: Dennis GALVIN and Michael GORMAN all of Galena. Dennis GALVIN declined to serve.

Witnesses: H.B. McGINNIS, Thomas BERMINGHAM. (Page 223)


EBY, Jacob of Nora Township, no date, proved March 4, 1857.

To wife Susannah EBY 80 acres on which I reside with all household and kitchen furniture, also horses, cows and hogs, and wagon and harness. Also east one-half of the 40 acres of timber land which I purchased of J. SMALL.

To son George EBY 70 acres on which he resides together with the 10 acres of the SE part of the 40 acres of timber land which I got from Michael TAUBER.

To daughter Anna BOWMAN $800 to be given to her March 1, 1858, which is to be invested in land for her plus 10 acres timber land lying between George EBY and David BOWMAN, also $100 on March 1, 1857.

Grandchildren Mary and David BINGHAM $400 each,

son-in-law William BINGHAM $1.00,

grandchildren Peter, Jacob and Samuel EBY $100 each.

Rest to be divided among my six surviving children: Samuel, Mary, Enoch, George, Jacob and Anna.

Executors: wife Susannah EBY and Enoch EBY.

Witnesses: Jane RHODES and Henry EBY (Page 226)


JARBOIS (GARBOIS), Joseph of Jo Daviess County, dated July 18, 1849, proved February 13, 1857.

Land to grandson John Batreas JOFART commencing at the southwest corner of my place run east 25 rods then north until you come to the state line then west until you come to Laurence JARBOIS property. Also one cow and calf and one silver watch, this his mother is to have as long as she lives, and at her death it is to be his.

Remaining land to son James JARBOIS and Mary Ann COLLIN (no relationship given).

To son James JARBOIS 3 steers and my horse and waggon, he is to keep him two years then he is to go to Mary JARBOIS.

To son James JARBOIS all household furniture and poultry and right of my house for two years.

Executor: none named.

Witnesses: J.D. RAWLINS, Francis VARING, Anton RUFFNER (Page 229)


PINGEL, Heinreich dated December 20, 1856, proved June 6, 1857, translated from German for the court by George KANMAN.

"I Heinrich Pingel make known herewith my last will and declare the same as testament, at the same time I recall all testaments before made, and order all my present property moveable & immoveable moneys, notes, lands et cetera, what in time of mine death I possess and shall be found belonging to me, that mine lawfull wife Doris PINGEL bron KLOTH is the only heiress of mine inheritage nevertheless all debts which shall be found after mine death to pay, as also the funeral Expenses, but this is only valid unless my wife Doris PINGEL WILON thus remains without a husband, or unmarried, in case she shall marry again, so shall the property be divided in three parts, and one part to fall to mine lawfull wife, one part to mine daughter Catharine PINGEL, the third part to mine son Carl PINGEL. Also my wife shall pay five Dollars to Fredericka WOLLTER and of the inheritage, if she should announce herself as legat of Heinrich Pingel but in case my wife shall marry again before my children of age then she shall choose a Guardian and to convey to him the care for them, that the money is regular put out on interest and that the children have their just hereditary share. "

Witnesses: Wilhelm KLOTH, George RASS (RAP?), George DUENSH or DUENISH. (Page 231)


GOULD, Thomas of Jo Daviess County, dated February 22, 1857, proved July 9, 1857. To old partner Patrick WALLACE of Jo Daviess County all my real and personal property.

Executor: none named.

Witnesses: William B. GREEN, Thomas (his X mark) QUINN. (page 234)


GOODBURN, George of Council Hill, age 50 years, dated July 21, 1857, proved August 4, 1857.

To sons Henry J. GOODBURN and John A. GOODBURN the remaining portion of the E 1/2 SE 1/4 Section 22 [Council Hill Township] being my homestead containing about 75 acres. They can not sell until son John A. GOODBURN shall have attained the age of 21 years.

To daughter Ann, wife of Samuel KEVERN $100.

To daughter Mary Jane GOODBURN $300.

Executor: Thomas B. LEEKLY.

Witnesses: Benjn. COOMBE of Galena, James ALDERSON of Grant Hill. (Page 236)


MATTHEWS, William D. of Nora, age 29 years, dated June 16, 1857, proved September 7, 1857.

To mother Caroline ROBBINS $300.

To uncle George HAYDEN of Stephenson Co. all my estate.

Executor: Thomas E. CHAMPION, Esqr.

Witnesses: Thos. E. CHAMPION, Byron G. PIERCE, Jacob SIGLIN. (Page 239)


BEAN, Thomas of Galena, dated February 15, 1854, proved September 22, 1857.

All of estate to wife Ann BEAN.

Executor: Ann BEAN.

Witnesses: Seth BARBER and John Gird SPECKMAN both of Galena. Seth BARBER made a deposition to prove the will from Goodhue County, Minnesota. (Page 241)


NEAVAIN, William of Galena, dated September 2, 1857, proved October 6, 1857.

To sons William NEAVAIN and George NEAVAIN all person property and real estate, being a part of a fraction of the NE 1/4 of Section 24 south and west of the old limits of the City of Galena in T28N R1W [detail boundary description in will]. Also Lot 3 in Block 59 in City of Galena.

Executors: Michael McCARTHY and Patrick NOLAN.

Witnesses: A. WIEREICH, John A. RAWLINS, Thomas MULLIGAN, all of Galena. (Page 243)


MOUZIER, Joseph of Jo Daviess County, dated March 29, 1854, will was filed on October 9, 1857 and proved May 19, 1858.

To son Augustus MOUZIER all my estate.

Executor: Augustus MOUZIER. Witnesses: Benjn COOMBS, Paul BEEZON. (Page 246)


SANDFORD, John F. A., merchant, late of the city of New York, dated January 9, 1855, proved July 23, 1857 in New York County.

Mentions wife Isabel SANDFORD and children, not named.

Executors: brother-in-law Frederick C. GEBHARD of New York City, merchant, and Samuel L.M. BARLOW of New York City, counsellor at law.

Witnesses: Thos Beebz (Bubz?) of West Hobocken, New Jersey , George R.D. Bowdoin of New York City, William B. Harrison of New York City (Page 247)


ARMSTRONG, William of Hanover, age 63 years on September 7th next, dated August 4, 1857, proved January 20, 1858.

To Mary NYE and Cara NYE, children of my daughter Julia Ann NYE, deceased, $250 each.

To granddaughter Julia Ann ARMSTRONG, daughter of my son Lewis C. ARMSTRONG, deceased, $250.

To wife Nancy ARMSTRONG personal property and 40 acres for her natural life known as the homestead NW 1/4 SE 1/4 Section 28 T26N R2E [Hanover Township].

To son-in-law James HUNT 80 acres S 1/2 NW 1/4 and N 1/2 SW 1/4 and S 1/2 NE 1/4 and N 1/2 SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 28 T 26N R2E (Hanover Township). He is to pay bequests to granddaughters.

To son William Riley ARMSTRONG 40 acres in N 1/2 E 1/2 SE 1/4 Section 28 T26N R2E (Hanover Township), also $200.

To son Guyan S. ARMSTRONG 40 acres in S 1/2 E 1/2 SE 1/4 Section 28 T26N R2E (Hanover Township) pluc $200.

To son-in-law Francis JENKS 60 acres in NW 1/4 NE 1/4 and E 1/2 NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 Section 34 T26N R2E34 (Hanover Township), he is to pay William Riley ARMSTRONG's legacy.

To daughter Mary COOPER 60 acres in SW 1/4 NE 1/4 and E 1/2 SE 1/4 NW 1/4 of Section 34 T26N R2E (Hanover Township), she is to pay Guyon ARMSTRONG's legacy.

To son Francis Marion ARMSTRONG 40 acres in S 1/2 SW 1/4 NE 1/4 and S 1/2 SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 28 T26N R2E (Hanover Township) and upon the death of my wife Nancy ARMSTRONG the 40 acres devised to her.

Executor: none named. Witnesses:

John A. RAWLINS, Mathew MARVIN, David SHEAN, all of Galena (Page 252)


REDFEARN, Francis, of Jo Daviess County, dated June 15, 1857, proved February 2, 1858.

To wife Ruth REDFEARN all the income and property untill her death and then to my children.

To son John REDFEARN $1.00,

To daughter Ann REDFEARN $150,

To son Peter REDFEARN $1.00.

To children Francis REDFEARN, Joseph REDFEARN, Elizabeth REDFEARN, Peggy REDFEARN, Ruth REDFEARN an equal undivided share of all my property effects that I may be possessed of at the time of my death and my wife's death.

Executor: none named.

Witnesses: William LEVITT, Ann LEAVITT, Erastus FARNHAM (Page 255)


RODEWIG, George N., dated January 22, 1858, proved February 20, 1858

To wife Anna Maria RODEWIG, one-third of real estate and personal property, 79.28 acres in part of the SW 1/4 Section 6 T28 R1W (Menominee Township) and 80 acres in W 1/2 SE 1/4 Sectiion 1 T28 R2W (Menominee Township).

Balance to children Adam RODEWIG and Caroline RODEWIG.

Executor: wife, Anna Maria RODEWIG.

Witnesses: John H. HELMAN, Anton ROSEMEIER, Louis ZOELLER. (Page 257)


WHITHAM, Joseph, dated June 13, 1845, proved January 6, 1847. Was not recorded in proper place, the heirs of the said deceased now come this 10th day of March 1858 and ask that the same be recorded on the Record of Wills.

To wife Ann WHITHAM all of estate to be divided at her death.

To daughter Sarah Goodell RICE, one-fourth part.

To son William WHITHAM, one-fourth part.

To daughter Salina EDWARDS, one-fourth part.

To grandson George Rice EDWARDS, son of Salina EDWARDS, one-fourth part in trust until age 21 years.

Executor: wife Ann WHITHAM.

Witnesses: John McKINLEY, James HOSKING, Wm. C. BOSTWICK (Page 259)


MINI, Francis of Galena, dated February 27, 1858, proved March 9, 1858.

Houses and lots located Lot 7 and 8 East Gratiot Street on which I reside in the City of Galena to Peter MORELLO, Joseph MONTI, Paul MORELLO and Frederick MORELLO to share and share alike. They will have to pay the Deed of Trust on the property in favour of William J. QUANN for $340.00.

Executors: Joseph MONTI, Peter MORELLO.

Witnesses: John W. CAMPBELL, Adolph KNOCKE, K. KLINE (Page 263)


SMITH, Michael, dated April 27, 1855, proved April 3, 1858.

To son Edward SMITH my interest in three eights of real estate, two mares, one horse and two colts, all my stock of black cattle, all my farming implements with all the stock of hogs at present on the place.

He is to pay to his mother Judy SMITH $300.00 and one cow.

To wife Judy SMITH 24 acres of the SW 1/4 Sec 6 T27 with the use of one room in the east end of the house for her own accommodation during life and at the expiration of her life is to fall into the possession of my son Edward SMITH.

If sd Edward SMITH and his Mother Judy SMITH don't choose to live together I bind sd Edward SMITH to give to his Mother Judy SMITH as much potatoes flour and pork as may be deemed sufficient for her suport yearly with a sufficent quantity of fire wood left at the house and prepared for use.

No Executor named.

Witnesses: John (his X mark) McGough, Peter McGough (Page 265)


DAVEY, Grace, dated April 7, 1857 , proved April 7, 1858. Copy of will of Grace Davey.

"I Grace Davey of the Parish of Duloe in the County of Cornwall (Widow) do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in the following manner. I give and bequeath my son Will HIGMAN the sum of 100 pounds of lawfull money of Great Britain and which is now placed in the East Cornwall Bank at Liskeard. And I also nominate and appoint the said William HIGMAN (now in America) the whole and sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament."

Witnesses: Absolom HEATHMAN, Jane HEATHMAN (Page 267)


BALL, William Senior of Elizabeth, dated January 24, 1858 , proved April 15, 1858. Bequeaths estate to his wife (not named). After her death to be divided as follows.

To the heirs of my deceased son Brinsly BALL $5.00

To my grand daughter Rachel Ann BALL one bed and bedding

The remainder to be divided equally between John BALL, Joel BALL, Fantly BALL, Jopheth BALL and Lucy WILLIAMS.

Executors: John BALL and George WILLIAMS.

Witnesses: Davis ROBINSON, Henry (his X mark) LOWERY, Brinsly BALL (Page 271)


CLIFF, John Senior, dated December 18, 1854, proved July 22, 1858

To my three daughters Mary CHAPMAN, Grace DOWAY and Sarah Stevens REYNOLDS each the sum of $20.00

To my wife Chassay CLIFF the remaining personal and real estate during her natural life.

Remainder to my son John CLIFF

Executrix: Chassay CLIFF.

Witnesses: H. GREEN, Wm GOLDTHORP (Page273)


JOHNSTON, Edward N., of the City of Albany in the County of Albany and State of New York Teacher, dated August 9, 1854, proved September 29, 1858.

Gives all my estate to wife Eliza JOHNSTON.

Executor, brother-in-law, James R. BELDON.

Witnesses: Chalres W. MILLER, M. Earl DUNHAM, both of East Guilford Chenango County, N.Y. Charles W. Miller now of Jo Daviess County made a affidavit on September 29, 1858 that he signed as witness. M. Earl DUNHAM gives deposition at Oneida County, New York on October 7, 1858 to prove will. (Page 275)


WEBER, Lorenz, of Galena, dated May 6, 1858, proved October 2, 1858

To wife Elizabeth the house and lots on which I now reside described as lots number 2 and 3 in Block 7 in James G. Soulards Addition to the City of Galena.

Exectrix: wife Elizabeth WEBER.

Witnesses: Charles R. BENNETT, John Adam NACK and Lewis ZOELLER, J.P. (Page 278)


HENNEY, Jane, dated October 17, 1856, proved October 9, 1858.

Being advanced in years and about to leave the said County and State for the City of Philadelphia, and being impressed with the danger of travelling to one of my age, and with the great uncertainty of human life at any age, do make this my last will and testament..

To my daughter Nancy BELL of Kingston in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pa, widow of James BELL deceased, and to heirs forever the whole of my property both real and personal.

Executrix: Nancy BELL

Witnesses: Wellington WEIGLEY and Alfred .H. JOHNSON. Henry C. PARK attests to Alfred H. JOHNSON's signature. (Page 280)


BRANTON, Henry of Council Hill, age 48 years on November 3, 1858, dated November 8, 1858, proved December 5, 1858.

To wife Alice BRANTON to my children Henry E. BRANTON, Georgiana BRANTON, Thomas BRANTON, Caroline BRANTON and John BRANTON all real and personal estate. Several parcels in T29N R1E (Council Hill Township). Wife Alice BRANTON to act as guardian of children.

To daughter Alice Ann BRANTON, $1.00 and nothing else that I have always given her all that I could in justice to my other children.

Executrix: wife Alice BRANTON.

Witnesses: William PASSMORE and William JAMES both residing at Council Hill. (Page 282)


LAIRD, Samuel dated April 3, 1854, proved December 18, 1858.

To daughter Eliza, wife of James MILLER of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the sum of $500. To granddaughter Catharine McWILLIAMS $1.00.

To sons Nathaniel LAIRD and James LAIRD the rest of residue of my estate.

Executor: James LAIRD

Witnesses: Andrew BLAIR, Andrew VIRTUE and Benjamin COOMBE.

Codicil dated November 18, 1858

To grand daughter Catharine McWILLIAMS $50.

To wife $150 annually in lieu of dower.

In view of the altered circumstances of my two sons Nathaniel LAIRD and James LAIRD, I hereby revoke my bequest to my two said sons, jointly, and instead thereof, I give and bequeath to my son Nathaniel LAIRD the sum of $100. Gives to son James LAIRD all the residue of estate.

Witnesses: R. S. NORRIS, Jonathan YOUNG, Andrew WATSON (Page 286)


BEAIRD, William M. dated November 5, 1853, age 34 years, of Nevada County, California, the original will recorded in Nevada County, California on December 31, 1853.

To mother Cecilia BEAIRD of Columbia, Illinois, $300.

To wife Rachael BEAIRD $500.

To daughter Harriet A. BEAIRD now residing near Chilicothe, Ohio, the remainder of estate. If daughter dies before she comes of age, then the estate to mother, Cecilia. If both die, then three-eights of estate to brother V. L. BEAIRD who is in the City of Nevada, one-eight to brother S. M. BEAIRD, two-eights to cousin Harriet FRIBBY, the widow of Dr. FIRBBY, deceased, and two remaining eights to her sister Caroline STATTON who resides in Winchester, Illinois.

Executors: Dr. Wm. J. KNOX and Edward L. CODY of Nevada, California and also guardians of daughter.

Witnesses: Hamilton DAVIS, Shuman W. FLETCHER, Geo. W. KIDD all of Nevada County (Page 290)


McMAHAN, Simon of Galena, age 54 years , dated Feb 14, 1859 , proved April 11, 1859.

To wife Mary McMAHAN all the real and personal estate during her natural life in lieu of dower.

To my son John McMAHAN $1.00.

To my daughters Ellen, Bridget, Mary, Margaret and Eliza McMAHAN the sum of equal division of all my estate after the death of my wife Mary MAHAN.

Executrix, wife Mary McMAHAN.

Witnesses: John BERMINGHAM, Charles SSCHMOEGER, Michael McGEE, all of Galena. (Page 292)


McDONNOLD, Alexander, dated April 3, 1859, proved April 21, 1859.

To wife Ann McDONNOLD all my real estate for the term of her life. NW 1/2 SW 1/2 Sec 30 T28N R2E 40 acres and NE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec 30 T28 R2E containing 40 acres [Guilford Township].

The real estate at her death to son Bernard McDONNOLD.

To son Thomas McDONNOLD $1.00 if demanded.

Executor: Ann McDONNOLD.

Witnesses: John MOHAN, Hugh MOHAN, Michael FOLEY. (Page 294)


WALLIS, Noah W., dated April 16, 1859, proved April 22, 1859.

To wife Elizabeth WALLIS during her natural life or until our youngest child becomes of age all the property I am now seized of both real and personal.

It should then be divided equally between my children Cecelia F. WALLIS, Nicholas C. WALLIS, Noah WALLIS, Richard H. WALLIS and John A. WALLIS. Part of the E 1/2 Sec 13 T29 R1W. [Vinegar Hill Township]

Executrix: wife Elizabeth WALLIS.

Witnesses: J. M. CHANDLER, William M. OSBORNE. (Page 296)


WILLIAMS, Mary, of the Town of Pleasant Valley, dated December 6, 1857, proved May 23, 1859.

To eldest son William S. WILLIAMS, $1.00 and to John A. WILLIAMS $1.00, having already conveyed by deed to them what I esteemed their respective shares.

To my three daughters Betsey E. NASH, Mary Ann VANDERLINDER, and Phebe S. MYERS all the rest of my estate real and personal, to be divided equally between them share and share alike.

Executors: son William S. WILLIAMS, John C. VANDELINDER and Soloman MYERS

Witnesses: Wm. RICHARDS of Stockton, Daniel EATON of Pleasant Valley (Page 298)


LAWHORN, John, of the Town of Pleasant Valley, dated April 20, 1858, proved May 31, 1859.

To wife Mary Jane LAWHORN shall have full possession of all my property as long as she shall remain my widow, and then whatever shall remain shall fall to each of my natural heirs [not named] share and share alike.

Executrix: wife Mary Jane LAWHORN.

Witnesses: John C. VANDELINDER, Soloman MYERS, both of Pleasant Valley. (Page 300)

PILCHER, James, of the Town of Hanover, dated February 11, 1854, proved June 6, 1859.

Estate to wife [not named] during her natural life and after her death to be divided as follows (relationship not given):

To Margret Adams CALMES, one bed,

To Minerva Dawson PILCHER 10 cows and all the kitchen and household furniture. Remainder to Lewis Alexander PILCHER.

Executor: none named, Peyton James PILCHER appointed July 25, 1859

Witnesses: William HUNT of Hanover, Moses MOREHOUSE of Bellview, Jackson County, Iowa. (Page 302)

Smith, John H., of the Town of Nora, age 66 years 5 months and 19 days, dated January 15, 1858, proved June 22, 1859.

to daughter Sylvina $50.00,

to daughter Mary Ann $50.00,

to son John $100.00,

to son William $100.00,

to son Albert $100,

to son Henry $50,

to son Peter $100,

to son Chancy $45.00 and his note which I hold for $50.00

to daughter Susanah $50.00,

to daughter Sophia $100.00,

to daughter Julia Ann $100.00.

To wife Gemima SMITH, all real and personal estate to wife Gemima for her natural life or so long as she shall remain my widow and after her decease or after she shall cease to be my widow, to my Stephen SMITH.

Executor: none named.

Witnesses: J. W. WILKERSON and Deloss W. L. TROWESDALE, both of Nora (Page 304)


GEBHARDT, Johann, born the 9th day of February 1803 at Weissmein upper Mein district Kingdom Bavarian, proved August 18, 1859. Written in German and translated by Christopher E. SANDERS for the Probate Court.

"My Corps shall without show and still without music nevertheless to be followed by a wagons (Carriages) from the house to the grave, that is my will so far. To avoid all quarrels, which generally after the death of a single man can occur, and therefore I have free and independent put down my wishes, that after my death can be acted according to the same ?. The heirs are my Sisters children and Fritrich HATZEL each one equal share, my Sisters children are descendants of Michael GREINER (GRUN or GREINE)".

Note: the several spellings for Michael's surname was given by the translator.

Executor: none designated.

Witnesses: Rudolph SPEIER and Joachim HENNICK. (Page 306)


MAHONY, Bartholomew, of the City of Galena, about the age of 60 years, dated July 11, 1859, proved August 23, 1859.

To wife Julia MAHONEY all my property both personal and real for her natural life. After her death

To my daughter Mary MAHONY the north half of lot ten in block 12 in Galena. She is to pay my daughter Ellen MAHONY $100.

To daughter Ellen MAHONY the south half of lot ten in Block twelve in Galena.

To son Timothy MAHONY a part of lot 24 in Block 16 in Galena.

To son Laurance MAHONY lot nine in Block 16 on Dodge Street in Galena.

To daughter Julia MAHONY a part of lot three in Block 59 in Galena.

To son Jeremiah MAHONY the south half of lot 16 in Block 16 in Galena.

I give and devise to wife Julia MAHONY all the rest of the real estate to sell or dispose of in any way she may think best, and should she not dispose of it before her death then I give and devise to Bartholomew MAHONY, son of John MAHONY Jr.

No Executor designated, wife Julia MAHONY appointed..

Witnesses: David SHEEAN, H. H. SAVAGE, John MAHONY, all of Galena (Page 309)


TYLER, George of Galena, dated Feburary 21, 1857, proved January 21, 1860.

All property to wife Mary B. TYLER during her natural life.

After her death to my son George Feehan TYLER.

Witnesses: William S. BYRNE and Hugh B. McGINNIS. Michael BYRNE and Enos C. RIPLEY swear that Hugh B. McGINNIS's signature is genuine. Philip BYRNE and Michael BYRNE swear that William S. BYRNE signature is genuine. (Page 313)


LANE, John of Smelser, Grant County, Wisconsin, dated April 22, 1858, proved Jo Daviess County Feb 3, 1860 .

Estate both real and personal to wife Harriet LANE during her natural life and after her death to be divided equally among my heirs, namely, Eliza LANE, Harriet LANE, John LANE, Roseanna LANE, and Emma LANE.

Executor: None Named.

Witnesses: William FORTNEY, farmer aged 46 years, Grant County; Joseph QUICK, farmer, aged 37 years, Grant County; Goerge E. COBANIS, carpenter, aged 42 years, Grant County. (Page 315)


STEVENS, Wyman of Jo Daviess County, dated Jan 28, 1860, proved Feb 22, 1860.

To wife Deborah STEVENS in lieu of her dower the plantation on which we now reside Lots 20, north side of Lot 21, Lot 22 and Lot 23 in Brigham Addition to the Town of Nora during her natural life and one cow and all the house hold furniture.

At the death of my wife the remainder to Alfred STEVENS and Lurendia SEARS.

To grandson Alfred STEVENS the N 1/2 NE 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec 13 T28 R4E (Rush Township) also one pair horses six years old last spring and one set of two horse harness and one set of one horse harness, one two horse waggon and one light two horse waggon, one Fountain Reaper & Mower, one shovel Plough, one set carpenters & joiners tools, four draught chains and two cows, one one-year old heifer, one one-years old this Spring, and all notes & a/c against or in favour of me to settle the same, and if there is any over-pluss he is to have it this devise is on condition that he shall faithfully attend to Deborah STEVENS during her life time.

To son Volney W. STEVENS one cross cut saw,

Executors: wife Deborah STEVENS and grandson Alfred STEVENS. Deborah STEVEBS declines to act

Witnesses: Cornelius JUDSON and John D. PARKS. (page 317)


O'NEIL, Joseph , dated January 1, 1860, proved March 21, 1860.

"I give $20 Dollars for Masses for myself, and Father Mother Brothers and Sisters. Twenty for the Church of Galena, John BRANNAGAN Fifty Dollars ($50), John O'NEIL Fifty Dollars ($50), J. LEAVE $56 Dollars for my Funeral Expenses and to put a toombstone at my head."

Witness: Owen KERNS, Hugh KEARNS, John O'NEIL. (Page 320)


WAY, George L. of the Town of Wiota in Lafayette County, Wisconsin, dated Dec 6, 1859, proved Lafayette County Mar 8, 1858.

To my wife Fidelia J. WAY all the messuage or tenement situated in Jo Daviess County described as the NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 27 T28 R4E containing 40 acres. Also W 1/2 NW 1/4 and W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec 36 in T28N R4E containing 160 acres [Rush Township]. Also Lot number 6 Block 3 in Burnett addition to the town of Warren.

To my mother Abigal WAY the sum of $500.

All the remainder to wife Fidelia J. WAY.

Executrix Fidelia J. WAY and my friend Robert HAWLY.

Witnesses A. P. STAFFORD, Henry W. BARNES. (Page 321)


KAISER, Eusebins, dated October 27, 1858, proved April 4, 1860.

To Bernard HESDERER of Galena all my estate.

Executor: Bernard HESDERER.

Witnesses: Frank C. KACHELSKI, Wm. C. BOSTWICK. (Page 323)


HANDEL, Jacob, of Derinda, dated April 11, 1860, proved June 19, 1860.

To John JAGER $1000.00.

To my neice Magdelena MENGES (formerly HANDEL) real estate in SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec 33 T26 R3E [Derinda Township] containing 40 acres. Also a parcel deeded to me by George WEIBLE joining the above containing about 6 acres.

To the German and Home Missionary Society of the Evangelical Association of North America, the Head Stations is at Cleveland Ohio, all the remainder of my property, two thirds of it is to be applied for the German Mission of which the managing Board is Stationed at Cleveland Ohio, and is to be left to them to be used as they see proper. And the remaining one third is to be applied to Home Missionary or for Mission in America. Executor: Christopher GROZINGER.

Witnesses: George HAAS Jr., Goerge HASS, Snr, Casper GUMER, all of Derinda. (Page 325)


GREGOIRE, Charles, Madison County, Missouri, being about to make a voyage to the Eastern Cities, dated April 29, 1850, certified Jan 3, 1860 by Dubuque County District Court, recorded June 19, 1860 Jo Daviess County.

To wife Eulatil GREGOIRE the one equal half of all my estate in lieu of dower.

To son Charles H. GREGOIRE the residue of the estate.

Executor: Son Charles H. GREGOIRE.

Witnesses: Chas. H. PRATTE, Fre S. L. YALLI. (Page 327)

STEMLERr, Peter of Jo Daviess County dated May 13, 1860, proved June 19, 1860.

All estate to wife Julia Ann STEMLER.

Executrix, wife Julia Ann STEMLER.

Witnesses: Jacob Y. WONDERLY, Henry YEAGER, W. C. BOSTWICK, Orutnrod GONEFT. (Page 329)

Clark, Stephen H. of the Town of Warren, dated April 10, 1860, proved June 19, 1860.

To brother Enoch CLARK $5,000.00,

Remainder of property to wife Elizabeth G. CLARK.

To niece Mary the daughter of my brother Berri CLARK my piana to be delivered to her after the death of my wife.

If any property remains after the death of my wife, should go to my brother Enoch CLARK.

Executors: wife Elizabeth G. CLARK and friend John LYNDE.

Witnesses: George W. COBB, John H. GALE, Joseph N. BARKER. (Page 331)

ROE, George, dated June 1, 1847, proved June 25, 1847, was omitted to be recorded, and the heirs of said decd. comes and asks the same be recorded on the Record of Wills. To wife Betsey ROE one third of entire estate.

To sons George and James the remaining two-thirds, they paying my son William and my daughters Elizabeth, Jane, and Mary Ann each ten Dollars.

Witnesses: J. S. AUSTIN, John KEVERN Township 28 N R1E, Jo Daviess Co. Illinois June 1st 1847. (Page 334)


KNIGHT, Elisha Reed of the Town of Nora, dated May 20, 1860, proved July 17, 1860. To wife (not named) during her natural life, the farm on which we now reside, being N 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 4 T28 R5E (Nora Township) containing 80 acres. Also eight acres in the County of Stephenson and ten acres in Green County, Wisconsin.

At the death of said wife the property to my five children Helen Baily, Kitty Miriam, Nathaniel Binnes, Richard Graves and Moses Green. Also to children 80 acres in the SE 1/4 SW 1/4, the SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec 5 T28 R5E (Nora Township). The SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 11 T28 R4E (Rush Townshiup) containing 40 acres. Also lots 3 and 4 Block 10, the E 1/2 of Lots 6 and 7 in Block 6 all in the Illinois Central Rail Road addition to the town of Nora. Personal property to be sold to pay debts.

When eldest daughter Helen Baily becomes of age the property devised to my five children be sold and share to be paid to Helen Baily. The remaining be put out to interest secured by Real Estate and the interest accruing thereby to be applied to the education and maintainance untill children become of age.

It is my will that for the further support of my wife and children that they shall have the moneys arising from the hire of Frank Lewis KNIGHT which I now own in the State of Kentucky and that my Executors receive his hire for the above mentioned purpose.

Executors: wife Ann Thomas KNIGHT and Soloman HUBBARD and John D. PARKS. Witnesses: William H. LELAND, Niles CARVER (Page 335)


GAMMON, Joseph Senior of Jo Daviess County, dated April 15, 1855 , proved August 22, 1860.

To son James GAMMON all of my estate real, personal and mixed.

Executor: James GAMMON.

Witnesses: A. L. CUMINGS, Jno. F. BOSTWICK, Wm. C. BOSTWICK (Page 338)


NELSON, Horatio of Galena, dated August 3, 1860, proved August 21, 1860

To daughter Lucy Ann UPTON, in full of her share of my estate, $2.50.

To son William NELSON, 78.06 acres Lots or tracts nos. 7 and 8 of Sec 1 Tt19N R5W in Jackson County, Wisconsin.

To wife Relief NELSON, the residue of estate in lieu of her dower during her natural life or so long as she shall remain single and unmarried. Wife's share to be divided equally between all my children, except my daughter Lucy Ann.

Executrix: wife Relief NELSON.

Witnesses M. MONTGOMERY, M.R. GAGE, G. W. MILLIGAN all of Sparta, Monroe Co., Wisconsin who certify on September 5, 1860, before A.R.HOUGHTON, JP Monroe Co., Wis., that they witnessed the will. (Page 340)


FIDDICK, James of Galena, dated August 2, 1860, proved Aug 30, 1860.

To brother Thomas FIDDICK, now residing in England the sum of $1500.

To sister Grace BENNETT, wife of Henry BENNETT, also residing in England, $1000. To sister Ann EDWARD, wife of John EDWARD, residing in Wisconsin, $1000.

To sister Elizabeth ELLIS, wife of John ELLIS, residing in Wisconsin, $1000.

To nephew John FIDDICK residing in Galena $1000.

To brother William FIDDICK residing in Galena all the real estate and remainder of the personal estate.

Executor: brother William FIDDICK.

Witnesses: Richard MARTIN, Wm. C. BOSTWICK (Page 343)


HOSKING, James of Galena, dated September 27, 1855, proved September 18, 1860. To wife Rebecca HOSKING all my household furniture and all the rest of my personal property.

To son-in-law John GILL for the expense that he was to in building the frame house in my garden $100. In case of his death of John GILL before his wife, Jane GILL my daughter, she will receive the said $100.

To wife Rebecca HOSKING all the rest of the real estate as long as she shall remain unmarried and my widow. But on decease or marriage, I give all my real estate and effects to my children (not named).

Executrix, wife Rebecca HOSKING

Witnesses: Henry CLYMO, Catherine Nicholas CLYMO. (Page 346)


GRAY, James, dated July 30, 1860, proved September 18, 1860.

"I do will and bequeath the half of all my property to Mother for her kind attention to me, and the remaining half to be distributed over my Father Brothers and Sisters so soon as my Executors can do it without making a sacrifice of it, and do appoint my Father and Uncle John MILLER my sold Executors."

Witnesses: James GRAY Senr, Joseph GRAY (Page 348)


WETZELL, Caroline of Jo Daviess County, dated November 17, 1859, proved October 16, 1860.

"Whereas I have heretofore loaned to the "German Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church" in the City of Galena in said County and State, the sum of $200, for which I hold the notes of the trustees of said Church bearing interest at the rate of ten per cent per annum. Now therefore it is my will and request that the said above named money shall be retained and used by said Society, and held by the said German Society without interest, until my Grand Children Rosena Carolina VOGEL and Julius VOGEL, shall respectively become of age, and then to be paid over to them, share and share alike, and in case one of them should die before coming to lawfull age, then the whole of said sum of $200 to be paid to the survivor, upon his or her coming of age, and if both of my said grand children shall die before attaining to majority, then I give and bequeath said money to the said German Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church aforesaid.. Remainder of personal estate to my son-in-law Balaus VOGEL."

Executor William WICHMANN.

Witnesses: George WICHMANN, Henrich KOENIG, both residing in Galena. (Page 349)


GRAY, Bernard of Galena, dated January 23, 1861, proved February 19, 1861.

To wife Emma GRAY, all of estate during her natural life or so long as she remains my widow. If she should die or marry, then it is my will that all my property shall go to and belong to my son James Bernard GRAY, and should my said son die without issue during the lifetime of my said wife, then it is my will that all the property, real and personal then remaining, shall belong to my said wife absolutely and forever. The foregoing bequest to my said wife Emma GRAY shall not be considered in lieu of her dower, but it is my will that she should claim and obtain all her rights of dower according to law.

Executor: Thomas O'MARA, Grocery merchant in the City of Galena.

Witnesses: W. WEIGLEY, Matthias MORGAN. (Page 352)


VIRTUE, Andrew of Galena, dated Janaury 26, 1861, proved February 19, 1861.

To brother John VIRTUE residing in the Town of Cavren, County of Dunnigall Ireland, all my real estate situated in the City of Galena on Lot 38 with a three story brick house thereon erected, also all my personal property.

Executor: Samuel HUGHLETT who declined acting as executor..

Witness: David CAMPBELLl, John CAMPBELL, George WISER, Lewis ZOELLER. (Page 354)


INGRAM, Anthony, dated December 9, 1860 at Dunleith, Ill., proved March 19, 1861.

"Know all men by these presents that I Anthony INGRAM will and bequeath all of my Real Estate and personal property to be equally divided to Adam INGRAM Catharine his wife Catharine Ingram at Hartford Mareann INGRAM of Hartford Conn."

No executor named.

Witnesses: John BEATIE, John OLINGER, John GARLEIGH. (Page 356)


McCARTY, Michael of Galena, dated March 7, 1861, proved March 19, 1861.

To Patrick McCARTY the Executor of this my last will and testament, all my real and personal estate in trust for my minor son John McCARTY, until he shall have arrived at the age of twenty one years

"and do in these my last hours of earthly existance earnestly beseech and entreat my said son to be an obedient dutiful and temperate boy, that he may be a good & useful man, and by all means to touch not intoxicating liquors."

Witnesses: John C. HAWKINS, Thomas O'MARA, John A. RAWLINS, all residing in Galena. (Page 357)


BRAY, John of Jo Daviess County, dated May 28, 1861, proved June 18, 1861.

To wife Grace BRAY during the term of her natural life all my estate..

After her decease to my son Thomas B. BRAY and my daughter Catharine A. BRAY share and share a like.

Executrix: Grace BRAY.

Witnesses: William BRAY, Eleanor REED, W.C. BOSTWICK (Page 360)


WHITE, William of the Town of Guilford, age 53 years, dated May 18, 1861, proved June 18, 1861.

To wife Ann WHITE during her natural life, 80 acres situated E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 4 T28N R2E, at wife's death to my son Stephen WHITE. [Guilford Townshiup]

Also to wife Ann WHITE 80 acres in the NW 1/4 SE 1/4 and W 1/2 W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec 4 T28N R2E, and 13-1/3 acres the East 1/3 NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec 25 T28 N2E, at wife's death to my sons John WHITE and James WHITE. [Guilford Township]

To sons John WHITE and James WHITE the N 1/2 S 1/2 SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 22 T29N R2E containing 20 acres.[Scales Mound Township]

To son William WHITE the following lands [in Council Hill Township]: Undivided 1/2 SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 32 T29N R2E containing 20 acres; undivided 1/2 of part of NW 1/4 Sec 32 T29N R2E containing 10 acres. undivided 1/2 NW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec 32 T29N R2E and undivided 1/4 NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 32 T29N R2E containing 80 acres. He is to receive the produce for two years after my death from the N1/2 SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 32 T29N R2E containing 20 acres. Wife Ann WHITE will pay interest on William's land for 1 year.

Son Stephen WHITE is to pay the following legacies at my wife's decease: son Thomas WHITE $300, daughters Margret WHITE, Sarah Ann WHITE, Martha Jane WHITE and Elizabeth Ann WHITE $50.00 each, and to my daughter Rullipe WHITE $20.

Executor: wife Ann WHITE.

Witnesses: William OATEY of Council Hill, Henry ROBERTS of Scales Mound [Page 362]


GILL, William of Elizabeth, dated September 15, 1851, proved October 1, 1861.

To Mother Honora GILL now residing at Elizabeth, Illinois, for her natural life, personal property, lot 2 in block 19 in Elizabeth, also 4 acres near the grave yard at Elizabeth and adjoining the land now onwed by Robert BARKER and Edward VAUGHN of Elizabeth on which is situated a house.

What remains after my mother's death shall revert to my two nephews John Francis WILCOX and William WILCOX, both sons of Isaac WILCOX.. The lot of land between Barker and Vaughns land to nephew William WILCOX.

Executor: friend and neighbour Isaac Wilcox.

Witnesses: Richard BROWN, John RANKIN, Josiah HAZELL. Proof: Richard BROWN signed affidavit from the City and County of New York before Thomas STEWART, Justice of the District Court for the First Judicial District Court. Josiah HAZELL is dead, Abraham REYNOLDS came to court and verified the handwriting of Josiah HAZELL. [page 367, proof is on page 384]


SAMPSON, Harriet, dated September 5, 1858, proved November 21, 1861.

Bequeaths to M. C. JACKSON of St. Louis all my personal property stock in trade, consisting of dry goods groceries liquors &c for his sole beneift.

Also to Jane H. PORTER my three houses 5, 6, 7 Wilton Cressent near Knights bridge London England, likewise my wearing apparel and trinkits.

Executor: None named.

Witnesses: Jane H. PORTER and James JACKSON [Page 368]


WOODWARD, James F., of Jo Daviess County, dated March 26, 1861, proved November 21, 1861.

To daughter Lydia C. WOODWARD $10.00.

To daughter Kate E. WOODWARD $10.

To son Willie WOODWARD $10.

To wife Florinda P. WOODWARD all my real estate situated in the County of Jo Daviess, in the Town of Lancing in the State of Iowa and in Black Hawk and Butler Counties, Iowa

Executrix: wife, Florinda P. WOODWARD.

Witnesses: Joel G. HARPER, M. L. JULIAN, James R. DOBYNDS all of St. Louis, Mo., and witnessed on May 1, 1861 by J. K. EDDOWS and Thomas McNULTY both of Galena [Page 369]


PRISK, Samuel of Woodbine, dated January 15, 1861, proved December 18, 1861.

To wife, Grace PRISK, during her natural life, the farm on which we now reside, E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 25 and S 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 24 and NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 25 excepting 5.25 acres. Also a part SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 13 containing 21.48 acres. All being in T27N R3E [Woodbine Township]. Also personal property. .

At her death all the above property to my two sons, Samuel PRISK and Joseph PRISK and my six daughters Grace RISK, Honer PRISK, Elizabeth PRISK, Mary PRISK, Susan PRISK.

To son Samuel PRISK $1.00.

To son Joseph PRISK one third of all the personal property and the real estate in sections 24, 25 and 13 in T 27N R3E after the decease of my wife Grace. The remaining two thirds and residue of my estate real and personal to be equally divided among my daughters.

Executrix: Grace PRISK and brother Paul PRISK.

Witnesses: Samuel R[or K]. CALDWELLl, W. Y. FOSTER [Page 372]


TREGO, Sarah, of Jo Daviess County, dated June 20, 1852 , proved January 21, 1862. To son William TREGO of Baltimore, Maryland, in trust for my daughter Francenia GEAR, formerly Francenia TREGO, and now intermarried with Hezekiah H. GEAR of Jo Daviess County, the sum of $2000 now due to me from Henry J. STOUFFER of the City of Galena. And also all moneys, stocks, dividends, principal and interest on deposit in "The Savings Bank of Baltimore", for the separate use and sole benefit of said Franceina GEAR and that the same shall be her own separate and individual estate free from the claims use or control of any and all persons ...

Executor: William Henry Bradley of the County of Jo Daviess

Witnesses: J. Russell JONES, S. M. WILSON.

R. H. McCLELLAN and M.Y. JOHNSON proved the hand writing of S. M. WILSON who has moved to California. (Page 376)


WHITE, Ann of the Town of Guilford, date September 5, 1861, proved January 2, 1862. To son William WHITE three cows to be by him first selected out of my entire stock.

To son Thomas WHITE two cows to be by him next chosen.

To my four daughters, Martha Jane WHITE, Margret WHITE, Sarah Ann WHITE, and Elizabeth Ann WHITE the sum of $30.00 each.

To sons John WHITE and James WHITE all the rest of the personal estate to be divided equally between them.

Executor: Charles BERRYMAN of Scales Mound, William HARVEY of Council Hill. Witnesses: Charles BERRYMAN of Scales Mound and Henry HICKS of Guilford. (Page 379)


BLAKE, Samuel of the Town of Hanover, dated September 10, 1861, proved January 21, 1862.

To wife Mary BLAKE all real and personal property for her and the minor children. After her death lands to be divided into five equal lots or parcels, N 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 2 T26.

To son John BLAKE the first and west fifth containing 16 acres;

To son George BLAKE the second parcel containing the same amount and one young horse called Bill.

To son Jesse BLAKEthe third parcel and the first colt that either of my mares shall have after this date.

To son Stephen BLAKE the fourth parcel,

To son William BLAKE the last parcel which is the east fifth.

To my daughter Eliza Jane BLAKE one sucking colt.

My wife and my son John BLAKE shall be the guardians of my minor children.

Executors: wife Mary BLAKE and son John BLAKE.

Witnesses: John EADIE, Samuel JOBE (Page 381)


CAMPBELL, Robert Sr., of Derinda Township age 68 years, dated April 1, 1859, proved March 18, 1862.

To wife Ann CAMPBELLl my personal and real estate during her natural life.

To son Robert CAMPBELL $50.00,

To son John CAMPBELL $50.00,

To Isabella CAMPBELLl, wife of James CAMPBELLl, my nephew, $25.00;

To daughter Jane DAY $25.00;

To son Charles CAMPBELLl $50.00;

To daughter Elizabeth PATTON $25.00.

To grand daughter Ann M. HUTCHINSON $50.00 when she attains the age of twenty years.

To son William CAMPBELL all the rest of my estate.

Executor: son William CAMPBELL.

Witnesses: Alexander MOLLISON of Derinda, Thomas OLIVER of Derinda, Zebulon CREITTENDEN of Hanover. (Page 388}


SHEEHAN, Mary of Galena, dated January 17, 1862, proved March 18, 1862.

To Catherine HIGGINS the house and lot adjoining to John MAHONY Sr., also my cloths and furniture being in the house including bed and bedding. Also $400.00.

To John FITZGERALD $400.00 being part of the money due from Capt. H.H. GEAR to my husband before his death and being administered on by James THOMPSON administrator of the estate of Thomas SHEEHAN. The remainder of the money to James THOMPSON.

Executor: none named.

Witnesses: John MAHONY Jr., John MAHONY Senr (Page391)


PEARCE, John, of Galena, dated November 20, 1861, proved April 23, 1862.

To son John PEARCE $5.00 and no more, he having had his due portion of my estate already.

To son William PEARCE $1000,

To daughter Fanny DODDS $400,

To daughter Elizabeth DODDS $400,

To daughter Hannah CURTIS $400,

To daughter Jane WILLEY $400,

To daughter Marena STEWART $200.

Executor: son-in-law Andrew DODDS of Cherry Grove [Carroll County] and son-in-law George CURTIS of Elkhorn Grove [Carroll County].

Witnesses: Henry C. PARK and Anson L. ROGERS, both of Galena. (Page 393)


SINCOCK, Samuel of Jo Daviess County, dated September 28, 1853, proved May 20, 1862.

To wife Eliza SINCOCK while she remains my widow, the east 40 acres of fractional Sec 15 T29N R2E [Scales Mound Township] together with a working interest on a mineral lot owned by Josiah CONLEE and B. MATTHEWSON in said Jo Daviess County consisting of one fourth part of said working interest owned between David ROW, William PHILIPS, Thomas NUCKEY and my self together with horses waggon cattle hogs and household furniture, and in case of the marriage or death of my wife Eliza SINCOCK the above described property to be equally divided between my youngest children to wit, Edward SINCOCK, Eliza Ann SINCOCK, Elizabeth Catharine SINCOCK, Mary Jane SINCOCK, William Henry SINCOCK, Ameilla SINCOCK, Thomas SINCOCK and Ellen Maria SINCOCK.

No executor named.

Witnesses: Thomas KNUCKY, David ROWE, William (his X mark) HANCOCK. (Page 395)


BLACKSTON, Stephan F., dated December 13, 1860, proved May 20, 1863.

To grandson Stephen F. BLACKSTON NE 1/4 SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 4 T28N R4E containing 10 acres, also Sec 9 T28N R4E (Rush Township) containing 56 acres (has meters and bounds description).

To Grandson Franklin BLACKSTON 50 acres part of the NW 1/4 Sec 9 T28 (has metes and bounds description).

To Grandson Everette BLACKSTON 50 acres the remainder of the two Eighties herein before described being W 1/2 NE 1/4 and E 1/2 NW 1/4 less 2.5 acres deeded for a burying ground.

To son Stephen BLACKSON all the monies and credits I shall have at my death.

To my sons Stephen BLACKSTON, John W. BLACKSTON, Beverly BLACKSTON and Franklin BLACKSTON my cloths and personal effects .

Executor: Stephen BLACKSTON of Lafayette County, Wisconsin, and James M. IRVIN of Jo Daviess County.

Witnesses: George FROST, Joseph P. BLACK (Page 397)


WILLIAMS, William of the Town of Council Hill, age 53 years, dated March 26, 1862 , proved May 22, 1862.

To wife Emeline WILLIAMS all my personal estate goods and chattels of what nature or kind so ever, in lieu of dower.

To my children and wife all my real estate, to William H. WILLIAMS, Mariette WILLIAMS, George W. WILLIAMS, Ella Florence WILLIAMS, Sarah Mariah WILLIAMS and my wife Emeline WILLIAMS.

Executrix: wife Emeline WILLIAMS.

Witnesses: Simon ALDERSON and Joseph KYLE, both of Council Hill. [Page 399]


ROGERS, Frederick of the Town of Nora, dated December 23, 1859, proved July 23, 1862.

To my wife the land known as my farm situated and lying in the Town of Nora together with the SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec 4 T27N R5E containing 40.17 acres and the SW 1/4 NE1/44 Sec 10 T27N R5E except 10 acres deed to Don GROUSBECK out of the NW corner containing a fraction over 30 acres, and all my personal estate.

After five years after my death my wife shall deed to my son Alfred E. ROGERS N 1/2 N 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 32 T28 R5E and to my son F. C. ROGERS the S 1/2 of the above described half quarter Sec 32 and to my son Lucien ROGERS the SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 32 T28 R5E, and the remaining portion is to be equally divided among my four daughters (not named) after the decease of my wife.

No executor named.

Witnesses: John W. ROBERTS of Wards Grove, Saml. CUMSTOCK and Fordice M. ROGERS of Nora. (Page 402)


HENDERSHOTT, Jonathan of Derinda, dated August 17, 1862, proved August 25, 1862.

To wife Clarrisey HENDERSHOTT the farm on which we now reside described as W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec 2 containing 80 acres, the E1/2 SW 1/4 Sec 2 containing 80 acres, the E1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 3 containing 14.5 acres, the NE 1/4 Sec 10 containing 70 acres, the NW 1/4 Sec 11 containing 70 acres, the W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 11 all of said land situated in T26 R3E (Derinda Township) during her natural life or as long as she shall remain my widow, also the live stock, household furniture.

In case she marries two-thirds of said property be equally divided between my two girls Catherine HENDERSHOTT and Caroline HENDERSHOTT, and further it is my will provide the children out lives her and she remains my widow, that her third be equal divided amongest my four children, Catharine HENDERSHOTT, Baskins HENDERSHOTT, Parmer HENDERSHOTT and Caroline HENDERSHOTT. Executrix: wife Clarissa HENDERSHOTT.

Witnesses: William M. LOGAN, David (his X mark) MILLIGAN. (Page 404)


BARRETT, Lockhart, dated June 12, 1862, September 15, 1862.

To wife Nancy BARRETT in lieu of her dower, the just and full sum of $1000.

To my esteemed friend Joseph SHIPTON all my goods, chattels and personal property with exceptions.

I give and devise to my Executor Joseph SHIPTON or, in case of his decease before this provision of my will can be carried out, to his son John Wesley SHIPTON, the farm on which I now reside, situate in Derinda and Woodbine Townships containing about 490 acres in trust, that my said Executor shall from time to time as my children arrive -- the females at 18, and the males at 21 years of age, convey in fee simple to such of my children as may live and arrive at that age such portion of my said farm, less the quantity sold to pay debts as aforesaid, as may make the share of all equal. The names of my said children being respectively Lovina L BARRETT., Gertrude M. BARRETT, Wilborn L. BARRETT, Prince Albert BARRETT, and Benjamin F. BARRETT.

To my son William L. BARRETT in addition to his other interest hereinbefore set forth, 1 sorrell Morgan mare 2 years old in the Spring of 1862 also the saddle that was bought for him.

Executor and Guardian of children: Joseph Shipton

Witnesses George BOWMAN, John BOWMAN, Charles BARRETT. (Page 406)


McPHILIPPS, Elizabeth of the Town of Elizabeth, dated November 5, 1862, proved November 18, 1862.

I will that all my personal property be sold by public auction and first pay all my lawful debts and then made an equal divide of the remainder if any, between Lisey McPHILIPPS, Mary McPHILIPPS and Jane McCORMICK. The real estate to be divided equal between Elizabeth McPHILIPPS and Mary McPHILIPPS.

Witnesses: Peter McGOUGH, John FARRELL, Wm. ROGERS (Page 410)


LAWRENCE, James of Galena, dated December 4, 1862, proved December 17, 1862. To wife Mary Ann LAWRENCE all my property both real and personal for and during the period of her natural life. In the demise of my said wife Mary Ann, or in case she should marry again, then all of said property both real and personal shall be equally divided between my children: Elizabeth Ann LAWRENCE, Mary Jane LAWRENCE, William S. LAWRENCE, Francis LAWRENCE, Thomas LAWRENCE, Sarah LAWRENCE, Emma LAWRENCE, Hannah LAWRENCE, John LAWRENCE and George W. LAWRENCE.

In case of my said wife Mary Ann marrying again, she is to take an equal portion with said children.

Executors: John EUSTICE and Mary Ann LAWRENCE.

Witnesses: Louis SHISSLER, Robert BRAND, Richard BARRETT. (Page 411)


SHERIDAN, Mary of the City of Galena, age 77 years, dated December 6, 1862, proved January 20, 1863.

To grand child James SHERIDAN $200 to paid within one year, the sum of $100 within two years, and $100 within four years after my decease.

To grandchild John SHERIDAN $200 to be paid within one year, and $100 within three years after my decease.

To grand children John SHERIDAN and James SHERIDAN Lot number 5 in Block number 9 in Soulards Addition in the City of Galena.

Executor: John CARLOS, uncle of the said John SHERIDAN and James SHERIDAN. Witnesses: Joseph H. BARREY and Elizabeth FITZPATRICK, both of Galena (Page 413)


LITTLE, Wallace A. of Elizabeth, dated September 6, 1861, proved January 20, 1863. To daughter Disdamonia A. DAVIS of Salem Olmsted County State of Minnesota, $50. Youngest son John B. LITTLE of Salem Olmsted County Minnesota $100.

Son Wallace A. LITTLE Jr. the remainder of my property.

Executors: son Wallace A. LITTLE and friend William DRAPER of Elizabeth. Witnesses: Silas MARSHAL and James M. WEIR both residing in Elizabeth (Page 469)


NACK, John Adam of the City of Galena, age 52 years, dated November 6, 1862, proved January 20, 1863.

To wife Francisco Nach all my real and personal property to wit, Lot 14 in Block 3 in Bridgeport addition, Lots 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 6 in Driscol's Addition, also lot 9 in block 11 of Friels and Townsend addition, also lot 8 in Block D of North Galena, for her whole life time for this she must give to my three children Maria Luzata NACK, Anna NACK and Johanna Elizabeth NACK a good education.

No executor named.

Witnesses: Sebastian HOFFSTAETTER and Kresszanseios HOFFSTAETTER, both of City of Galena. Attested to by Herman de JAGER, JP at Galena on November 6, 1862. "We the undersigned citizen of Galena Jo Daviess County and State of Illinois certify by this that Mr Herman de JAGER explained the above instrument in writing in full to John Adam NACK in our presence on the seventh day of November 1862 that Mr. H. H. JAGER asked John Adam NACK if he (Nack) remembered that he (Nack) has his hand in deJagers hand when it was signed, and that he (Nack) did willingly and know what he did this by motion Mr. John Adam NACK answered with Yes, further we testify that Nack was in sound mind and memory, and that he (Nack) by motion answered to Mr. de JAGER that he would not make any alteration or change that he (Nack) give the full power over all his property to his wife as mentioned in the above will, this happened on the Seventh day of November 1862 at 4. O Clock in the afternoon."

(Signed) Joseph MILLER, Thomas HELLSTERN (Page 407)


SPEER, James, dated December 23, 1862, proved January 21, 1863.

To son William SPEER the farm upon which I now resided being the Homestead farm. To my sons John SPEER, James SPEER and Charles SPEER in equal portions the farm known as the Seth PARTRIDGE containing nearly 900 acres, one undivided third part provided that my son John SPEER shall have the house in which he lives and the barn and buildings thereto.

To daughter Margret SPEER $2000 to be paid within 24 months.

Personal property to be divided among my four sons equally.

My wife Mary SPEER shall have a home during her life in the house and on the homestead now occupied by me and that she shall be comfortable supported there as long as she shall live, if she desires it she shall have a room in the house separate for herself and daughter Margret SPEER and a cow kept for her if she wishes it, and her comfortable support is made a charge upon my said homestead farm.

To daughter Elizabeth STEEL $200.

Executors: son John SPEER and William ROGERS. Witnesses: R.H. McCLELLAN, Samuel CAMPBELL (Page 420)


LANGETT, Francois, dated March 1, 1862, proved January 21, 1863.

To wife Dorcas LANGET

"I give bequeath and devise unto my beloved wife Dorcas Langet during the term of her natural life all my estate of which I shall die seized possessed or entitled to of what hand soever, real, personal and mixed, with the exception of certain real estate

To my son Charles P. Langet all the residue and remainder of the property at the death of my wife.

To my daughter Mary J. Calderwood and to her heirs and assigns forever the following described estate property, and premises lying near to the farm and premises now occupied by me, and being the same tract or parcel of land and premises conveyed to me by A. Byron DUNLAP & wife by deed dated September ninth AD 1855 and recorded in the office of the Recorder of said Jo Daviess Couonty in Book X of deeds pages 142 and 143 Also a strip of land lying on the North side of the above described land and premises containing one acre, and running along the whole length of said tract of land and premises and adjoining and touching the same of such width as to make the contents of said strip of land one acre, and being the same acre of land conveyed to me by Aratus KENT & wife.

Executrix: wife Dorcas LANGET.

Witnesses: B. F. FOWLER, W. C. BOSTWICK, Augustus ESTEY. (Page 423)


LITLE, Ephraim, dated April 1862, proved February 18, 1863.

To wife Loretta LITLE 15 acres of the SE corner of my farm on which I now reside and the improvements thereon for her own sole benefit (gives metes and bounds description). I also give and bequeath to my wife Loretta LITLE all the personal property. It being understood that this shall be in lieu of dower.

To daughter Virginia L. LORRAIN lot 19 on the west side of Bench Street in the City of Galena.

The residue of my real estate to be sold within two years for the interest of my two children Damon LITLE and Ralph LITLE they being born to me by my wife Loretta Litle.

Executor: John LORRAIN.

Witnesses: G. W. FULLER, Sherwood S. BROWN (Page 425)


SNYDER, Augustus, age 84 years, dated January 15, 1863, proved March 17, 1863.

To wife Bridget SNYDER land (East Galena Township) W 1/2 NW1/4 Sec 25 T28 R1E containing 80 acres. Also the E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 26 T28 R1E containing 80 acres during the term of her natural life hereby requiring her to pay the taxes upon the same and keep the fences thereon in good repair.

After the decease of my wife all of my estate shall be sold with proceeds divided as follows to wit: two sixths to my son Francis SNYDER, one sixth to my other son Sophese SNYDER, one sixth to my daughter Rosalia MENTZIMER, one sixth to my daughter Catharine WILSON and the other one sixth to my other daughter Magdalenme BRILL.

Executor: Francis SNYDER.

Witnesses: David SHEEAN of Galena, Michael SMITH and Daniel KELCHER of Guilford. (Page 429)


KADMUS, John of Galena, dated April 9, 1863 , proved April 21, 1863.

In consideration that my wife Francisco KADMUS, is insane, and at present, and since about four years, is under the control of the Insane Asylum of Jacksonville, in the State of Illinois; and in further consideration that the said Francisco, my wife, has been declared incurable by the directors of the said institution, and that there are no children from her in existance, now therefore I give and bequeath to the said Francisco KADMUS my wife, the sum of Four Dollars per month for the duration of her life time, to be accepted and received by her, in lieu of dower, and to be collected and paid to the director of the said Asylum in the manner hereafter described.

Second. having no legitme heirs besides my wife, and she being entirely insane, and therefore unable to take care of my property whatever, and I having beren crippled in the war in Europe, and therefore compelled to engage a true and careful nurse, in the place of my insane wife, and having had the satisfaction to gain such a nurse in the person of Widow Louise GIELE, which has agreed to stay with me during my lifetime and has done so, since many years, therefore I dispose and bequeath in favor the said Louise GIELE and her children now living to wit John Gideon, Helena Dorothea and Mathilda Victoria, and give and devise to them the following parts of my property, to wit. To said Louise GIELE shall receive one third of all the real estate belonging to me on the day of my death. Those of the said children which will be alive on the day of my death, shall receive the balance of my real estate that is to say two thirds of the same and shall be entitled to equal share on the said property.

Third. The property to be given and divided in the manner aforesaid to the said Louise Giele and her remaining children, to wit. my house and place of residence together with five buildings Lots Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, and 16 in Block four in Newhalls addition in the City of Galena. Two Houses in the city of Dubuque State of Iowa, situated in the said city on corner of Seventh and Iowa streets together with the adjoining part of Lot 219, one building Lot no 163 in Factoryville County of Dubuque, and State of Iowa situated in the South East quarter of Section twelve Township Eighty eight Range two East of 5th P.M. containing once acre of ground, more or less, together with all the hereditaments and appurtenaces thereto belong or in any wise appurtaining.

Guardians of the children of Louise GIELE to Messrs Henry FRICKE and Louis LebRON of Galena and John MANDRELLA of Dunleith

Executors: Henry FRICKE, Louis LeBRON and John MANDRELLA,

Witnesses: Charles F. WITTENBERG of Galena, Charles H. SMITH of Galena. [Page 432]


EMERY, Van of the Town of Courtland, dated February 14, 1863, proved April 21, 1863.

To wife Amelia EMERY the farm on which we now live described as the South part of the W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec 23 and the South part of the E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 22 lying on the East side of Clearcreek in T 29N R4E (Warren Township) containing 40 acres during her natural life. Also four cows.

At her death all the all the property to my heirs Joel EMERY, Elizabeth HOOVER, Margret COWEN, Celinda EMERY, Rosetta EMERY, Wealthy EMERY and Lucretia EMERY.

To son William EMERY one brown mare, one two horse waggon, and one two horse plow, provided he furnish my family with bread & meat tell the forty acres is broke up and fenced

Executor: James D. FERGUSON

Witnesses: James D. FERGUSON, Alexander CUMMINGS. [Page 436]


WATERMAN, William L. of Council Hill, aged sixty five years, dated April 25, 1863, proved May 2, 1863

To my son in law Orin PIERCE, the undivided half of all my Real and Personal Estate.

To my son Jesse Preston WATERMAN, the undivided half of the remaining half of all my Real and Personal Estate not bequeathed to Orin Pierce.

To my Granddaughters Lydia Ann SMITH and Mary Elizabeth SMITH, all my Real and personal estate not bequeathed to Orin Pierce and Jesse Preston

Executor: my son in law Orin PIERCE.

Witnesses: John BENNET and Thomas BINKS both of Council Hill (Page 439)


STROTHER, Elizabeth W. of the City of Galena, dated October 7, 1862 , proved May 19, 1863. Original Will was probated at St. Louis, Mo.

All I possess to daughter Florida B. GAINES, wife of John C. GAINES, of Saint Louis Missouri

Property in Galena: my house and Lot 45 fronting on Bench in Galena. Also my lot and building thereon fronting on Main Street being part of lot number 45. Also my lot and house on Main Street as part of lot number 26 running from Main to Bench Street.

Property in Winona, Minessota: Lots No. 11 and 12 in Block 13 in Hamilton Addition.

Two judgments purchased, one of Nelson C. Roe against the Steam Boat Hamburgh and Securities and the other of David H. Scott against said Steam Boat Hamburg and security and now pending in the Clinton County Iowa District Court..

Trustee: Charles F. TRACY of St. Louis, Missouri, to dispose of the same as she may in writing direct.

For reasons satisfactory to myself I make no bequest to my sons George C. STROTHER, Waldegrave S. STROTHER and Fleet F. STROTHER or to either of them.

Witnesses: E. S. LEMOINE, L. M. SHREVE (Page 442)


LAHR, Valentine of the Town of Guilford, age 58 years, dated April 18, 1863 , proved May 20, 1863.

To wife Philopena LAHR my homestead during her natural life.

After her death to my sons August LAHR and Anthony LAHR the said homestead to be divided amongst themselves.

I give and devise unto my other children John Baptist LAHR, Elizabeth SHERLING, Philipona FALKEHEINER, Catherine CORNELYSON, Mary AHR, Barbara LAHR, Valentine LAHR, Edward LAHR, each the sum of $100.00 each

Executrix, wife Philipona LAHR.

Witnesses: John MOORE of Scales Mound, Francis VARING of Guilford, Valentine SCHOENHARDT of Guilford (Page 445)


BALL, Joseph of Galena, age 44 years, dated November 20, 1862, proved May 21, 1863.

To wife Priscilla BALL, all my real and personal property to wife Priscilla BALL until my youngest child should become of age and then to be divided equally betwen my surviving children after one third of said real estate is set off to my wife Priscilla BALLl. Children: Ann Eliza BALL, Priscilla B. BALL, Hannah Josephine BALL.

Executrix: Priscilla BALL

Witnesses: Thomas McNULTY of Galena and John B. KRIENBUHL of Galena. (Page 447)


GABROIS (Jabrois), Joseph, dated July 18, 1849, proved June 25, 1863

To my grandson John Bateart JACQUEST land commencing at the south west corner of my place, runeast twenty five rods thence north until you come to Shelters line then west until you come Lawrance Jai BROIS line twenty five rods. Also I give him one cow and calf and one silver watch, this his mother is to have as long as she lives and at her death it is to be his. Also I will and bequeath unto my son James Jai BROIS and Mary Ann COLLIN the remaining part of my land. Also I will and bequeath to my son James Jai BROIS three steers and my horse and waggon he is to keep them two years and then he is to go to Mary Ja BROIS and James my Son is to have all my household furniture and poultry and James Ja BROIS is to have the Rite and privilege of my house for two years.

Witnesses: Francis VARING, Anton RUFFNER James D. RAWLINGS (Page 449)


MILLER, Jacob C. of the Town of Nora, age 46 years, dated June 2, 1863, proved July 21, 1863

To wife Catharine MILLER one third of all my estate to include the dwelling house and garden together with the use of one third of the barn to be hers forever.

To son Benjamin F. MILLER and to my daughter Eunice? (Emmee?) J. MILLER and to my daughter Ellen MILLER and to my son Freeman W. MILLER all the rest of the estate, to share and share alike whenever they shall have all arrived at the age of 21 years. Executrix: wife Catharine MILLER.

Witnesses: Lucius BLACKMAN of Nora, James H. ROGERS of Nora (Page 451)


MOORE, Charles of the Town of Hanover, dated March 12, 1863, proved September 8, 1863

To wife Hannah MOORE one third of my estate and chattel property.

To oldest son Josiah MOORE one sixth of the two thirds of all my estate, except to William MOORE and Isaac MOORE is to receive $600 each to bear a part of their expenses to prepare for the Minsitry but not otherwise.

To my seond son John MOORE the one sixty of the two thirds of my estate

To my third son William C. MOORE the one sixth of the two thirds of my estate and also $600 extra to help to pay for his education

To my fourth son Isaac MOORE one sixth of the two thirds of all my estate and also $600 to help to pay for his learning with a view to the ministry this money is not to be given for any other use

To my oldest daughter Mary SPIER one eighth of the two thirds of my estate.

To my youngest daughter Jane MOORE one eighth of the two thirds of my estate.

Executors: my wife Hannah MOORE and my second son John MOORE.

Witnesses: William MOORE, Charles MOORE.


VIRTUE, Adam, dated September 12, 1863, proved September 22, 1863

To wife Margret VIRTUE all the goods, chattles, moneys, notes, bonds, mortgages, deeds of Trust, and Real Estate belonging to me, to be held and distributed by her as she things best.

Witnesses: James GAMMON, David VIRTUE (Page 456)

End of Will Book A