1930 Jo Daviess County Farm Directory


This directory, published by Midwest Directory Publishing Company of Topeka, Kansas, listed only those people who actually derived their income from farming operations. Rural residents with small tracts of land were not included. Farmers were listed according to the township they resided in.

Information was gathered from the Jo Daviess County Farm Bureau and the County Assessors and various county records.

Also included here are the short histories of the towns that preceded each section, Breeders Directory and Advertisers Directory.

Transcribed by Karlene Nesbitt White.




1930 Farmer List



Jo Daviess County Farm Bureau


1930 Board Members

President: M. A. Goodmiller-Stockton

Vice President: Wm. Bonjour-Stockton

Secretary: J. E. Bonnett-East Dubuque

Treasurer: E. F. Hunt-Hanover



John Krug - Scales Mound

Abe Evans - Woodbine

George B. Kruger - Apple River

D. L. Norris - Galena

A. L. Parker - Stockton


H. R. Brunnemeyer - County Advisor

Miss D. H. Barton - Office Secretary

R. R. Heidenreich - General Agent Auto Insurance

J. E. Bonnett - General Agent Life Insurance




Apple River


            What makes a good town? It must be well governed, have good schools and churches. Its homes must be modern and attractive, streets kept in excellent shape. Good transportation by rail and highway are essential. Progressive, friendly home loving people to make up its population. The business firms must be up-to-date and progressive, carrying excellent stocks of merchandise at fair prices. The town must offer a good market for the products of the surrounding community.


            On these essentials Apple River may rank with any of the towns in Jo Daviess County. From its founding the town has always been an excellent place in which to live and to make a living as well as a popular trading point for the territory it serves.


            Apple River is in the eastern part of the county lying between Scales mound and Warren, eight miles from the former and six miles from the latter. Apple river is on the Illinois Central railroad and in addition has excellent highways.


            Apple River invites you to make the town your trading point.



East Dubuque


            East Dubuque, with a population of 1500, is in Dunleith Township and was founded in 1832 by Eleazer Frentress and incorporated in 1856.


            Present city officials are: Chesley D. Brauhn, mayor; Adam J. Montag, clerk; Frank Lester, police judge; G. Pluym, Harry E. Bishop, Nic Martin, Edgar T. Liddle, councilmen.


            Schools: East Dubuque public school, grade and high school; St. Mary’s parochial grade school.


            Churches: Wesley M. E. and St. Mary’s Catholic.


            Lodges and societies: Milton Matthews Camp 1939, M. W. A.; Independent Camp 1918, R. N. of A.; Martin Lodge 491 A. F. & A. M.; W. O. W.; Ivy Leaf Circle, W. O. W.; Brotherhood of Signalmen of America; Ex-Service Men; Community Band.


            Business firms: two banks, one real estate office, one lumber yard, one hardware store, one jeweler, three confectioners, four groceries, one meat market, two feed stores, one implement store, four oil stations, four garages, two coal dealers, two drug stores, one blacksmith shop, two restaurants, two barber shops, one time shop, one printing company, one iron foundry, two wholesale beverage depots.


            Places of interest: Railroad tunnel; high Bridge across Mississippi River; railroad bridge across Mississippi.


            Highways: U. S. No. 20; Illinois No. 79.





            Galena, with a population of 4,742, is in East and West Galena Townships and was founded in 1826 by 33 settlers who chose the name by ballot. Galena was laid out by an act of the Federal government, an unusual distinction.


            Present city officers are: Robert I. McKeague, mayor; Walter L. Reed, clerk; Roy Barnett, police judge; Doran Smith, Robert Bratton, Henry Metzger, John Wise, Charles Blum, Elmer Scott, Ben Crosby and Edward Wagner, councilmen.


            Schools: Galena accredited high; several outlying grade schools; two parochial grade schools.


            Churches: First Presbyterian; Methodist Episcopal; St. Mary’s Catholic; St. Michael’s Catholic; South Presbyterian; German Presbyterian [Lutheran?] and Episcopal.


            Lodges and societies: B. P. O. E. [Elks]; Eagles; Knights of Columbus; Knights of Pythias; I. O. O. F. [Odd Fellows]; various Masonic bodies.


            Business firms: two lumber yards, three iron foundries, two machine shops, one steam electric plant, three battery stations, four clothing stores, three drug stores, two dry goods stores, five shoe stores, four hardware stores, two plumbing shops, three tin shops, four hotels, four restaurants, six garages, fifteen grocery stores, one gas plant, three medical doctors, five dentists, two chiropractors, two farm implement dealers, one monument works, two dry cleaners, one laundry, two motion picture shows, two real estate dealers, six barber shops, one wholesale grocery, one oil and grease factory making auto filling machinery, one glove and mitten factory, one wholesale hardware, three bakeries, three banks, etc.


            Places of Interest: Grant’s Home (state maintained as a Grant museum), Nast’s painting.


            Galena is on Illinois highways no. 5 and No. 80 and U. S. No. 20.


            Galena must be seen to be appreciated. As “The Switzerland of America,” it has been widely advertised. Galena is but two and one-half miles from the Mississippi River, where good fishing and camping are to be found. Galena has a dandy nine hole golf course.





            Elizabeth is in Elizabeth Township.


            Present city officials: H. M. McKillips, mayor; C. O. Daniel, clerk; W. C. T. Under, police judge; H. O. Long, H. L. Wilcox, George Moffett, William Kevern, E. J. Burns, S. W. Breed, councilmen.


            School: grade and high.


            Churches: Methodist Episcopal, First Presbyterian, St. Paul’s Lutheran and St. Mary’s Catholic.


            Lodges and societies: Masonic and Eastern Star; K. of Pythias and Pythian Sisters; I. O. O. F. [Odd Fellows] and Rebekahs; American Legion and Ladies Auxiliary; Mystic Workers of the World; F. O. E.; Modern Woodmen of America; P. T. A. and others.


            Elizabeth has practically every sort of business house to be found in the average town of 1,000 population. The business district is so compact that transacting business in the city is a pleasure and the merchants are of the progressive type who keep the stores well stocked with up-to-date merchandise. There are two good creameries in the city, two active hatcheries, two large strong banks and other business houses in proportion. Thousands of dollars worth of livestock and dairy produce are shipped from Elizabeth monthly to city markets. The county agricultural interests center at Elizabeth as it is near the geographical center of the county and is the home of the Jo Daviess County Farm Bureau.


            On account of the rolling nature of the land around Elizabeth it affords some of the most scenic spots in the state.


            Elizabeth is on U. S. highway no. 20 and Illinois No. 5 and is on the prospective route of No. 80. It is on the Chicago Great Western railroad and also has numerous motor busses and express trucks leaving and arriving every day.


            The city has cement sidewalks in every part of the city, has amply street lighting facilities, a number of blocks of paving, and exceptionally fine sewerage system, a city water system which extends to every street.


            Elizabeth is one of the oldest towns in northwestern Illinois, its history dating back more than 100 years. Settlement was first made in this locality because of the rich deposits of lead ore but later mining became a side issue and the people found that greater wealth awaited them in the excellent grade of blue grass for grazing and the rich soils of the bottoms lands for farming purposes. It was in this locality that some of the battles of the Blackhawk war were fought and the city received its name from a woman who heroically loaded the muskets of the early settlers as they fought off the Indians from the fort which stood only a short distance east of the present business section.





            Hanover is in Hanover Township. It was founded in 1827 and 1828 by Daniel Fowler, Chas. Ames and James Craig and was incorporated in 1877.


            Present city officials: John L. Mason, mayor; Wm. Chapman, clerk; Wm. E. Noten, police judge; C. Fisher, Geo. Unangst, Carl Thor, Carl Morrison, Homer Gray, Alden Kirkey, councilmen.


            Schools: District and community high; new and modern.


            Churches: Methodist Episcopal, First Presbyterian, United Presbyterian and Roman Catholic.


            Lodges and societies: Masonic, Eastern Star, Modern Woodmen, Royal Neighbors.


            Business firms: Three groceries and dry goods, drug store, bakery, hotel, restaurant, two shoe stores, two shoe repair shops, two blacksmiths, two garages, three filling stations, meat market, bank, jewelry store, lumber yard, furniture and undertaking, one millinery, two barber shops, pool hall, one physician, one dentist.


            State highway No. 80 passes through Hanover.


            Hanover boasts of perhaps the largest and best equipped woolen mill west of Indiana. The Hanover Woolen Mfg. Co., was founded or organized in 1864, increased its capital stock in 1865, increased by new building in 1881 and erected the present building in 1919.



Scales Mound


            Scales Mound, with a population of 400, is in the township of the same name. It was founded in 1853 by Josiah Conlee and B. B. Provost and was incorporated July 14, 1877.


            Present city officials: J. C. Winters, mayor; E. C. Rummell, Clerk; John E. Cousin, police judge; William Johnson, William J. Lowery, George Magee, Henry Perry, L. W. Rummell and Chas. W. Wright, councilmen.


            Scales Mound has a recognized four-year high school; Methodist Episcopal, Presbyterian and Catholic churches; Modern Woodmen of America and Royal Neighbors lodges.


            Business firms: One bank, one dentist, lumber yard, three general stores, one meat market, creamery, two restaurants, farm implement dealer, two coal and feed stores, two garages, hardware store, blacksmith, two bulk oil stations, two barber shops, one pool room, one hotel.


            Scales Mound is about one mile from the highest point in Illinois. The town is on the main line of the Illinois Central railroad between Chicago and Omaha. The village gets its name from Samuel Scales who was the owner of the land on which the mound is situated. In early days the district just west of the village was known for its production of lead ore.





            Stockton was founded in 1887 by M. F. Carpenter and incorporated in 1890. The town has a population of 1500 and is located in Stockton Township.


            Present city officials: S. L. Vickers, mayor; C. E. brown, clerk; B. W. Stephenson, police judge; P. M. Rindesbacher, C. C. Parker, J. C. Baber, Martin Schap, B. R. Tiffany and Chas. Vanderheyden, councilmen.


            Stockton has two schools, six churches, and twelve lodges and societies.


            Stockton is well represented with business firms, having two hardware stores, two blacksmith shops, one moving picture theater, one opera house, two billiard parlors, two drug stores, eight soda fountains, four restaurants, two hotels, six dry goods stores, six grocery stores, two electric shops, one millinery store, one bank, five garages, six oil stations, one furniture store, one mortuary, two veterinarians, three doctors, three chiropractors, two lawyers, two dentists, one poultry and egg station, two butter and egg stations.


            Places of interest: Tower Hill and City Park.


            Highways: Routes 5, 40 and 78.

Compiled by Geo. H. Brown, Township Clerk.





            The early history of Warren is really an outgrowth of old historic Millville, because it was to this village, five miles south, that most settlers were attracted. It was the hub of the mining district for that section and a village of a few hundred inhabitants. In the early days there were several stores, a hotel, the ever present saloon and a grist mill, to which the inhabitants for miles around brought their wheat to be ground into snowy white flour.

            Frink and Walker’s stage line from Chicago to Galena ran through the town, and mail for all that section was obtained at the village post office. This was all changed, when in 1853, the Illinois Central railroad went through five miles to the north. There is nothing left now but a bronze tablet which was placed on the cliff by the D. A. R. to tell the story of the thrilling memories of the miners, stagecoach and inhabitants.

            In the spring of 1843, Alexander Burnett, in a prairie schooner, accompanied by his wife and small son Warren, emigrated from his native town of Warren, Ohio, bound for Millville, Illinois. While waiting for his team to drink from the small stream that runs through our town, decided he could not find a better place to locate, so settled on 240 acres and built for himself a double log cabin near the center of Main and Water Streets, where the Oddfellow Building now stands, there he established his family. Mr. Burnett was the only settler till the fall of 1845 when Mr. Freeman A. Tisdel of Michigan, came and purchased one-half of Mr. Burnett’s claim, about 120 acres. The small creek was the division of the land and was later known as Division Creek. Mr. Burnett held the east half and built a two story frame building at the intersection of the old Sucker Trail, now Tisdel avenue, and Burnett avenue, opened a hotel and called it the Burnett House. After many years of prosperity and different owners this building was destroyed by fire May 3, 1885. In 1911 the Carnegie Library of 8,000 volumes was erected on the historic site of this building. Mr. Burnett named the town in honor of his eldest son, Warren.

            The village grew steadily and prospered. It was the principal trading post around here--many farmers brought their butter and eggs for miles because of the excellent market. The village was incorporated in 1857 and the first village board was: T. A. Tisdel, Alexander Burnett, T. E. Champion (for whom the Warren post of G. A. R. is named), Amos Shin and John D. Platt. Warren is proud to have remaining some old land marks of early days, namely, the Stone Hotel erected by T. A. Tisdel in 1851. This, like all the other early stone buildings in Warren, was built of native limestone. The hotel was headquarters for the Frink and Walker stage line. The east wing was a bar, the third floor of the main building being used as a hall; the Lutheran Church built in 1858 and is used by the Lutheran congregation; the Meridian Mill, so called because built on the 90th meridian, was erected in 1860, is now occupied by V. S. Balbac as a coal, grain and feed house; Oddfellow Building built in 1856; Flatiron Building, built in 1852; the Brink Building built in 1856; the Jones Building built in 1869; the first bank, now occupied by Dr. I. W. Perry as an office; M. E. Church as a barn.

Some of the early pioneers and notables were: Representatives A. M. Jones, Halstead Townsend, J. D. Platt, George Pepoon, and James Bayne; Wm. Langston Lathrop, artist, born in 1859. Mr. Lathrop was awarded the W. T. Evans prize for a water color picture entitled “Misty Day.” He now lives in New Hope, Pennsylvania.; Judge Paul Myron Wentworth Linebarger, born in Warren in 1870. He was U. S. Judge in the Philippines, author, lecturer and U. S. Consul in China.

The first school was built in 1848 called the Payne school. In 1852 the Warren Female Seminary was opened in the Tisdel Hotel. In 1854 a brick school was erected opposite the M. E. Church. In 1864 a brick school building was completed on the grounds of the present school. In 1870 a brick school building was built on the east side of town. In 1872, an addition 50x50 was added to the building erected in 1864. In 1916 this school was entirely removed and a modern one costing $60,000 was built. In 1891 an academy was opened in the Barton House, this closed in 1905.

Warren has a number of lodges: the Masons, Woodmen, Oddfellows, Mystic Workers, G. A. R. and American Legion. There are five churches: Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Catholic

The city water works system was laid in 1895. A stone tower 102 feet high was built but replaced by a steel tower in 1928. The water from the well passes a very high test, assuring the citizens of excellent water.

The Warren Agricultural Society was organized in 1860 and has held 67 consecutive fairs. It bears the reputation of having one of the best county fairs in the state. Every fifth year in connection with the fair, they have a Warren Homecoming. Mr. Jay M. Whitham, a former Warrenite, has been and is an enthusiastic supporter of the Homecoming project.

There are five parks within the town: Burnett, with a suitable marker in memory of Capt. Alexander Burnett; German Lutheran; Bayne, presented to the town by Charles Bayne; Library; City; and the Triangle on Main Street.

Warren has a weekly paper, “The Warren Sentinel-Leader,” founded in 1857 by Freeman A. Tisdel, and now edited by Ray M. Scotchbrook.

In 1857 cholera ravished the town and a burying place was needed, immediately Mr. Burnett donated a space worthy of the village. Elmwood was purchased in 1886 and laid out in avenues and drives. The late Mr. Daniel Keeler bequeathed the money for a receiving vault, which was built in 1915. Memorial gates were presented by the Homecoming Association in 1928.

The first bank was established in 1865 and various buildings were erected. In 1913 the present modern structure was erected by the State Bank.

Warren is located on Route no. 78 in the best farming country between Dubuque and Chicago. The lands surrounding it for many miles are of the first quality and the agricultural community is large and prosperous. The upper soil is a rich loam, generally from ten to twenty-five inches in depth, the subsoil is yellow limestone clay, equal to the best eastern limestone lands. The soil is easily worked, having neither stones nor stumps. The crops of wheat, corn, buckwheat, barley and oats are large.




Breeders Directory




Aberdeen Angus

Gummow, J. T. - Scales Mound

Haas, Elmer - Derinda

Jenning, A. F. - Rice

Potter, Mrs. John - Hanover

Turner, T. J. - Hanover

White, James - Thompson

Williams, Wallace - Council Hill



Steele, George - Hanover


Brown Swiss

Groezinger, Paul - Derinda

Hoppe, John - Thompson

Randecker, J. L. - Derinda

Schuldt Bros. - Council Hill



Dimmick, Lot - Apple River

Kaufman, Chas. - Hanover



Ashmore, Arthur A. - Elizabeth

Bertsch, Wm. - Hanover

Bonjour, T. L. - Stockton

Busche, Elmer - Thompson

Chapman, J. W. - Hanover

Chetlain, Louis - Rawlins

Cooper, Arthur A. - Elizabeth






Chester Whites

Distler, John - Guilford

Felderman, John H. - Rawlins

Grebner, Ernest - Scales Mound

Tresidder, Leroy - Scales Mound



Bastian, Clyde - Council Hill

Francke, W. H. - Hanover

Grebner, Henry - Thompson

Gummow, J. T. - Scales Mound

Heidenreich, Ernest - Rush

Hickman, Herbert - Scales Mound

Horan, M. J. & Son - Council Hill

Kuhns, Geo. - Hanover

Kuppersmith, Adolph - Rush

Kuppersmith, Ernest - Rush

Kuppersmith, Fred - Rush

Levins, J. H. & Son - Rice

Lincoln, H. B. - Elizabeth

Martin, W. C. - Scales Mound

Masters, A. C. - Berreman

Meade, Harry E. - Apple River

Meinen, Ben - Menominee

Merrifield & Merrifield - Council Hill

Metz, Joe - Scales Mound

Miller, Henry - Menominee

Nagel, Louis - Pleasant Valley

Nobis Bros. - Hanover

Oldenburg, Albert - Rawlins
Davenport, Vern - Rush

Eustice, R. J. - Elizabeth

Fleege, Clem - Menominee

Goodmiller, M. A. - Pleasant Valley

Haring, Albert - Derinda

Heid, Casper - Derinda

Mills, Hugh - Hanover

Reed, Burl J. - Elizabeth

Reed, Earl - Elizabeth

Reifsteck, Otto - Hanover

Roberts, W. E. - Thompson

Tippett, Chas. - Elizabeth

Tranel, Geo. - Scales Mound

Turner, Arthur - Rush

Webster, C. - Scales Mound

Weis, N. R. - Guilford

Williams, Chas. R. - Elizabeth

Wing, Mike - Rush

Winters, Geo. C. - Thompson




Bans, john E. - Guilford

Beadle, Wm. - Rice

Edgerton, Irwin - Hanover

Francke, W. H. - Hanover

Freeman, John & Dale - Hanover

Furlong, Mary - Vinegar Hill

Graham Bros. - Vinegar Hill

Grebner, Otto - Thompson

Hilby, Ben - Menominee

Krueger, Henry - Thompson

McGuire, John - Menominee

Oldenburg, Mrs. Helena - Vinegar Hill

Scadden, Norris - Rawlins

Slattery, M. & Son - West Galena

Trousdale, James - Elizabeth

Wachter, Henry - Guilford

Watson, Reuben - Apple River

White, Wm. - Guilford

White, William S. - East Galena



Beall, H. M. - Apple River

Bell, Geo. - Scales Mound

Bell, J. W. - Council Hill

Berning, Anton - Vinegar Hill

Berning, Henry - Vinegar Hill

Berryman, Lloyd - Council Hill

Berryman, Will - Scales Mound
Parker, Leroy - Stockton

Reed, C. W. - Rawlins

Rogers, Percy - Scales Mound

Saam, Christ - Scales Mound

Schneider Bros. - Menominee

Schonhoff, Paul - Menominee

Schreck, Louis - Elizabeth

Stowe, Robert - Rawlins

Stratham, Matt - Elizabeth

Timpe, Joseph - Vinegar Hill

Tippett & Roberts - Elizabeth

Tranel, Ben - Menominee

Tranel, Helena - Menominee

Tresidder, Clifford - Scales Mound

Vanyil, Clifford - Menominee

Vehren, A. J. - Rawlins

Virtue, Walter - Hanover

Vondra, Henry - Menominee

Welp, Benedict - Menominee

White, W. J. - Apple River

Wicker, Will - Rush

Wilkins, August - Rawlins



Bans, John E. - Guilford

Bohnsack, Ernest - Thompson

Doubler, Elmer - Nora

Edge, Henry - Scales Mound

Eversoll, John - Thompson

Hansen, Edward - Rawlins

Hughes, Wallie - Scales Mound

Kelley, Tim - Dunleith

Laity, Earl - Scales Mound

Lewis, Wm. R. - Rawlins

Partzen, Nick - Dunleith

Rowe, Mrs. J. H. - Scales Mound

Sincox, Edward - Scales Mound

Sincox, Thomas - Scales Mound

Tippett, Thomas - Scales Mound



Albrecht, Jacob - Derinda

Allendorf, John - Menominee

Anderburg, A. - Vinegar Hill

Bauer, Albert - Menominee

Beebe, Everett C. - Council Hill

Hughes, Mable - Council Hill

Kehl, Frank, Derinda

Kehl, O. J. - Derinda

Nobis Bros. - Hanover
Binkley, G. A. - Stockton

Bodell, A. W. - Vinegar Hill

Boettner, Ernest - Thompson

Bonjour, W. F. - Rush

Bonnett, Ben - Menominee

Bonnett, Clem - Menominee

Bonnett, John E. - Menominee

Borger, John - Menominee

Bourquin, Roy - Thompson

Bourquin, A. L. - Rush

Bourquin, John - Rush

Bussan, Leo - Menominee

Calhoun, J. B. - Berreman

Calhoun, Roscoe - Berreman

Carroll Bros. - Pleasant Valley

Coates, Everett - Guilford

Cook, Elmer - Apple River

Dalsing, Benard - Vinegar Hill

Dillon, Mrs. Anna - Rawlins

Droegmiller, Henry - Elizabeth

Fleege, Edward - Menominee

Fleege, Wm. - Menominee

Francomb, L. A. - Apple River

Gerber, Edward - Apple River

Gessner, John - Scales Mound

Gollmer, W. J. - Apple River

Grass, Mrs. Bertha - Derinda

Hammer, Wm. - Guilford

Handfelt, H. J. - Menominee

Harkness, Edward - Elizabeth

Hartwig, Harry - Rawlins

Heer, Andrew - Menominee

Heitkamp, Joseph - Menominee

Hilby Bros. - Menominee

Hilby, Paul - Menominee

Holland, James - Scales Mound

Howarth, J. W. - Elizabeth

Hume, Stanley - Apple River

Hundfelt, John - Menominee

Keller, Herman - Guilford

Kieffer, L. W. - Menominee

Klass, Herman - Menominee

Klenke, L. H. - Scales Mound

Knautz, Edward - West Galena

Knuckey, A. J. - Scales Mound

Krug, John - Guilford

Leglar Bros. - Rawlins

Mougin, W. E. & Son - Rice

Nichol, August - Rawlins

Norris, D. L. - Rawlins
Oldenburg, H. J. - Rawlins

Perry, R. D. - Berreman

Phelphs, Harold - Scales Mound

Tranel, Geo. - Scales Mound

White, Roy - Apple River

Winters, Ben - Thompson

White, Jesse L. - East Galena



Speer, J. A. - Hanover


Poland Chinas

Andrews, Ed. - Scales Mound

Bell, J. W. - Council Hill

Dillon, Walter - Rawlins

Doubler, Elmer - Nora

Eden, Henry - Stockton

Eustice, Everett - East Galena

Grebner, Louis - Thompson

Hacker, Herman - Thompson

Hammer, Hilmer - Thompson

Menzimer, Ben - Thompson

Nieman, Fred - Thompson

Scheele, Geo. - Thompson

Townsend, Philip - Rush

Trost, Alva - Rush

Wieters, Frank - Rawlins

Wilcox, W. A. - Scales Mound

Winters, Conrad - Thompson

Winters, Geo. L. - Thompson

Winters, john A. - Thompson

Wulfe, Arthur - Rush



Poultry/ Chickens

White Leghorns

Berlage, Henry - East Galena

Biren Bros. - Rice

Buchman, Jacob - Rawlins

Bussan, Frank - Rawlins

Foltz, Ed. - Rice

Francke, Chas. - Rice

Graham, M. Y. - Dunleith

Gray, Chas. E. - Rice

Helmich, Wallie - Derinda

Holz, Louis - Rawlins

Howarth, J. W. - Elizabeth

Hulbach, Adam - Rice

King, James H. - Apple River

Kruger, Geo. B. - Apple River
Peterson, John - Scales Mound

Plean, Charles - Menominee

Ricke, Herman - Menominee

Saam, Martin - Scales Mound

Schmidt, Henry - Menominee

Schmidt, Joe - Menominee

Schulting, Ben - Menominee

Schulting, John - Menomonee

Sheean, Harvey - Rawlins

Smith, Herman - Rawlins

Speer, J. A. - Hanover

Sproule, Sam. W. - Rawlins

Steele, Dave - Hanover

Thomas, Richard - Scales Mound

Tobin, Chas. - Guilford

Tranel, Urban - Menominee

Tranel, John - Menominee

Trevarthen, Geo. - Scales Mound

Vassen, Leonard - Menominee

Virtue, D. R. - Rawlins

Vogel, John - Menominee

Westphal Bros. - Elizabeth

Witherholt, Mike - Menominee

Youngbluth, Henry - Rush





Kurger, Geo. B. - Apple River

Calhoun, J. B. - Berreman

Casper, Peter - Guilford




White, W. J. - Apple River

Berlage, Otto - Guilford

Bennett, Thomas J. - Rice





Gesselbracht, Chas. - Rice

Laity, Will - Scales Mound


Pekin Ducks

West, Sherman - Rush



Rogers, Thomas - Scales Mound
Lawfer, Myron - Berreman

Speer, J. A. - Hanover

Stump, W. A. - Rice

Theill, W. - Dunleith

Virtue, Jas. - Hanover

Wienan, Harry G. - Rawlins


Brown Leghorns

Bahr, Christian, Jr. - Guilford

Dittmar, Louis E. - Derinda

Frazier, A. L. - Stockton

Hesselbacher, Ernest - Thompson

Hume, Alexander - Apple River

Lange, Fred - Thompson

Nadig, Roy - Rush

Petitgout, Max - Rice

Stephenson Bros. - Apple River

Thiltgen, F. J. - Menominee

Tranel, Leo - Menominee

Werner, Louis - Thompson

Wills, Albert - Council Hill



Lawfer, Merle - Berreman

Linderman, Henry - Rawlins


White Brahmas

Speer, J. A. - Hanover


Barred Rocks

Borger, John - Menominee

Broderecht, Wm. - Guilford

Erner, Albert, Menominee

Gessner, John - Scales Mound

Hess, John - Thompson

Heitkamp, Joseph - Menominee

Hendricks, Mary - Menominee

Hoftender, John - Menominee

Koehler, August - Rawlins

McCormick, James - Rice

McFadden, Albert - Apple River

Neuschswanger, F. - Scales Mound

Perry, John - Guilford

Runnel, Will - Scales Mound

Runnell, Wm. - Thompson

Schnerre, Otto B. - Rawlins

Schweitzer Bros. - Rawlins

Stadel, Alfred - Thompson

Sweeney, Ray - Scales Mound

Thiltgen, J. J. - Menominee

White Wyandottes

Anderson, John - Derinda

Bahr, Wm. - Guilford

Bans, John E. - Guilford

Carr, M. B. - Scales Mound

Coates, Everett - Guilford

Endress, Frank - Rush

Dunleavy, John - Menominee

Scadden, Sol - Rawlins

Schlafer, W. E. - Berreman

Spencer, John - Council Hill

Vondra, Henry - Menominee


Buff Orpingtons

Funston, J. G. - Rice

Merrifield & Merrifield - Council Hill

White, Robert L. - Apple River


Rhode Island Reds

Bans, Raymond - Guilford

Bautsch Bros. - Rice

Berlage, Henry - East Galena

Bussan, Leo - Menominee

Bucher, John J. - Rice

Clancy, Thomas - Pleasant Valley

Erner, Joe - Menominee

Hesselbacher, John - Guilford

Hesselbacher, Louis - Guilford

Meyers, William - Scales Mound

Rindesbacher, Frank - Stockton

Teppert, J. E. - Thompson

Tippett, John J. - East Galena

Tranel, Urban - Menominee

Welp, Benedict - Menominee
Tranel Bros. - Menominee

Tranel, Helena - Menominee

Van De Weil, Anton - Menominee

Weydert, Joe - Menominee


White Rocks

Bastian, Frank - Scales Mound

Bussan, Caroline - Rawlins

Davis, Percy - Guilford

Eberle, Jacob - Pleasant Valley

Eicholtz, John - Thompson

Fleege, Clem - Menominee

Francke, Chas. - Rice

Holland, B. F. - Scales Mound

Hornby, George - Rice

Hughes, Wallie - Scales Mound

Kiefer, J. H. - Menominee

Klass, Herman - Menominee

Power, John W. - Rice

Rogers, Thomas - Scales Mound

Saam, Christ - Scales Mound

Schneider Bros. - Menominee

Schonhoff, Ben - Menominee

Schonhoff, Leo - Menominee

Schulting, Ben - Menominee

Smart, John - Scales Mound

Speer, J. A. - Hanover

Thiltgen, Ben - Menominee

Thompson, Ed. - Scales Mound

Tranel, John - Menominee

Tranel, Joseph W. - Menominee

White, Jesse L. - East Galena

Witherholt, Mike - Menominee

Wubben, Henry G. - Menominee

Wurster, Geo. - Derinda




Business Directory



Agricultural Fairs

Warren Fair, Warren


Auto Service and Supplies

Bredeson Garage, Hanover

Dietrich & Ahrendt, Dubuque

Dubuque Auto Exchange, Dubuque

John H. Faherty, Stockton

Goldsworthy Bros., Elizabeth





Miller & Son Bakery, Hanover



Bank of Apple River

East Dubuque Savings Bank

Elizabeth State Bank

First National Bank, Savanna

First State & Savings Bank, Galena

Galena National Bank

Hanover State Bank

Peoples State Bank of Stockton

State Bank of East Dubuque

State Bank of Scales Mound

State Bank of Warren



The Pantry Café, Elizabeth

Stockton Café, Stockton


Cigar Manufacturers

Lead Mine Cigar Factory, Galena


Dairy Products

Apple River Dairy Co., Apple River

Co-op. Creamery Co., Elizabeth

Iowa Dairy Co., Dubuque


Drug Stores

Siniger & Siniger, Galena



Berryman Elevator Co., Apple River

Warren Co-op Elevator Co., Warren


Flour & Feed

B. J. Kuhl, East Dubuque

Rooster Flour & Feed Mill, Dubuque


Furniture & Funeral Directors

R. G. Fuller, Savanna


Gasoline & Oils

Iowa Oil Co., Galena and Elizabeth


General Stores

J. W. Jagger & Co., Apple River



E. A. Estorf & Son, Apple River

Hanover’s Modern Grocery, Hanover

H. H. Verbugt, East Dubuque


Hardware & Supplies

Farmers Supply Co., Dubuque

F. E. Fisher, Woodbine

Schilling Hardware Co., East Dubuque


Harness & Supplies

Ellwanger Bros., Dubuque



Farmers Co-op. Hatchery, Elizabeth

Shoemaker Poultry Farm, Freeport

Stouffer’s Hatchery, Stockton and Lena


Implements & Supplies

Burrows & Akin, Warren

Peter Even & Son, Dubuque

McKillips & Cook, Elizabeth

Steigner & Russell, Apple River



Jo Daviess County Farm Bureau, Elizabeth


Livestock Dealers

N. A. Gault, Elizabeth

Warren Co-op. Shipping Assn., Warren


Lumber & Building Material

Barker Lumber Co., Scales Mound

Wm. Hoskins Lumber Co., Galena

Meuser Lumber Co., East Dubuque

Midwest Galena Lumber Co., Galena

C. E. Taylor, Warren

Spahn & Rose Lumber Co., Stockton


Meat Markets

Gray’s Meat Market, Hanover



G. W. Ivey & Sons, Mt. Carroll

J. P. Vincent & Sons, Galena



The Galena Gazette, Galena


Plumbing & Heating

H. J. Campbell, Hanover

J. F. Myers, Galena


Produce Buyers

R. M. Bowman & Sons, Stockton

J. F. Williams & Son, Warren


Rendering Works

Savanna Rendering Works, Savanna


Shoe Repairing and Radios

Electric Shoe Shop, East Dubuque

Shoes and Repairing

W. G. Binninger, Galena



Soil Builders

Dubuque Stone Products Co., Dubuque

Ruhm Phosphate & Chemical Co.,

          Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee