Warren Township

Jo Daviess County, Illinois

The first settler in the Township of Warren as unquestionably Alexander Burnett. He built himself a log house very near the center of what is now the village of Warren. After him came Freeman Tisdel, Kingsley Old and family and a Mr. Newville. Mr. Burnett kept the first hotel in the village, and as near his house what was known as the "Sucker Trail" and another road crossed each other, his place was known for years as "Burnett's Corners." The first post office was established at the house of Mr. Tisdel in 1847. Owing to the fertility of the soil and the development of the mines not far from the "Corners," Warren began to develop very rapidly and many enterprising men, such as A. L., Brink, John D. Platt, E. T. Sandoe, Manly Rogers, C. A. Smith, Thomas E. Champion, John Tear, George W. Pepoon and others settled within her borders. On February 24, 1859, the village of Warren was incorporated, and from that time until now it has had a steady, healthy growth, so that at present it ranks as one of the most enterprising villages in Northern Illinois. It has never had what, in western parlance, could be called a "boom," but whatever advance it has made it has retained. Its citizens are enterprising, -wide-awake and constantly on the lookout for that which would improve their village. It owns its own waterworks, is well lighted, and has secured manufacturing plants which have been profitable from the start. It has an academy and one of the best high schools in the State, and altogether is a delightful village in which to dwell.

(This section is taken from the book "History of Jo Daviess County  1904)

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