Jo Daviess County, Illinois

Posted Queries for April 1999

BAUER, SCHULTER, SCHULTING, WELTER posted by Marv Schrader on Thursday, April 1, 1999

I just posted a request for Schulting, 1 April, 1999 in conjuntion w/BAUER and WELTER. Margaret SCHULTER married George BAUER from Menominee Township Jo Daviess Co, IL...any connection? We're just starting out on our search...thanks.

BAUER, MAY, SCHULTING, THILTGEN, WELTER posted by John H. Budden on Thursday, April 1, 1999

I am originally from Menominee. My grandmothers name was Mary SCHULTING. She was a sister of Margaret. I know she had brothers John Schulting, Herman Schulting, John (Ben) Schulting and a sister name Petronella (Nellie) Schulting. She married William THILTGEN. There are some Thiltgen people living in an around Menominee now. There are some Schulting's living in Menominee also. One is Delbert Schulting living there now. All I have on Margaret Schulting is that she married George BAUER on 12 FEB 1886, She had one daughter that I know of and her name is Katherine and she married James WELTER on 25 MAY 1920. Hope this will help some.

DENURE, GROESBECK posted by Dc Van Fleet on Friday, April 2, 1999

IL, JO DAVIESS GROESBECK, CORNELIUS & ELIZABETH (DENURE) Born 1808 NY; married 1830 in Ephratch, NY, Montgomery County. Arrived Jo Daviess Co, Wards Grove area,ca 1844 with 7 children. Cornelius apparently purchased land 1845, and died or left prior to 1847, when Elizabeth purchased land. Children William Daniel, Lovina, Lydia, James, Peter, Mary, and Peter Enders.

DIXON, FAUNCE, FRAME, GROESBECK, THOMAS posted by Dc Van Fleet on Friday, April 2, 1999

IL, JO DAVIESS COUNTY FAUNCE, THOMAS W. & HANNAH (DIXON) Thomas W (born VT-? 1806) and Hannah (Dixon) (born NY 1815). Farming Wards Grove ca 1850. Daughter Lurinda ca 1849 married to Henry FRAME, widowed?, ca 1851/1852 remarried to Wm Daniel GROESBECK, before moving to NE/IA. I am looking for any information.

BOPP, BUSH, CAYWOOD, FAIRCHILD, LUKE, PARRISH posted by Rita Welch on Saturday, April 3, 1999

Seeking info on the surnames above: Elizabeth FAIRCHILD, b. abt. 1800 can. (dau of Joshua Fairchild) married William BUSH. She married Fielder PARRISH 1833, after the death of BUSH in JO Davies Co. IL., She was on the 1850 Jo Davies census With Sylvenus BUSH, Son of William Bush) and three of her children by Fielder PARRISH., 1. Orrish, b. abt. 1835, 2. Mary, b. abt. 1840 & William, b. abt. 1849 all in IL. On the same census was her son, Henry Harrison BUSH, b. abt. 1829 NY with wife Sarah BALDWIN BUSH, b. abt. 1834 and their son Byron BUSH, b. abt. 1849 IL. Orris Parrish (son of Fielder) married Mary Catherine BOPP, b. abt. 1840., (dau of Johnthery & Mary BOPP)Also on the Jo Davies census. Orris PARRISH died between 1865 & 1869 (probably in St. Lewis Co. or Chisago Co. MN. After his death his widow married his half brother Henry Harrison BUSH, 1869, in Polk Co. St. Croix Falls WI. They had a son 1875 in that CO> (Don Pedro BUSH) Orris & Mary C, had three children...1. Henry PARRISH, b. abt. 1857., 2. George William, b. abt. 1865 and ada Viola. Henry Married Lois Emma LUKE, b. abt. 1868 OH. Her sister Margaret Emma was b. abt. 1868 OH,. also. Margaret married Albert Alexander BUSH, 1883 in Polk Co. WI. Albert A was the son of Henry Harrison BUSH and Mary C.,. Margaret and Lois Emma were the dau`s of Azel LUKE & Rebecca CAYWOOD LUKE of OH. Thanks, Rita.

STACY posted by Norma Daniels on Saturday, April 3, 1999

Looking for any information on Alexander Stacy, born 1840 in Jo Daviess County. Enter the civil war in 1861 from Dubuque, Iowa..

MOLITOR, STROHMEYER posted by Korban Molitor on Saturday, April 3, 1999

My great-grandmother's name was Johanna Strohmeyer, who married Joseph Molitor, and lived, at least for a time, in the Jo Davies County. I have record of 4 children, but have no information other than names. 1 son, Joseph Molitor, was my grandfather 1 daughter, Johanna (born may 6, 1895? named after her mother) 1 son, Henry 1 daughter, Katie.

MOLITOR, PAAR, SCHMIDT, STROHMEYER posted by Joseph Erner on Monday, April 5, 1999

Henry STROHMEYER, who died 09 April 1911 at Galena, had 3 living sisters among his survivors, one of whom had married a Mr. (probably Joseph) MOLITOR. I don't yet know her first name, but Johanna is a good possibility, since Henry had named one of his own daughters Johanna. But Henry's sisters would probably have been born ca. 1830-45, and thus most likely married ca. 1850-75, which MAY be 1 generation too early if your great-aunt was born in 1895. I have not done a lot of research on the Molitor family, except for Elizabeth Molitor (daughter of Christopher and Mary Molitor) who was born 24 November 1842 in Westphalia; died 28 November 1920 at Dubuque, Iowa; married 1861 at Galena to Jacob Hubert PAAR (Jo Daviess Marriage Records: Volume B, page 325). However, if you can send me more information, I will see what I can find. There was also a Joseph Molitor, married 13 Nov 1883 in Jo Daviess County to Mary A. SCHMIDT (Jo Daviess Marriage Records, Volume E, page 393), but this would appear to be too early to be your grandparents.

CANTY, FOSTER posted by Judy Jarrett Makem on Monday, April 5, 1999

Looking for Daniel Uz Foster married to Catherine Canty. They had George Uz Foster in 1856/57 in Galena Il. Also had 6 other sons: Sydney, Frank, Leslie, william, Webster, and Irving. catherine was from Ireland and had 4 brothers: Edward, Vaughn, Patrick, Tim, and John Canty..

BAIN, MAYFIELD posted by bob perry on Tuesday, April 6, 1999

searching for grandmother Jane BAIN. her son Thomas b. MAYFIELD was born in Jo Daviess Co. on Feb 4, 1842.

CLINITE, ERNST, KLEINKNECHT, PARKER, ROBBINS, WALKER posted by Brenda Haley on Tuesday, April 6, 1999

I am searching for information on Frank Oliver ROBBINS, born 1858 in Illinois. He married Emma Iriene CLINITE (born Sept 1859 in Boone County, Illinois to John Jacob KLEINKNECHT & Caroline ERNST). They had three children: Clarence Bertrum ROBBINS (aka Bert), born March 3, 1882 in Conrad, Iowa; Claud A. ROBBINS, born January 1888; Ortha E. ROBBINS, born September 1894; Clarence married Susie Jane WALKER. They had four children: Delver BurdettE ROBBINS, (aka Bud or Burdette), born June 21, 1900 in Iowa Falls, Iowa; Gladys ROBBINS; Dorothy ROBBINS; Harold ROBBINS They have lived in Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, California & Canada (not in that order) I have reason to believe Frank may have been born in JO DAVIESS COUNTY to Samuel ROBBINS & Clarrisa Lydia PARKER Any leads on this family would be greatly appreciated.

DAY, HART posted by Susan Hart on Thursday, April 8, 1999

My great great grandparents: Bridget and Thomas Hart came to New Diggings, Wis. which is right over the state line from Vinegar Hill, IL in 1845. They lived there the rest of their lives and raised 9 children. The oldest of these children, Michael Hart stayed in the area and lived in New Diggings and in Vinegar Hill, Ill. He wrote a diary for 15 years: 1863-1878 of which I have made 2 handwritten copies. All the names of the people in Jo Davies Co. that he recorded are now indexed with the exact reference date to his diary entry. He volunteered in the Civil War with the 46th Wis. com. G and I have the list of all of the names of this too. He kept very good records. In 1867 he married Mary Day of Vinegar Hill in Hazel Green. I have been to Galena and Vinegar Hill in 1983 and there are many Days headstones in the little cemetery. Michael Hart was a miner and a fiddler. He supplemented his income by playing at dances throught Jo Daviess County and he kept a record of each job and the amount received. My grandfather, Louis Martin Hart was born in Vinegar Hill, Jo Daviess Country in 1878. Any more infomation on the Harts or Days in Vinegar Hill will be much appreciated. Also if you want me to check a name against my index of the New Diggings/Vinegar Hill diary entries -- just email me

BENNETT, CAHILL, CARROL, CARROLL, KEHOE, KEHOES, MULIANE posted by Pat Corrigan on Friday, April 9, 1999

Searching for information about the Family of John CARROLl b 1827 Ire and Hanora MULIANE b1863 Pleasant valley. Daniel b 1872 Pleasant Valley Married Julia KEHOE (my Grandparents) Julia CARROL b 1860 married a CAHILL. In 1924 James CARROLL was living in plum river Between St Patricks Cemetery and the School. I believe that this may have been the farm that I visited as a very young Child. Searching for info on Johanna CARROLL b 1863 Pleasant Valley wed to a BENNETT, Mary b 1865, Kathline b Apr 1880. And any information of any KEHOES living in the pleasant valley plum river area that may be connected to this Family. Any help apprecaited. Pat Corrigan

BIXBY, JOHNSON, LYON, MILLET posted by Alice Allen on Friday, April 9, 1999

Researching the Millet family who came to Jo Daviess Co by 1843. Mary Millet married Samuel Henry Johnson in Jo Daviess Co in 1843, had two sons (Merritt C & Samuel Henry) and apparently a daughter who did not live long. Mary died between 1848 (when Samuel was born) & 1850 when Samuel Sr. married Roxy Lyon. Believe Mary to be the daughter of William & Aurinda Millet. William also died before 1850, as Aurinda married Adonijah Bixby in November of 1850. Also seeking information on Alexander Millet, who is listed as an early settler. Was he the brother of William (born 1790 in CT) or his son (born 1809 in NY or Geauga Co OH)?.

CLAYPOOLE, HARDY, MILLER, POWELL posted by Daryl Bruner on Friday, April 9, 1999

Looking for information on the following family: Husband: JAMES CLAYPOOLE Birth: 1786 Place: HARDY CO., VIRGINIA Death: 1868 Place: JO DAVIESS CO., ILLINOIS Military: WAR OF 1812 Father: JESSE CLAYPOOLE SR (1752-1833) Mother: ELIZABETH MILLER (1757-1834) Marriage: 29 Jan 1811 Place: CHAMPAIGN CO., OHIO Wife: SARAH POWELL Birth: 1796 Place: KENTUCKY Death: 1869 Place: JO DAVIESS CO., ILLINOIS Children... 1. M Child: JAMES P. CLAYPOOLE

VAN, VOLTENBURG posted by Marjorie Smith on Saturday, April 10, 1999

Henry Van Voltenburg family were in the Apple River Fort when it was attacked by Blackhawk in 1832. This fort has been reconstructed near Elizabeth, IL in Jo Daviess County. Henry filed a claim for loss of crops on land on Rush Creek and Apple River and a horse that was stolen by the Indians. Most of the men were either involved in lead mining or in Winters Stage Coach business. A 1839 personal property list shows he had 1 horse and 6 cattle. On April 1, 1829 the post office in Galena published a list of letters that included Henry and Sary. Two sons, Daniel and Louis, are buried in the Elizabeth Cemetery as members of Co. C, 27th IL Vol Infantry. Do you have anything about the Blackhawk War experiences? Did Henry get a pension?

VAN, VOLTENBURG posted by Reed Morrow on Saturday, April 10, 1999

Thank you for the info. I knew Henry Van Voltenburg was in the Black Hawk War. I don't know if he got a pension. He did receive land in Jo Daviess Co., IL for his service. I am descended from his son James E. Van Voltenburg

FRY, SIMPSON posted by Reed Morrow on Saturday, April 10, 1999

I am interested in what happened to Samuel and Susannah Simpson of Jo Daviess Co., IL. They lived there as late as 1880. He was born in 1798 in Washington Co., TN. He married Susannah Fry in 1822 in Pulaski Co., KY. They lived there and later moved to Adams Co., IL. Then, Warren Co., IL. Then, Jo Daviess Co., where they lived for many years. I am interested in their descendants too.

EGGLESTON, FARMER posted by Marjorie Smith on Sunday, April 11, 1999

Checked Jo Daviess Marriage Index thru 1855 and found no grooms by the name of FARMER. Checked Vinegar Hill and Scales Mound published cemeteries and found no Eggleston or Farmers. The 1878 Jo Daviess History edited by Kett on page 609 lists Caleb M. Eggleston in 1849 was as one of the school directors in district number 2 of Vinegar Hill. Possible that burials were across the border in Wisconsin.

WESTPHAL posted by Marjorie Smith on Sunday, April 11, 1999

Cemetery inscriptions for Evergreen Cemetery in Hanover, JoDaviess County lists: WESTPHAL Mary, wife of August F., Dec 24, 1857 - Jan 14, 1905 Microfilmed Hanover Journal for that period at the Illinois State Archives or at the Galena Public Library History Room.

BARNETT, MORRISON posted by Carlene Morrison on Sunday, April 11, 1999

Just learned that a Morrison BARNETT is listed on page 279 of a 1850 Illinois Census Index as being in Galena, Jo Daviess County. There is a possibility that this may be my great grandfather Barnett MORRISON. Could someone do a lookup for me and pass on the information of family member names, ages, birthplaces, etc.? Thanks for any help.

MEATER, THOMAS posted by Janet Thomas on Sunday, April 11, 1999

Elmer Ross Thomas born in Galens, JoDaviess Co. believe his parents to be Samuel and Eva (Meater) Thomas. Anyone else find them

BELT, BLAIR, FRIEND, HEADLEY, SMITH, STRONG, WILSON posted by Ron Moore on Sunday, April 11, 1999

Looking for descendants of Benjamin W. Wilson who moved to Jo Daviess Co, IL in about 1839 from Ohio. Wife was Priscilla Smith. Benjamin's parents were William and Mary Sarah (Friend) Wilson. They had a large family. Several children moved to Northern California with the gold rush. Benjamin W. Wilson was born in Randolph Co, VA (Now WV) in 1785. His daughter Angeline married John Strong and they stayed in Jo Daviess Co, IL. Benjamin had a son by the name of Harvey Grimes Wilson who stayed in Jo Daviess Co, IL. His son, William Friend Wilson married Frances "Fannie" Murphy. Some of the sons who moved to California included Benjamen Boen Wilson, Absolom Wilson, George Washington Wilson and Rufus Collin Wilson. His daughter, Hannah (Wilson) Belt also went to California with her husband Rufus King Belt. Another daughter who went to California was Annie Elizabeth Wilson who married Darwin Collin Blair. There is evidence Benjamin W. Wilson probably had an earlier marriage a! nd family in Ohio and his first wife was supposed to be Sarah Headley. Benjamin W. Wilson and wife Priscilla are buried in a cemetery in Elizabeth. It is believed they had lived at one time in Galena and Hanover as well as Elizabeth. Priscilla died in 1849 and Benjamin died in 1873 at the age of 87. There were probably other children not mentioned here. The families that moved to California would like to make contact with descendants that stayed in Jo Daviess Co, IL. Would love to contact anyone with information on this family.

BIXBY, MILLET, MILLETT posted by Alice Allen on Sunday, April 11, 1999

Looking for information on Adonijah Bixby who married Aurinda Millet in November of 1850 in Jo Daviess Co IL. Did they remain in Jo Daviess Co. or go elsewhere? No burial information has been found for them in Jo Daviess Co.


Jo Daviess Marriages 1828-1849 gives following: CLAYPOLE, Sarah Elizabeth to Amos SCOTT, 10-30-1842 Bk 2 Pg 73 CLAYPOOL, James to Mary Jane CHILTON, 4-6-181848, Bk 4 p 37 Kett's 1878 Jo Daviess History p. 662 CLAYPOOL, Mrs. Rosan, Warren [IL], born in BYron CO. KY in 1819; was married to Milton CLAYPOOL in Sangamon Co., IL in 1835; they moved to this Co. in 1847; Mr. CLAYPOOL was born in Ohio in 1814; came to this state with his parents when nine years old; he represented this town as Supervisor, and has held various other offices; had three sons in the army: William, Newton and James, all of whom served until the close of the ear and were honorably discharged; Mr. Claypool raised the first wheat in this Co.; he died at his residence, in this place on the 27th Dec. 1869 Same book, p. 777: B.R. Claypool, farmer, Sec. 6, Stockton Township Same book, p. 783: Bio of Fred RINDESBACHER of Stockton Twp. who married in 1857 to Elvira CLAYPOOl, who was born in Woodbine Tp. in 1839. ... Same book, p. 792: Bio of Wm. LIVINGSTON of Thompson Tp. Dau Eliza A. is married to Wm. W. CLAYPOLE, of Franklin Co., Iowa ... Same book, p. 741: Wm. LOGAN of Derinda Township married in 1848 to ELizabeth CLAYPOOL from Ohio; she was born April 25, 1822 ... Same book, p. 743. Henry ASHMORE of ELizabeth Tp. married Belle CLAYPOOL, Oct. 20, 1867 ....

MIRES posted by Marjorie Smith on Sunday, April 11, 1999

I have that a Jo Daviess County license to marry was issued. I did not find any notations that it was canceled. I just assumed that the minister/justice of peace did not file the return with the County Clerk. There are many of these, because of distance, forgetness, ??? .

MEATER, THOMAS posted by Janet Thomas on Sunday, April 11, 1999

Elmer Ross Thomas born in Galena, JoDaviess Co. believe his parents to be Samuel and Eva (Meater) Thomas. Anyone else find them?

BARNETT posted by Marjorie Smith on Sunday, April 11, 1999

JoDaviess Co. Census 1850 p. 279b, #2834/2838 Gross, Claybourne 37 N Black KY Drayman Delia 22 F Multo MO George 4 M Black IL Sarah A. 2 F Multo IL Barnett, Morrison 48 M Black TN Violinist Clarrissa 8 F Multo IL Attend School Cambell, Charles 36 M Black KY Woodsawyer Watts, Sarah 20 F Multo MO According to City Directory lived on High St. near Warren.

HEADLEY, REYNOLDS, WILSON posted by Marjorie Smith on Sunday, April 11, 1999

Wilson Benj. W., Feb 5, 1785 - May 9, 1873 Precilla, w/o B.W., d Nov 1849, 43y [broken stone] Irenus F., s/o Dyer & M. [no stone] James H., s/o H.G. & M.E., d Aug 27, 1865, aged [below ground on stone] Strong John T. 1830 - 1912, Waggoneer, Co. A 96th Ill Vol Inf, Civil War [government stone] Angeline, w/o J.T., aNov 20, 1843 - July 27, 1922 Peter Lee, adopted s/o John T., May 5, 1891 - Sept 9, 1918 in France, Pvt, Supply Co., 123 US Field Arty also see Lot 19 for more of the Strong family Lot 19 Strong following are on the stone on Lot 13, 5 children are listed in Sextonís book as buried here. Emaline, d/o John T. & A, 1876 - 1877 Elmer, s/o John T. & A., 1871 - 1874 Rilla, d/o John T. & A., 1869 - 1899 Baby, 1887 - 1887 Wilson, s/o John T. & A, 1879 - 1912 George, s/o John T. & A., 1864 - 1908 Mary, d/o John T. & A., 1862 - 1862 Lot 20 Wilson William F., s/o Wm. F. & Frances H., Oct 14, 1864 - May 26, 1865 Walter W., s/o Wm. F. & Frances H., Dec 20, 1860 - Mar 10, 1863 Lot 21 Wilson James R., s/o H.G. & M.E., d Aug 23, 1865, 1y 8m Above from Elizabeth Cemetery Page 544 of 1889 Portrait & Biographical History of JoDaviess. John B. Reynolds married Miss Sarah WILSON. She was born in Guernsey County, Ohio, May 9, 1825 and is the daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (HEADLEY) Wilson, who were natives respectgively, of Virginia and New England. Grandfather William Wilson was a Revolutionary soldier and one of the early surveyors of Virginia. The mother died when Sarah was a babe of nine months. Her father subsequently married again, and she came with him and her step-mother to this county in 1836. More about the REYNOLDS

SMITH, WILSON posted by Ron Moore on Sunday, April 11, 1999

Marjorie Thank you very much for your very helpful information. My cousin will be coming to Galena in about a week and this information about the family burials will really be helpful. Also, the information about the REYNOLDS family, showing their connection to the family is extremely helpful. We have some old letters mentioning them and we were not sure how they were related, but she appears to be a daughter from his first marriage. Thank you again for your help! If I am not mistaken, Harvey WILSON was living in Hanover and may have been buried there.

EUSTICE posted by Marjorie Smith on Sunday, April 11, 1999

Elizabeth Cemetery, Woodbine Twp, Section A, Old Cemtery Lot 19 Eustice Lilly W., d/o R.E. & E., d Apr 27, 1876, 3y 4m 27d Lot 20 Eustice William H., d Dec 27, 1897, 66y 8m 28d Sarah Ann, wife, 1838 - 1926 Winnie, dau, d Dec 17, 1868, 1m 23d Willie, son, d Dec 23, 1868, 1m 27d Bertha, dau, d Aug 30, 1871, 6m 22d Lot 21 Lee G. W. F., d 1862, Co * 3d MO Cav, Civil War [government stone] Eliza, wife [no stone] Lot 22 Eustice Elizabeth, w/o John, b Swansea, Wales, May 11, 1821, d Aug 2, 1903, 82y 2m 21d John, b Crowell[?], Cornwall, England, Spet 10, 1806, d Feb 13, 1882, 74y 5m 3d Ann, w/o John, b Crowell[?] Cornwall, England, Aug 19, 1810, d June 16, 1849, Elizabeth, Ill, 38y 9m 27d Lot 29 Eustice Peternell, d/o R. G. & M., b Wales, England, d Mar 25, 1850, 1y 6m Section B Old Cemetery Lot 65 Oliver Nicholas, 1st husband of Prudence EUSTICE, d Nov 3, 1869, 66y 2m 17d Eustice Prudence, w/o R.G., b Fellock Parish, Cornwall, England on Mar 25, 1805, d May 14, 1890, 85y 1m 19d Section E Old Cemetery Lot 20 Eustice Lola, d/o E.A. & H, Aug 24, 1880 - Jan 17, 1882, 1y 4m 13d Kettís 1878 Jo Daviess County History - p. 746 Elizabeth Township Eustice D. L. farmer; Elizabeth Eustice, Jas., P.O. Elizabeth Eustice John G., P.O., Elizabeth Eustice Richard, Teamster, Sec. 22; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Cornwall, Eng., July 15, 1840; his parents came to America in 1841 coming direct to Jo Daviess Co. Mr. E. has teamed from Hon. H. Greenís smelting furnace, near Elizabeth for 16 years; married Miss Mary Tippett, Jan 1, 1865; she was born in Weston [Elizabeth Township], near where they now reside. Mr. E. has served for two terms as School Director, and five years as Commissioner of Highways. Has 5 ch: Edith A.,William M., James E>, Richard J., Charles R. Eustice Richard W., retired; P.O. Elizabeth Eustice Samuel, P.O. Elizabeth Eustice Thos W. Harness Shop; Elizabeth; born in Jo Daviess Co. Jan. 4, 1850; has lived in the; CO. since, except 3 years spent in the copper regions of Lake Superior and Michigan; was there from 1872 to 1875; married Kitty Toben April 2, 1877; she was born in Galena July 14, 1849; they now reside in the village of Elizabeth where Mr. Eustice is doing an extensive business in the line of harnesses, saddles, etc. Eustice W. H. retired; P.O. Elizabeth Portrait and Biographical Album of Jo Daviess County, Illinois, Chapman Brothers, Chicago, 1889 p. 381-2 William H. Eustice. Came to Northern Illinois as early as 1844 when 12 years old. Born in Cornwall County, England Mar 29, 1831 the s/o John & Ann (Ward) Eustice. John was a miner and came to Pennsylvania in 1841 and late to Wisonsin, in 1843 to Jo Daviess. John sent for wife and 4 children in 1844. Purchased 120 acres in section 36, Elizabeth Township. Died Feb. 1882. John built mill in Woodbine Township when he later operated with his son William H. both selling out to a Mr. Mitchell. Ann Ward Eustice died in 1849. William H. in 1852 went to the California gold fields. Returned and on Mar 26, 1858 married Miss Sarah, dau of William (d. 1860) and Sarah Davis (d. 1879), natives of England. Sarah Davis Eustice was b. in Cornwall Oct. 4, 1838. Nine ch.: Sarah A. at home; Clara E, w/o Joseph Reed of Neosha Co., Kan.; Harry A. m. Maggied Williams of Galena; Jennie H. and Willie C. are at home, Bertha, willie and Winnie all died in infancy; one child died in infancy unname! d. Picture of W. H. Eustice on page 380. Mrs. Elizabeth Eustice [age 737 Born in Monmouthsire, England, May 11, 1822, dau of William & Elizabeth Smith. To Baltimore in 1842. 1st married on Sept 5, 1843 to John Green who died a few years after their marriage. She then married John Eustice and became the mother of two sons: Daniel N. and Edward A. John Eustice was born in England and settled 1840 in Elizabeth Township. Died Feb 13, 1872. John Eustice m 1st [name not given] and had ch: William H., Ann (Mrs. Chynoweth), Mary (the wife of Thomas Lawrence), Jenefor (Mrs. Woodman Thompson), and Richard. No Thomas in index to this history. There are other Eustice references and probably other burials.

BREED, CHASE, DEGEAR, DRANE, HANCOCK, MCGUIRE, STRAIGHT, WESTON posted by Chris Straight on Monday, April 12, 1999

from "Who Was Who of Hanover, IL" by Terry Miller: Westphal, August F. was born September 11, 1853 in Wissek, Germany. August moved to the U.S. in 1871 and settled in Elizabeth. He married Mary Schecker on July 29, 1880 and six children were born to this union. The two who grew to maturity are Emma Keefer and Henrietta Keothe. After the marriage the Westphals moved to Hanover, where August operated a boot, shoe, and novelty shop until his death Auguest also operated the Pitcher Telephone Company switchboard in the rear of his store from 1902 until his death in 1915 [Emma played operator; she probably knew all the gossip!]. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Westphal, Mary (Schecker) was born Dec. 24, 1857 in Clayton County, Iowa. Mary died in 1905 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Some additional info: A bicentennial book on Hanover includes a 1916 picture of the store front with August's name still on the overhang. I believe the building still stands today. It wasn't his first store though, he owned a cobbler's shop at the current site village hall in 1873, then on Nov. 1, 1887 he moved to his new store two door down at 211 Jefferson St. His first store was destroyed by fire in 1888.

REYNOLDS, WILSON posted by Marjorie Smith on Monday, April 12, 1999

I'm updating the Elizabeth Cemetery Inscriptions. Will put the Old Sections and maps in the ELizabeth Library for your cousin. The Galena History Room has most of the old newspapers for Jo Daviess County. They are open 3-5 p.m. during the week and 1-4 p.m. on weekends. The Elizabeth Library is generally open from 10 am to 5 pm Harvey G. Wilson is listed as being discharged for disability. I bet he has a pension. In the 1878 history he is listed as a miner. (we had large lead mines here) Here is more Cemetery Inscriptions Elizabeth Cemetery Lot 7 WILSON Harvey G., June 19, 1837 - May 13, 1929, Pvt, Co A 96th Ill Vol Inf, Civil War Mary Emoline, w/o H.G., d Mar 7, 1899, 57y 4m 13d Hanover Cemetery - Evergreen Cemetery Reynolds John B., Aug 26, 1817 - Nov 30, 1895 Sarah, his wife, May 9, 1825 - Dec 8, 1900 Alice L., Mar 11, 1865 - Dec 23, 1914

MILLETT posted by Marjorie Smith on Monday, April 12, 1999

Look for them in Grant Co. Wisconsin. Hazel Green, WI is only 7 miles from Galena, the county seat of Jo Daviess Co., much closer than Lancaster, the county seat of Grant Co.

SMITH, WILSON, WYNNE posted by Ron Moore on Monday, April 12, 1999

Margaret Thank you again for your most helpful information. That is the Harvey WILSON we are looking for and the amazing thing is that his date of death is precisely the same as my birthday! We did not have his wife's name before. My cousin, Betty (Wilson) WYNNE, the one who will be in Jo Daviess Co, IL next week, can recall when he used to come out to California in the wintertime when she was a young girl and he loved to play his violin with such old songs as Turkey in the Straw. This explains that his wife died many years before he did, and he came out on the train by himself. I sent the information you located about these Wilsons to some of the family who are very interested in this research and they were excited after your finds. One bit of new information you supplied was that Benjamin W. Wilson's father, William Wilson served in the Revolutionary War. I had suspected that he did since I had located records of a William Wilson who had been in that conflict, but wasn't certain if h! e was the right one since there are so many William Wilsons. Since I received your message, I believe I located him in the DAR index and will now need to find him in one of the Lineage Books. Thank you again for your most helpful information.

WILSON posted by Marjorie Smith on Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Tell your cousin to check WHO WAS WHO of Hanover, Illinois by Terry J. Miller. Little bios including your Harvey and Reynolds, etc. Published 1980, even may still be for sale at the Galena Historical Society. Terry is superintendent of the Grant Home in Galena if you need to contact him.

BOONE, BRICE, BURGESS, CONNELL, FOX, HARRISON, MCDONALD, MCMAHON, OSBORN, OWEN posted by Kathie Harrison on Tuesday, April 13, 1999

My GGgrandfather Daniel McDonald was born in Ireland in 1829. Parents names unknown. He came to the USA landing at New Orleans, where he lived for a few years. He came to Galena,IL around 1840 or 1850. He married Ellen McMahon in Galena,IL in 1858. They had 4 children, and their son Barney J McDonald was my paternal grandmother's father. I am trying to find out Daniel's parents names & siblings. They moved to Dixon county in Nebraska in 1870, with a large group of people. Other names of this group are unknown. I know that many families back then moved in large groups & hope to find some of Daniel's family. There are McDonald's buried in Dixon county,but I do not know that they are related to Daniel. I am hoping that any McDonald descendants that have Illinois or Nebraska ties might recognize this info. Please see my web pages below.

ZIEGENFUSS posted by Gerald Richards on Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Hi, I am trying to locate information on a distant cousin, Louis Ziegenfuss. When his mother died in Dubuque, IA in 1932, he was listed as living in East Dubuque. I wonder if anyone knows of him. I would appreciate any information you can provide. Thanks for reading this.

APPLEBY, MYERS posted by Audrey Annable Franklin on Tuesday, April 13, 1999

I have some family information on these two families. The daughter of John APPLEBY, Mellissa Jane APPLEBY, married Darius MYERS in NY and they moved to IL.

MCDONALD posted by Marjorie Smith on Tuesday, April 13, 1999

1850 Census Jo Daviess County, Illinois 693/697 MCDONALD, Alexander 60 M Ireland Farmer Amelia 60 F Ireland Daniel 21 M Ireland Farmer Thomas 18 M Ireland Farmer Berknard 15 M Ireland Alexander 14 M Ireland Ann 16 F Ireland

BUCKLEY, CARROLL, DONAHUE, FOLEY, ROBERT, SMITH, SWEENEY posted by Marjorie Smith on Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Portrait and Biographical Album of Jo Daviess County, 1889, page 484-5 (abstracted) ROBERT CARROLL. Born 1834 in County Cork to John and Johanna (BUCKLEY) Carroll. His mother a dau of Timothy & Elizabeth BUCKLEY, all of County Cork. In 1834 family to Canada, near Toronto. Then to Illinois, the father buying land on Camp Creek, which he afterward sold to his sons. 13 children, five of whom are living: Cornelius, Jeremiah, Dennis, Mary, and Robert. Cornelius makes his home with our subject Jeremiah, a farmer, married Mary SWEENEY of Freeport, Ill. and they have 7 children living: William, Patrick, Edward, Eliza, Jeremiah, Thomas, Nellie. Dennis, a farmer, married Bridget FOLEY, of Canada, and they have 6 children John, Johanna, William, Jeremiah, Nellie, and Elizabeth Mary, living on a farm in Stockton Township, is the widow of Thomas SMITH, and she has 5 children: Mary, Frank, Johanna, Thomas and William. Robert married Ellen DONAHUE, dau of Daniel & Mary, natives of County Cork (more on DONAHUE family if youíre interested) 5 children: John, Johanna, Mary, Nellie and Daniel

DEROCHER, FOURNIER, MAGRE, REDRICK, SYLES, VARING posted by Rose DeRocher on Friday, April 16, 1999

From "Portrait and Biographical Album of Jo Daviess County, Illinois, 1889". This is pretty long, pages 553-554, so I will just type the hilights. Francis VARING, owns and operates 180 acres of land situaated on sections 2, 14, 15, and 11 in Guilford Township. He was born March 10, 1823, near Pembina, in the Red River Valley of the North, near the British line on the Dakota side. He is the son of John B. and Lydia (MAGRE) VARING, the father a native of Lorraine, France, and the mother born in Ville la Rett, Bern, Switzerland. Francis VARING married Sarah DEROCHER Nov 7, 1852 in Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. Francis and Sarah VARING had 12 children: Mary S(Michael SYLES), Louise (Edward REDRICK), Joseph C, Frank F., Alice, Henry, Sarah A, Clara R., Louis E., William and an infant died unnamed. If you would like further info on this family let me know as Sarah DEROCHER VARING was a sister to my husbands great grandfather William DEROCHER. Feel free to contact me.

DUGGAN, FLINN, MCKERNAN posted by Sharon Papp on Friday, April 16, 1999

John McKERNAN married to Bridget FLINN and they had 3 sons, John, Daniel, and William. William McKERNAN married Catherine Cecilia DUGGAN on 6 Jan 1883 in Jo Daviess County and they had 9 children: Julia, Sarah, Mary Catherine, William, Treasa, Augusta,Edward, Francis Joseph (my Grandfather),born 2 October 1898 at Vinegar Hill, and Emily. Any information would be of great help. I heard that the elder, John McKernan, was a travern owner or operator in Galena. Any information would be a great help..

BALDWIN, HAWLEY, HUBBARD, MORRISON, RICHARDS posted by Dorothy Shugart on Saturday, April 17, 1999

I am curious about your Morrison connection, from what little I understand is that the Morrison name is connected to the Baldwins, Rhodina Baldwin was married to William Richards and their daughter Emma Hubbard Richards Hawley is my grandmother. Ebenezer Baldwain was connected to the Morrisons. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

MANSFIELD, NUGENT posted by James W (Jim)DeRocher Sr on Sunday, April 18, 1999

I believe the John MANSFIELD listed on the JoDaviess County 1860 Census was my Great-great grandfather if his wife's name was Nora NUGENT.

ENSIGNE, OLMSTEAD, WHITSON posted by Nancy M. Meyers on Monday, April 19, 1999

Orange H. OLMSTEAD wed Delilia L. ENSIGNE in JoDaviess County, IL 1855-1865. Who were his parents/descendants? Orange OLMSTEAD b ca 1840, was living with the Wm. WHITSON family in JoD 1850 census. Henry/Harvey/Harry OLMSTEAD wed the widow Jane WHITSON on Jan. 14, 1857 in JoD Co also. Seek their deaths and burial place. Jane was the mother of the above Wm. WHITSON and the widow of Zachariah WHITSON.

MAYER, MIRES, REDING, REDWIG posted by Sally Seaman on Monday, April 19, 1999

About 20 years ago I requested a copy of the 1848 Jo Daviess Co. marriage license for a John N. MAYER to anyone named Amelia. I was told by courthouse employees the license was "unused" and the names were John N. MIRES and Amelia REDING. Was Amelia's surname REDWIG or REDING? Apparently they did marry but the marriage was not recorded. John was a pioneer in Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA in 1849. An Amelia MEIER age 18 living in a hotel, appears on the 1850 census of Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., WI. Their first child, Annie Marie MAYER, was born 1851 IL/WI and the entire family resided in Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA in 1852. After the death of Amelia, John remarried and had a second family. The Pioneer Museum in Stockton, CA has an 8 x 10 photograph of John and their records indicate he was from Galena, IL. About 1981 I wrote a book, "John Nicholas Mayer and all known descendants", which includes the photo. Was Amelia a REDWIG or REDING?.

KEVERN, SINCOCK, SINCOX posted by Merla Sears Van Norman on Thursday, April 22, 1999

I am looking for any information pertaining to Edwin SINCOCK and wife Ellen (KEVERN) SINCOCK. Possibly had a daughter Clara Ellen. They are my GG Grandparents and am having trouble locating birth/death & burial info on them. Clara Ellen buried in Montana. Any researchers that have ran across info on them...please email me. Thanks!! Merla Sears Van Norman.

BLACK, DIMMICK posted by Mary A. Black on Tuesday, April 27, 1999

I am searching for the parents of Joseph Penn BLACK born around 1832 in Logan County, Il. About January 1854, he married Lucy Jane DIMMICK from Apple River, in White Oak Springs, Lafayette, Wi. They had 6 children, the first two born in Wisconsin and the rest born in Illinios. Joseph Penn Black worked for the Hapgood Plow Company as a saleman and retired from the business in Alton, Il around 1877. He died March 1900 in Alton, Il. Any information you may have on his parents would be appreciated. Mary Black, California.

ISBELL posted by Maureen Hyde on Tuesday, April 27, 1999

This family was in Jo Daviess by 1838. Am interested in all members of this family. Am trying to identify each family. My ancestor was Wm. H. ISBELL, b. 1815 in Warren Co., Ky. Have info. to exchange.

ANDEBERG, DIEHM, LAIRD, TEMPERLY posted by Kevin Temperly on Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Mary Musgrave: My name is Kevin Temperly and I am the youngest child of Syndey T. TEMPERLY, who was the son of Thomas Henry TEMPERLY who was the son of the Thomas TEMPERLY you are looking for. Nowhere in any of my research have I ever seen a middle name or initial for him. He was born in 1834 in County Durham, England and came to America around 1850. He married Sarah Jane LAIRD on May 15, 1877 ( I have a copy of the marriage license.) She died in Jo Daviess county on March 9, 1886. Thomas married Edna ANDEBERG on December 8, 1889. (I also have a copy of their marriage license as well.) I would be interested in hearing from you as I am working on a complete history of the TEMPERLY family and could use some information on Alf's family

ARTHUR, BARNEY, BELL, BRANSON, GARRETT, GRANT, HEATH, SANFT, WELLMAN posted by Theresa Brandon on Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Dear Rollie, I'll post some of the info I got from Dorothy: ARTHUR C.1 BELL was born March 20, 1805 in Kentucky, and died October 06, 1876 in Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. He married (1) ELIZABETH BRANSON Abt. 1824. He married (2) ROSA DIANE GARRETT 1835, daughter of HIRAM GARRETT and SARAH. Children of ARTHUR BELL and ELIZABETH BRANSON are: i. JOHN2 BELL, b. Abt. 1825, Kentucky. ii. ??? BELL, b. Abt. 1826. iii. ??? BELL, b. Abt. 1830. iv. ??? BELL, b. Abt. 1830. v. ??? BELL, b. Abt. 1832. vi. ??? BELL, b. Abt. 1833, Illinois. Children of ARTHUR BELL and ROSA GARRETT are: vii. HENRY2 BELL, b. 1837, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. viii. ZEPHANIA BELL, b. 1838, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. ix. CAROLINE BELL, b. 1839, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois; m. JOHN U. WELLMAN, November 29, 1856. x. CATHERINE BELL, b. 1841. 2. xi. ELIZABETH ANNA BELL, b. February 24, 1843, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois; d. September 01, 1920, Lyons, Clinton County, Iowa. xii. WILLIAM T. BELL, b. December 14, 1844, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois; m. OCTAVIE HEATH. xiii. ARTHUR BELL, b. 1847, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. xiv. MARY BELL, b. 1848, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. xv. HARRIET BELL, b. 1848, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois; m. ??? SANFT. xvi. LAURA BELL, b. 1850, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. xvii. EMELINE BELL, b. 1851, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. 3. xviii. HIRAM CHARLES BELL, b. October 19, 1852, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois; d. 1940, Albany, Il Whiteside Co. xix. BARNEY BELL, b. 1857, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois; d. June 28, 1896. xx. EDWARD BELL, b. 1858, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. xxi. ULYSSES GRANT BELL, b. April 30, 1863, Guilford, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. .

ARNOLD, MACKAY, MADER, MUSSER, OBLEY, PELVAIL, RINEBARGER, ZACK posted by Bud Smith on Thursday, April 29, 1999

Looking for information on Abraham Mader and his descendants who lived in JoDaviess County. Abraham and his family first moved to Wards Township in the late 1840's. Then this family lived in Berreman and Pleasant Valley Twp.Children of Abraham were: Mary Catherine (b1834),Sarah (b1836),Elizabeth (b1838), Rebecca (b1840), Caroline (b1842), John (b1844 -was in Civil War), Susan (b1846), William Henry (b1848), George (b1850), Lucinda (b1852), David (b1854). Some of these children remained in JoDaviess County aftert they married

BELL, MANN posted by Dorothy Cline on Thursday, April 29, 1999

I notice in your post you mention the name Mann. I am in search of Sarah MANN who married Hiram BELL in either Jo Davies or Whiteside Counties. Sarah and Hiram had one child, a boy who was raised by Sarah's parents after her accidental death. This was prior to 1887. Thanks.

BALDWIN posted by Patricia Hernandez on Friday, April 30, 1999

I am looking for Joseph Edward, or Edward Joseph, Baldwin Jr. Can anyone help?

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